Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy (late) Halloween!

Hi Y'all!!  Ledoux and I here, sharing our last couple weeks going-ons! I hope everyone had a fab Halloween!  I have LOVED seeing all of the adorable costumes of all the little kiddos!  I totally failed this year in the family costume department, Halloween totally came out of nowhere and hit me like a semi-truck...and before I knew it, we were scrambling to put together costumes.  The original plan was to be a family of pirates, but ended up being witches (and Lee as a vampire) for trick or treating at the zoo the weekend before halloween. It was easier. And yes, the zoo.  It was a blast...and any excuse I have to go to the zoo I will take!   So much fun!
On Halloween day, we opted to not go trick or treating (since we went on Sunday night before Halloween instead...) but still dressed Ledoux up in her little pirate outfit I had already purchased before I did the last minute costume change.  I made Halloween sangria (red wine, with oranges, peaches, and pumpkin) and we hung out together...waiting for trick or treaters.  We never got any. :(  But we did get a family of bobcats! (EEK!)

I will be posting again soon with Ledoux's 14 month updates, and some of our fave baby must haves for this fun (and exhausting!) toddler stage!

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