Sunday, July 29, 2012

Well people... we have a baby. still in my belly.

Far Along? 38 Weeks, 6 Days!  Let's get this overrrrrrrrr!!!!

Total weight gain/loss: Well, i have decided to no longer keep track...but if you must know, I think I am about +14-15 with less than a week and a half to go.  With a good 8-9 pound of that pure baby, I am pretty happy.

 Maternity clothes? My wardrobe officially consists of nothing but long tank tops (to go over my belly) and leggings.  and I am fine with that.  Although I cannot wait to go on a post baby shopping spree to buy some cute new stuff!!!  I haven't been to my beloved express in 9 months!!!

Stretch marks? Nothing new

Size of Baby (in produce)? - and.... we still have a watermelon.  Although this is a pretty big melon...and she weighs far more than 7 pounds. 

Sleep:  No issues getting comfortable, its just the constant pee breaks.  I now keep count and update Lee on how many times I got up the night before- last night was only 4, but the night before was 7.  What gets me confused is how this is possible... since i make it a point NOT to drink anything after 7 or 8 pm.  Hmmmmmm....

Best moment this week:  Knowing that this is almost done- doctor said she won't let it go past August 9th!

Miss Anything? Same as last week- my body!!! she has 100% run out of room, and I am starting to run out of patience!  it is time for lil' miss ledoux to make her exit. 

 Movement: Yes- she has gotten quite fond of stinking her bottom out- out of nowhere I just feel a huge, hard spot bulging out of my belly.  I asked the doctor what body part it was and she told me it was her tooshy. She has no room left to move, so she is starting to push outward.   

Food cravings: I really wanted Rolos this week (wtf?! havent had those FOREVER!) and one of the girls from work got me some!  so sweet!  other than that, nothing crazy.  My belly doesnt have much room for food, so my appetite is pretty small and my cravings has decreased with it. 

New Additions? Ledoux got a boy from her uncle sam and auntie whitney this week!  lots of sweet stuff for her.  We also got a jogger stroller!! wahooo!!!!!  Lee and I really wanted one of these so we are pretty excited.  While we were at the store getting that, I also got her some cute pajamas by babygap (love!) and the cutest stinking cardigan!  She will no doubt be the best dressed baby.  We also spent a good part of the weekend looking at cribs (no, we dont have one yet!) but havent found 'the one' yet.  Since we have her pbkids bassinet, we have a little bit of time before we NEED a crib, but we would rather get it before her arrival.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Have you started to show yet:  duh. if I hear one more person tell me i look like im going to pop, im going to pop them!  according to the doctor, we are no where close to having a baby.

Gender: Still a lady!

Pregnancy related gripes? Just peeing all the time.  That's really all i have to complain about.  I am still working out (wahoo!) and staying active so i consider myself pretty lucky that I have had such an easy breezy pregnancy. I can always find something to bitch about, but at the end of the day, compared to most people- i have had it pretty easy.  Now let's hope her arrival stays on that course!!

Labor Signs: still little pains, but nothing like contractions.  ugh.  i cannot wait to feel those awful contractions (weird i know...) because atleast then, I will know the time is almost here.

 Belly Button in or out? haha- i got it to pop yesterday!  well, most of it. And yes, I sat there in my shorts and sports bra pushing my abdomen in and out and using my tummy muscles to make it happen.  I am forcing the timer to pop- she is done cooking.
Wedding rings on or off? ON!!
Happy or Moody most of the time: I dont think i was too bad this week.  I just asked Lee, and he said I was happy, so there is your answer.  Although yesterday I was in a 'poor becca' mood for a while because i couldnt go riding on the harley :(  I really miss saturday afternoon rides with my honey.  lee and i went on date night friday (it might be our last friday!) and spend the weekend just enjoying our time as a family of 2... not much longer!

Looking forward to: Well...not work :(  I am officially on maternity leave starting tomorrow.  I am so crazy, most people would be so excited to be done working, and I was totally bummed.  I cried when I left on Friday.  I just dont know how to NOT work... so i really need ledoux to get here and occupy my time.  I am already bored and feeling anxious and it isn't even Monday!! It also means my work phone is no longer in service, so i have a new phone.   I am also excited for the doctor this week... she is going to work her doctor magic and get some contractions going- not sure what she will do, but I have a feeling it won't feel wonderful.  I dont care- whatever she needs to do to make this happen! (Pic below is of the presents I got from work on my last day!)

Other news?  The doctor did what doctors do this week and we are NOT having a baby soon (according to the 'signs' they look for.)  We are not softened, lowered, opened, or anything else they check.  at all.  She did say that she is worried about the size of the baby (because she is getting large) so they induce the evening of the 9th if she hasn't joined us by then.  Fingers crossed ledoux decides to come on her own, because I am not very excited to be induced.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Almost 38 weeks!

Out. Of. Control.

Far Along?  37 Weeks, 6 Days!  It could literally be any day now!

Total weight gain/loss: Another pound gained this week- +12.  I read that at this point, alot of the weight gain is either baby (6 oz a week) or water weight.
Maternity clothes? Its all I can fit into- this belly has seriously grown out of control this past week.  I feel like I finally 'popped'  For the longest time, everyone would tell me how tiny i was for how far along I was... and now- that is not the case!  this baby has GROWN alot in the past week. 

Stretch marks? still the same ones from around week 29.  They are pretty light though, so they should fade pretty quick (i hope!)

Size of Baby (in produce)? - Still a watermelon- I have a feeling it might stay a watermelon until she arrives... can't think of anything bigger (except for maybe a pumpkin?)  She weights atleast 7 pounds this week (but I think she weights more than that) and can be as long as 22"

Sleep:  Sleeping like a rock except for every 2 hours when I am up to pee.  That is getting really old.  UGHH.

Best moment this week:  Lots!  

1.) Lee got our car refinanced at a super low interest rate which is saving us almost $200 a month!  Pretty excited about this! 
2.) Lee did good on his end of a promise we made to each other 5 years ago!  We always said at 5 years, I would have a kid and he would get my name tattooed on him, and he did it this week on his wedding ring finger!!! 
3.) I discovered non-alcoholic beer. So stinking excited.  I actually drank 3/4s of a Becks with Lee and I felt like I was back to normal!!  And... when you go 9 months without alcohol, I actually can't tell the difference in taste.  
4.) I also got a new phone-an Iphone, so I am officially one of the cool kids I guess :)  My work phone gets shut off this week, so it was either get a cell phone of my own, or go phoneless during maternity leave.  I actually almost decided to not get a cell phone and Lee and I would just share his, but we decided that wouldn't work for very long :)  I actually really liked the idea of not having a dang cell phone- how nice would it be to be totally unconnected?  Not realistic in this day I suppose, but a good thought.  
5.) Lee and I also FINALLY were able to get my new Military ID and went to the Tri-care office (Military insurance) and got the insurance headache squared away- they will pay what my work insurance doesn't, so we are pretty happy that we will have no out of pocket costs for Ledoux.
so excited about this! 
Oh NA Beer.  I heart you.

Miss Anything? My body lol.  I must say, I am almost over sharing it with Ledoux. And when I say almost over it, I actually mean I am over it!  It is time for her to arrive and give me back my belly!  Other than that, I miss banana beer but I can substitute my NA beer and wait a couple more weeks for the real thing.
Movement: Yes yes yes.  
Food cravings: Nothing too crazy- fro yo this weekend, so Lee and I went and got some last night.  Ahhhmazing.  Even though I had 3 bites and was done.  

New Additions? Lee and I went shopping yesterday for Ledoux's first outfit that she will wear home from the hospital.  We went into every baby store which was interesting... seeing him try and shop for little girl dresses was cute.  You could tell he felt a little funny, but he was the one that ended up picking out a super cute little dress for her from Baby Gap.  You will have to wait to see it for a couple of weeks though :)  We are still trying to find matching little shoes and a bow.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet:  Oh yes.  This is the first week that I have had people actually come up to me and ask when I am due.  So funny that it never happened before, but everywhere I go people ask me about it. 
Gender: Still a lady!

Pregnancy related gripes? I can't stand up for more than 30 minutes without my belly starting to hurt- the under part starts to get numb and feel like someone is stabbing knives in my skin.  It is awful.  I have to sit down when it starts happening and take 5 minutes to relax.  I am also sick of having one sip of water and 5 minutes later having to pee.  And I officially feel HUGE.  Even my maternity clothes are tighter this week.  Wow... I sound like a total whiner, don't I?  Bottom line...let's get this baby OUT!

Labor Signs: Not really, but there have been some weird feelings in there.  Weird pains on the bottom of my belly- I don't think it is contractions (I am pretty sure I will know when I have one of those) but I can tell my body is starting to prepare for Doodle's arrival.  I am also taking Evening Primrose Oil, which is a natural supplement that is suppose to help speed things up- I have read all sorts of stories of how women and midwives swear by it... so let's hope!  Lee and I went to Target and got stuff for our Hospital bag so we are ready! COME NOW!!

Belly Button in or out? Still in kind of.  Lee and I call it the turkey timer, its about to pop out- and we figure as soon as it pops, it mean's Ledoux is done cooking.
Wedding rings on or off? Still on, but I take them off at night (which is when I start getting swollen)
Happy or Moody most of the time: Its funny- I was just telling Lee last night I have laughed more in the past week and half that he has been home than I have in the whole time he was gone.  So in that aspect, I have been so happy.  But on Friday night, I had a total temper tantrum- picture a 2 year old that doesn't get their way- that was me.  I think it started with me freaking out that my favorite night shirt was in the laundry and I had nothing to wear to bed... and escalated into a full blown tantrum.  It takes everything Lee has not to laugh at me.  I had a couple other outbursts this week, totally random things that make ZERO sense, and he will start laughing which makes me laugh, and then I realize how CRAZY i am being.  Bless him.  
To Ledoux! His first, and last, shot for a while!

Looking forward to: Doctor again this week!  Let's hope she says we are having a baby!  I ask her every week if we can just make this whole baby thing happen, and she always laughs at me.  This week, I asked her if she had alot of deliveries this week and she said this week was pretty light... I told her that if she woke up at 3am and just had a want to deliver a baby to give me a call- I would have my phone on.  I figure if I keep telling her/asking her/bugging her about getting this baby out, she will eventually help me speed it along.

Other news?  This is my last week of work before maternity leave.  I don't know how to feel about that- I am excited, but also nervous.  I will miss work :(  and i am nervous because that means baby is coming really SOOOOOON! 

Picture from Chantelle's baby shower- my other preggo friend :) and my BFF christi and her girl Maya bird!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Full Term! (Almost...) and Lee is home!!!

Far Along?  36 Weeks, 6 Days!  ALMOST FULL TERM!!!!!!! 
I couldn't get the pic to turn around, but here is my belly at 37 weeks!

Total weight gain/loss: We went to the doctor this week, and I am +2, so my current weight gain totals with only 3 weeks and some change to go) is +11.  Wahoo!  Baby grows about 6 ounces a week from this point forward, so we can expect another couple of pounds before I am done. Not to shabby if you ask me!

Maternity clothes? I rocked my first pair of maternity pants this week- I made it to almost 37 weeks before I took them out!!  And...they are so comfy!  Why was I fighting it for so long? LOL! 

Stretch marks? Nothing new. I hate this question.

Size of Baby (in produce)? - A watermelon! And according to the doctor, our melon weights about 6 pounds, 6 ounces right now.  Right on track to have a nice sized mini human soon!  Lee and I saw a watermelon while grocery shopping this week and I couldn't resist a picture!

Sleep:  I was off Wednesday-Friday this week to spend time with Lee, and we slept so much!  Between him adjusting to a new sleep schedule, and me being ready to take a nap on command, we were some napping machines!  SO NICE! Poor Lee is having the worst time sleeping, so he is waking up at 3:30 or 4 am every morning, so I have been thankful to be off work to catch up on sleep.  I gotta get used to this whole having someone to sleep with at night!

Best moment this week:  Really? If you didn't know, Lee is home!!!  LEE IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He got home on Wednesday morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although it wasn't the reunion I had pictured in my head, it was still the best thing ever.  His flight ended up being about 30 minutes early, and so when he arrived, I was just parking and I missed him coming down the stairs :(  but at the end of the day, who cares!  My husband is home!! it is so nice to just know that I have someone here to help me out- and just hang out with!

Olivia was so excited!
Its a bucket of PBR that says "welcome home papa abel" from KelliAnn! :)

Miss Anything? Everything is complete.  I even had some wine this week!  2 of the girls from work ordered Lee and I pizza, and sent us a bottle of wine with it!  It was so sweet of them- and I had some!  Wahoo!  (and yes, its ok to have some wine people... my doctor said it wouldn't hurt a thing!)
LOVED!  Thanks girls! :)
Movement: Oh yes- although again, its less movement, more squirms.  I like being able to show Lee when my whole belly starts moving- he just kind of stares at it and says "that is so crazy."  I think he is still trying to take it all in :)  Poor guy is being thrown right in to it all, so I think he is just trying to soak it all up.  Here is Ledoux's newest profile, although I have NO idea what I am looking at.  We have been so spoiled by the 4-d ultrasounds that it makes this one look like nothing.
Not real sure what we are looking at
Food cravings: Its funny, now that Lee is here, and I am actually eating a regular dinner (instead of cereal) my lucky charm craving has subsided a bit.  I did still have them for lunch yesterday though.  Other than that, I had a random mayonnaise craving on Friday- it was all I could think about, but thats about it.

New Additions? Nothing surprisingly- we are really trying to save, save, save.  we have a couple other things to get that are wants (not needs) so Lee and I are waiting it out.  With me being out of work soon for 15 weeks, and possible life changes around the corner (not to mention we are having a BABY!) we want to have as much money saved as possible.  We saved quite a bit while he was deployed and got alot of stuff paid off, so we are trying to keep with that trend.  Next weekend, we are going to go pick out Ledoux's first outfit that she will wear home from the hospital! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet:  of course.
Gender: Still a lady!

Pregnancy related gripes? extreme exhaustion is about all I have to complain about.  and I think extreme doesn't quite cut it- its ridiculous.  Oh, and I pee all the time.  That's getting really old, really fast.  Everytime we go somewhere, I think "is there going to be a bathroom there?" haha.

Labor Signs: No, unfortunately.  The doctor said I don't show any signs of baby arriving soon, damnit.  I asked her if we could just make this whole having a baby thing happen now in my doctor appointment, but she just laughed at me.  I think that means no, I have to wait it out.  Lee and I do not like this whole waiting thing, so once we officially hit 37 weeks, we will start doing EVERYTHING to get this lady out of my belly!  The doctor sensed me want to be done, so she said she won't let it go past 40 weeks. 

Belly Button in or out? Still in, but half of it sticks out.  Lee even commented on its odd appearance.
Wedding rings on or off? Still on!
Happy or Moody most of the time: How can I be anything but happy this week?  MY HUSBAND IS HOME!!!!  We had alot of fun- between just hanging out, eating dinner together, and doing normal married things, I have been so stinking happy.  Its so nice to have someone around again!  We went bowling one day, one a date to Old Town another, and have just been doing stuff around the house and errands- its so nice to just have him here to hang out with!

  Looking forward to:  Another doctor appointment next week- we are down to weekly visits now, which means we are getting CLOSE to a baby arriving.  The doctor said all looks good when she did the ultrasound, but at this point, it looks like Ledoux is plenty happy in her little bubble in my belly.  I will find a way to change that :) Its way better on the outside, and if she is anything like her mama, she will be easily persuaded to change her mind by her cute new clothes, shoes, and bows we have waiting for her.  (That's how people motivate me- a new outfit! lol)  My belly has been getting really tight- and i am pretty sure those are braxton hicks... but I am ready for the real thing.  Let's get this baby OUT OF HERE!!!! 

Other news?  We took a hospital tour yesterday- and although they said it was really nice, Lee and I had something totally diffrent in our minds.  His bed is a fold out chair.  I suppose compared to most hospital rooms it is a really nice room, and we have a private bathroom, shower, bathtub, etc. so it is good.  Lee also knows exactly where to bring me when the moment arrives, so thats good to know.  The hospital is really small- which I like because I won't feel like I am not getting enough attention when I am there.  I am just ready to get there, have this baby, and get home!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Almost 36 weeks!

Far Along?  35 Weeks, 6 Days!  The countdown is almost under 4 weeks... not going to lie, I am starting to freak out!

Total weight gain/loss: Not sure- don't think a lot has changed, but this baby is definitely gaining weight, which means i am too.  I was still able to do my working out this week (although I only did it 3 nights instead of 4), so I shouldn't have too much of a gain this week. I am still eating good (no fast food/fried food for me!)  I am going to guess I am up 1 pound since my last doctor visit, so let's say +10.  I will have a better idea next weekend.
Maternity clothes? Its all I wear.  Even my pre-preggo shirts that were WAY to big are to tight right now, this belly is getting out of control!

Stretch marks? Skipping this.

Size of Baby (in produce)? - still a LARGE cantaloupe.  She now weighs at/around 6 pounds.

Sleep:  This is starting to suffer.  I had a couple nights this week of very little sleep, between pee break every couple hours, leg cramps, and just over all uncomfortable-ness.  Thank goodness for Pinterest at 4 am when I can't sleep (and re-runs of law and order!)

Best moment this week:  I saw Magic Mike this week.  Although this has absolutley nothing to do with my baby blog, that was my highlight.  And seriously... can you blame me?  Good lord!
Miss Anything? Lee.  But that is about to change VERY SOON!
Movement: All the time.  She's grooving around in there right now- she's been moving non stop since i woke up.  Maybe that means she is ready to be done cooking, which is FINE with me.  She just needs to make it to 37 weeks, and she can arrive.  Fingers crossed she decides thats what she wants to do!  I'm ready to be DONE-ZO!   You better believe once i hit 37 weeks, I will be a walking, spicy eating machine!  And you know i will be researching other ways to make this baby arrive pronto!
Food cravings: I am sure you will be shocked, but I can't get enough milk and cereal (lucky charms).  Gesh I don't know what it is about those fabulous little marshmallows!

New Additions? Nothing crazy- Lee and I will probably be going on a major shopping spree next weekend to get the last items we want to get- but I did get a couple little things on Etsy for her baby photoshoot!  My friend KelliAnn is going to take the pictures, and I have about 500 ideas.  So we are just going to do them all...beware: when Ledoux gets here, you might get 15 different baby announcements with 15 different pictures because I couldn't decide!   Here are some of my favorites that I plan on re-creating/doing variations of:
Freaking love this!

A variation of this
Little baby parts!

Olivia and duke!
Lee and Ledoux pic

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet:  of course.
Gender: Still a lady!

Pregnancy related gripes? this list is starting to grow, which means I must be getting close to the end.  I am so tired ALL THE TIME!  It is worse than it was in the 1st trimester.  It takes all I have to get my butt working out...but I keep thinking about the end result: less weight to lose after doodle comes.  The leg cramps and pee breaks at night are probably partly to blame for me being so tired.  My belly is also aching so bad- it feels like I am carrying around a 10 pound bowling ball.  UGH!  No sudden movements for this girl, it hurts to move around a whole lot.  Especially after the treadmill, I think that gravity is starting to take effect.

Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? Still in, but half of it is starting to stick out funny... very odd.
Wedding rings on or off? Still on!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Not to bad this week, I am all better from my flu/cold I had last week.  Other than the Military changing their timeframe for my honey a handful of times, I really can't be anything other than excited this week.  This past week was officially my last week ALONE!  Wahoo!  I did have a meltdown last night after reading one of my preggo books- about labor and delivery.  I haven't really freaked out about it yet, but I read about it last night, and then when I talked to Lee, I totally broke down.  I am starting to mildly freak out about it...

  Looking forward to: Seeing my honey.  I am going to be a WRECK when he gets off the airplane.  And since he is flying commercial once in the US, he will be landing at the airport rather than base... and will have his uniform on.  OMG I cannot even tell you how much of a crazy person I am going to be- just thinking about it makes me cry.  Seeing him come down the stairs and I will be waiting in the lobby... wow.  it will seriously be one of the best moments of my life!  We have been through 4 deployments now, and 4 homecomings, but this one will be unlike any other (for lots of reasons!)  So emotional.  You have NO IDEA how much of a relief it is knowing I will have him here for the end.  Being pregnant and alone is no joke and to be honest, I am surprised I have held it together this long.  I will def. take pictures..although I can't promise they will be very good since I will be so emotional!! 
Lee is waving bye to Afghanistan!! hello to us!

Other news?  Lee gets to go the doctor with me this week!! He hasn't been to a doctor appointment since our very first one at 8 weeks!! and its an ultrasound appointment!  I guess they check for position of the baby, weight estimate, sizing, etc.  And then we tour the hospital together this coming weekend.  Next week's post is going to be full of stuff!  Holy cow!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

When I look back 6 years ago, I didn't realize how significant the 4th of July is.  For alot of us, it is simply a day off of work, to enjoy barbeque, friends, family, and fireworks.  That's really all it used to be for me too.  I would always wear red, white, and blue and put up my American flag, but never really took a moment to realize how much more this Holiday really is.  

As I was driving through my neighborhood this morning, I noticed alot of people outside, enjoying the day- but wondered how many of them truly stop in their day to thank those who put their lives on hold, and on the line, to keep America free?  Today is a celebration of America's independence...

As everyone enjoys their day today, I hope you all take a moment to think about the men and women who are serving are country and are overseas today- they do not get to celebrate today, because they are the ones who are fighting to keep our country free so that we can all enjoy days like this.  The sacrifices they make in the name of freedom is beyond what most of us can comprehend, and they deserve a huge thank you for allowing us the freedoms of enjoying today, and everyday.

The 4th of July is a Holiday for me that fills me with pride to be a part of this country, to be married to a man who unselfishly serves his country, and to have family members who made the choice to serve their country and put the rest of their life on hold to serve a greater good- to keep you and I safe and free.  Take a moment out of your day today, and everyday, to simply show thanks for the sacrifices that are made for your freedom.

Here are some of my favorite pictures I found on pintrest to signify what 4th of July, and those who keep us free, mean to me:

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Here we come 35 weeks!!

Far Along?  34 Weeks, 6 Days!  According to my 'What to expect when you are expecting' app, we have 5 weeks, 1 day to go!  EKKKKKKK! 

Total weight gain/loss: No new weight gain according to the doctor's office this week. I am officially stumped at how I have kept it all off this whole time, but not complaining!  My doctor isn't worried, and neither am i!  So the count is still +9.  
Maternity clothes? I wore my first pair of official maternity leggings this week that I got from old navy- my belly has reached the point that having a full panel just feels better.  I love them too- they go all the way up and over my belly for a little extra support.  so comfy!

Stretch marks? nothing new.  on to the next question.

Size of Baby (in produce)? - We have a large cantaloupe this week people!  She is as long as 22" and 5.5 lbs heavy.  And boy do I feel like she weighs 5.5 pounds.. i feel like she weighs twice that much actually!

Ledoux says hi!

Sleep:  Still good, but these pee breaks every 2 hours are starting to hinder my sleep.  only 5 more weeks, thats what I keep telling myself!

Best moment this week:  I had my doctor appointment this week, and all is well! heart beat is strong, baby is growing.  I am really excited because this was my last doctor appointment by myself- and for everyone going forward, my honey will be here!  pretty excited because the next appointment will be an ultrasound and Lee finally gets to be there for one!
Miss Anything? My honey, but not for much longer!!!!!!
Movement: Oh yes, she is rolling around alot.  It feels like she is doing somersaults in there all the time- she must be running out of room :)
Food cravings: oh gosh, still on the lucky charm kick.  had them for dinner AGAIN last night.  I just can't quit eating them.  And all week I have been craving a brownie with cherries- but not just any cherries, the kind that come out of a can (used as pie filling).  I fought the craving all week, and went to the store Friday to get dinner... and when I couldn't find what I went there to buy, the craving hit me again and I bought brownies and cherries.  And guess what I had for dinner?  Yep... brownies and a can of cherries.  amazing.  But I woke up saturday morning in disgust after I saw the aftermath of my 'dinner' the night before.  

New Additions? My friend Chantelle had her baby shower yesterday (she is due 2 weeks after me) and she got my the best present ever (she wasn't able to make it to my shower).  She got my a baby bumbo- which I wanted SOOOOOOO bad, and a pack of Dr. Brown pink bottles (which I also really wanted!!!!!)  so stinking excited.  The dogs and I played in the baby room last night, putting things in their place, re-organizing, and just doing an inventory of what we still need.  Last count, Ledoux has 41 actual outfits hanging in her closet (not counting all the onesies, skirts, jeans, etc. in her dressers), 7 pairs of shoes, 2 purses, and countless pairs of adorable socks, bows, etc.  Can we say SPOILED?  As for what we still need- we want to get a jogging stroller, and a nap nanny, and a couple other small items, but we are pretty set! Come on baby!! (after lee gets here, of course!)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet:  everyone says I am all baby- i look like my normal self, with a basketball in my belly.  I will take it!
Gender: Still a lady!

Pregnancy related gripes? exhausted.  seriously, beyond belief.  I can't even muster up the energy to make dinner (again, Lee- hurry and get home!!)  Yesterday, I woke up at 9am, and took a nap before going to the baby shower at 1, and then took another nap when I got home from it.  This exhaustion is making it so hard to make it through my work days.  I think maternity leave should start when women hit 35 weeks so we can relax and not work these dang 50+ hour weeks!  Good thing I like what i do :)

Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? Still in!
Wedding rings on or off? Still on!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Awful.  This week WAS NOT my week.  I started getting really sick last weekend, and it just got worse.  I ended up being out of work on Monday, and i felt like i was going to DIE.  I couldnt talk, my throat was on fire, my cough was awful, OMG.  it was bad.  and of course, being preggo, there isn't alot you can take to get better.  So i lived on tea, hot water, and tylenol cold meds.  Luckily, it helped, slowly but surely.  I was able to work part of Tuesday, but ended up going home sick because I couldn't make it 2 minutes without coughing and feeling miserable.  Then... Tuesday night, I somehow tripped over myself, and to break my fall (from falling on my belly) I put all the weight on my knee and it popped out of place and back in.  The noise was so disgusting, and I could hardly walk all day Wednesday.  I was a sick, hobbling, knocked up, grumpy preggo.  LOL.  not a good combo.  My knee still hurts when going up/down stairs, but its alot better today.  sooo needless to say, this was not my week! I just gotta keep it together a couple more weeks until Lee gets here!
Cough syrup and a bum knee.. this was me this week!

Looking forward to: my husband coming home is really all I can think about.  I have been planning what outfit to wear, but I just can't decide!  this is my huge decision this week.  that and i don't have alot more time left at work before maternity leave!

Other news?  excited for my little bro who is closing on his first house tomorrow!  i can't wait til Lee and i have a house to close on!!!  
hey guys!