Sunday, July 22, 2012

Almost 38 weeks!

Out. Of. Control.

Far Along?  37 Weeks, 6 Days!  It could literally be any day now!

Total weight gain/loss: Another pound gained this week- +12.  I read that at this point, alot of the weight gain is either baby (6 oz a week) or water weight.
Maternity clothes? Its all I can fit into- this belly has seriously grown out of control this past week.  I feel like I finally 'popped'  For the longest time, everyone would tell me how tiny i was for how far along I was... and now- that is not the case!  this baby has GROWN alot in the past week. 

Stretch marks? still the same ones from around week 29.  They are pretty light though, so they should fade pretty quick (i hope!)

Size of Baby (in produce)? - Still a watermelon- I have a feeling it might stay a watermelon until she arrives... can't think of anything bigger (except for maybe a pumpkin?)  She weights atleast 7 pounds this week (but I think she weights more than that) and can be as long as 22"

Sleep:  Sleeping like a rock except for every 2 hours when I am up to pee.  That is getting really old.  UGHH.

Best moment this week:  Lots!  

1.) Lee got our car refinanced at a super low interest rate which is saving us almost $200 a month!  Pretty excited about this! 
2.) Lee did good on his end of a promise we made to each other 5 years ago!  We always said at 5 years, I would have a kid and he would get my name tattooed on him, and he did it this week on his wedding ring finger!!! 
3.) I discovered non-alcoholic beer. So stinking excited.  I actually drank 3/4s of a Becks with Lee and I felt like I was back to normal!!  And... when you go 9 months without alcohol, I actually can't tell the difference in taste.  
4.) I also got a new phone-an Iphone, so I am officially one of the cool kids I guess :)  My work phone gets shut off this week, so it was either get a cell phone of my own, or go phoneless during maternity leave.  I actually almost decided to not get a cell phone and Lee and I would just share his, but we decided that wouldn't work for very long :)  I actually really liked the idea of not having a dang cell phone- how nice would it be to be totally unconnected?  Not realistic in this day I suppose, but a good thought.  
5.) Lee and I also FINALLY were able to get my new Military ID and went to the Tri-care office (Military insurance) and got the insurance headache squared away- they will pay what my work insurance doesn't, so we are pretty happy that we will have no out of pocket costs for Ledoux.
so excited about this! 
Oh NA Beer.  I heart you.

Miss Anything? My body lol.  I must say, I am almost over sharing it with Ledoux. And when I say almost over it, I actually mean I am over it!  It is time for her to arrive and give me back my belly!  Other than that, I miss banana beer but I can substitute my NA beer and wait a couple more weeks for the real thing.
Movement: Yes yes yes.  
Food cravings: Nothing too crazy- fro yo this weekend, so Lee and I went and got some last night.  Ahhhmazing.  Even though I had 3 bites and was done.  

New Additions? Lee and I went shopping yesterday for Ledoux's first outfit that she will wear home from the hospital.  We went into every baby store which was interesting... seeing him try and shop for little girl dresses was cute.  You could tell he felt a little funny, but he was the one that ended up picking out a super cute little dress for her from Baby Gap.  You will have to wait to see it for a couple of weeks though :)  We are still trying to find matching little shoes and a bow.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet:  Oh yes.  This is the first week that I have had people actually come up to me and ask when I am due.  So funny that it never happened before, but everywhere I go people ask me about it. 
Gender: Still a lady!

Pregnancy related gripes? I can't stand up for more than 30 minutes without my belly starting to hurt- the under part starts to get numb and feel like someone is stabbing knives in my skin.  It is awful.  I have to sit down when it starts happening and take 5 minutes to relax.  I am also sick of having one sip of water and 5 minutes later having to pee.  And I officially feel HUGE.  Even my maternity clothes are tighter this week.  Wow... I sound like a total whiner, don't I?  Bottom line...let's get this baby OUT!

Labor Signs: Not really, but there have been some weird feelings in there.  Weird pains on the bottom of my belly- I don't think it is contractions (I am pretty sure I will know when I have one of those) but I can tell my body is starting to prepare for Doodle's arrival.  I am also taking Evening Primrose Oil, which is a natural supplement that is suppose to help speed things up- I have read all sorts of stories of how women and midwives swear by it... so let's hope!  Lee and I went to Target and got stuff for our Hospital bag so we are ready! COME NOW!!

Belly Button in or out? Still in kind of.  Lee and I call it the turkey timer, its about to pop out- and we figure as soon as it pops, it mean's Ledoux is done cooking.
Wedding rings on or off? Still on, but I take them off at night (which is when I start getting swollen)
Happy or Moody most of the time: Its funny- I was just telling Lee last night I have laughed more in the past week and half that he has been home than I have in the whole time he was gone.  So in that aspect, I have been so happy.  But on Friday night, I had a total temper tantrum- picture a 2 year old that doesn't get their way- that was me.  I think it started with me freaking out that my favorite night shirt was in the laundry and I had nothing to wear to bed... and escalated into a full blown tantrum.  It takes everything Lee has not to laugh at me.  I had a couple other outbursts this week, totally random things that make ZERO sense, and he will start laughing which makes me laugh, and then I realize how CRAZY i am being.  Bless him.  
To Ledoux! His first, and last, shot for a while!

Looking forward to: Doctor again this week!  Let's hope she says we are having a baby!  I ask her every week if we can just make this whole baby thing happen, and she always laughs at me.  This week, I asked her if she had alot of deliveries this week and she said this week was pretty light... I told her that if she woke up at 3am and just had a want to deliver a baby to give me a call- I would have my phone on.  I figure if I keep telling her/asking her/bugging her about getting this baby out, she will eventually help me speed it along.

Other news?  This is my last week of work before maternity leave.  I don't know how to feel about that- I am excited, but also nervous.  I will miss work :(  and i am nervous because that means baby is coming really SOOOOOON! 

Picture from Chantelle's baby shower- my other preggo friend :) and my BFF christi and her girl Maya bird!