About Me

My name is Becca, and I am married to my best Friend, Lee.  Together, we have a sweet little baby girl named Ledoux (after the famous country singer, Chris Ledoux).  Don't know who that is?  Thats ok, alot of people don't. 

I am from Wyoming, he is from Texas, and we just moved to Arizona from San Diego.  We are small town, down to earth, country music loving, beer drinking, LOUD people who love good times and good friends.  I believe any situation can be made better with a glass of wine (usually the cheaper the better...I love cheap wine!)  I have a major online shopping addiction, a love for baby bows, and an addiction to victoria secret yoga pants.  My honey and I are always looking for other fun loving people who want to hang out, cook out, and have a couple drinks while the kiddos play.  (Hit me up if you live in AZ, heyyyyy!)

Here are some of my favorite things:
*My husband* My sweet baby Ledoux* Starbucks Iced Black Tea* Sleeping in (yeah right, this never happens!)* Red Wine* Wyoming* Pink everything* Riding on the back of my hubby's Harley*Country Music* Sitting in just cut grass (and the way it smells!)* Being a PROUD American* Olivia, my great dane* drinking water out of the hose* blonde hair dye* Express Clothes* Yoga pants* the look of the sky right before it storms* Banana beer* riding the harley* Dexter* warm summer days* cherries out of the can* my dad's homemade chicken noodle soup* sephora* day drinking* Reba and Garth* watching football* afternoon naps* Supporting our Troops* Reality Television* Impractical Jokers on TruTV *skinny cow desserts *sitting in the sun *coronas by the pool* the smell of rain *baby gap *chubby baby legs *making baby bows*