Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Merry 1st Christmas Presents!

Well, here you have it!  My top picks for Ledoux's first Christmas... of course, I probably won't end up getting all of it...and by saying probably, I actually mean I probably will. :)

1.) Lamaze Soft Sorter: Ledoux is loving exploring textures with her little fingers- and this is perfect!  It rattles, has different textures, and helps her discover what shapes fit where.

2.) Ready-Set-Go Trike: Babies can sit in the seat and steer while Lee and I push her, and when she is bigger, she can push it or pedal it herself.  

3.) Kushies books: LOVE these!  Touch and feel fabric books are great- again, because she is feeling everything right now.  It even makes sounds :)  I have a feeling I will regret getting all these sound making things someday...

4.) Graco 4-1 seating system:  Its almost time to get Ledoux a highchair, and this one is top rated (and also turns into a booster seat)

5.) Animal Print sleep sacks:  These are sold online at potterbarn kids ( and I love them!  Sleep sacks in general are a must have, but these just take it to a whole new, sassy level!

6.) Baby lamb rocker: also at pottery barn kids, what a fun addition to her nursery!

7.) Monogrammed blanket: Again, at Pottery barn (are we seeing a trend here?!) I love these- super soft, and I can get her name on them!

8.) Shopping Cart Cover by JJ Cole: I have said it before, I love JJ Cole baby items.  This matches my diaper bag, and now that she is starting to sit up, its time to find the perfect cart cover so we can shop in style.

9/10/11/12/13: BABY GAP!  Ok, I have an obsession with the baby gap.  If you haven't visited there site or store to see the baby clothing- you must!  Fair warning, you will die at all of the cute things.  I am extra excited about the baby pjs (leopard print) because I am hoping to get matching ones for Xmas for me!

14 and 15: These are two stores on that I am ADDICTED to.  Seriously- go to their Etsy shops and try and tell me that they do not have the cutest baby headbands.  Ready, set, go: and 

In addition, Lee and I plan to get Ledoux a special trunk engraved with her name and a special message from us for her first Christmas! 

 Fa la la la la, so excited to start baby shopping!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Ledoux's First Holiday Season!

Well this is it...Ledoux's first Holiday season!  I am super excited, the Holiday's are so much more fun with a little baby! 
We kicked it off with our first Black Friday Thanksgiving together!  We started the morning with breakfast at our house, with Ledoux's BG and Opa (and mimosas, of course!)  After a yummy breakfast, we relaxed around the house and then walked to my parents house (a nice 2 mile walk before we stuffed our faces!)  Our house is right on the Rillito River Walk, which is a nice little walk along a river (which is dry right now, until monsoon season hits.)  We watched football, relaxed, and ate.  Exactly what Thanksgiving is all about.  Ledoux wasn't in the mood for hanging around, so our evening ended pretty early- right after she got her first taste of turkey.
The next morning, we were up bright and early for what is quite possibly one of my FAVORITE HOLIDAYS of the year.  Yes, I consider Black Friday a Holiday.  What other day can you get anything at Express for 50% off?  And free gifts with purchase at Victoria Secret?  It is like a little letting a little kid loose in a candy store.  Yep, thats me.  And I was so excited to introduce Ledoux to what is sure to be one of her favorite days!
 Here we are at Express (shocker!)  and a little baby who is sleepy after all the shopping!             
After all the shopping excitement, my friend Katie and her boyfriend came to visit for the night and Lee and I went out to a bonfire!  So much fun! The one great thing about Tucson is the people are so friendly and welcoming...such a different culture from San Diego. The rest of our weekend was spent decorating for Christmas, and Christmas shopping.  So much fun!  Our next big thing is going to be Xmas pictures- which I cannot wait to do!  I got some great ideas off of Pinterest, and will be attempting them myself.  Wish me luck and keep your eyes peeled for your Christmas cards this year.
In other news, Lee and I are super excited- he got a full time position at Bombardier working on aircraft- which is one of the main reasons we moved to Tucson (job opps for Lee!)  We are super excited that he has this awesome opportunity---I have no doubt he will kill it at his new job, move up fast, and make lots of money so I can stay home with Ledoux full time :)  Ok... maybe that is wishful thinking, but a girl can dream right?    Until that day comes, I will continue working to pay for all the baby pajamas and baby tights I can afford! 
Our last bit of exiting news? Ledoux is asleep in her crib as I type... this is HUGE for us as she has been co-sleeping since she was born.  My baby is growing up... tear!
Up next- a blog of all the fab things on Ledoux's first Chrismas list!  Until then, here are some fun pics from the last week or so...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My latest obsessions...

Well, I officially am obsessed with some different items for Ledoux!  These are my must haves to make it through the day :)

1.) Nose Frida: Ok, Lee thinks this is the most disgusting thing ever, but I am rather proud to call myself the booger digger.  I cannot stand my baby having big old boogies in her nose.  Recently, Ledoux got her first cold, and had a runny nose and boogies all the time.  The nose bulb/suctioner things just don't do it for me... and this takes booger digging to a whole new level!  It is a must have. Anyone with a baby NEEDS this.

2.) BABY PAJAMAS!  I think my baby has over 12 pairs of baby pjs... and I just cant stop.  I just love putting her in these.  My favorites are from Carters- they are cheap, and have the cute little designs on the butt area.  I also am obsessed with the baby pjs from baby gap, but I usually wait for those to go on sale (they have great 40% sale sections!)

3.) Butt Paste: So I am a little crazy about diaper rash (which by the way Ledoux hasn't had yet!) and I put diaper rash cream on her all the time.  This is my fave! I attribute Ledoux not having any rash from me being so anal (no pun intended) on putting this on her.

4.) Nap Nanny: MUST HAVE.  This made my baby sleep through the night, starting at 3 weeks old.  She still sleeps in it.  I really cannot imagine my life without it.  I am telling you, if there is anything you invest in... get a nap nanny!  Your life will be soo much better for it!  And in the beginning, anything that allows you 4 hours of UN-interupted sleep is sooo worth it.  My baby still wont sleep through the night in her crib, but if she is in this, she is out for a good 10 hours!

5.) Baby activity gym: Ledoux just starting 'playing' and grabbing at things- and this is perfect.  I get a solid 20 minutes of occupied Ledoux time when I lay her down with this.  (and I can get sooo much done with those 20 minutes!)  She coos and smiles at all the toys dangling down.  She didn't take to it until she turned 3 months.. I had no idea babies didn't do a whole heck of a lot until that age.

6.) Dr. Brown's bottles: These work perfect for Ledoux, she took to them the first time we gave them to her (and they come in pink... bonus!)  They also have them in 4 oz sizes, which is perfect for her right now.  She has yet to get colicky, and hardly ever gets gassy- which are two things these bottles really help to prevent.  They are a pain to clean, but I just keep 12 of them on constant rotation so its not so bad.

7.) JJ Cole Diaper Caddy: this is a lifesaver!  It keeps us from having to run upstairs to the nursery to change ledoux's dipey... and from having random diapers and wipeys everywhere.  A nice, compact place to have everything we need. When we first brought Ledoux home, we were running up and down the stairs (newsflash- babies poop and pee a good 10-12 times a day!) and it was exhausting.  So we starting keeping piles of diapers, wipes, cream, etc downstairs, which just made the house cluttered.  This is a must have in my opinion.u

8.) BABY TIGHTS!!! I am obsessed with baby tights from the GAP.  I am obsessed with all things Babygap actually... but these tights just kill me! My collection of baby tights is quickly catching up with my baby pj collection!  They are perfect because they cover her little legs and keep her warm (I get the thick ones) and they cover her little feet so I don't have to worry about putting socks on her.

9.) Baby walker: Ledoux loves to stand (I know...she is only 3 months) but we got her one of these and she LOVES it!  It gives me another 30 minutes of "me" time, and she is totally occupied!  I swear, she is going to be walking sooo early.

10.) JJ Cole Diaper bag: could not live without this.  Any JJ Cole product I love, but this diaper bag is the best.  It holds everything (bottles, clothes, diapers and wipes,blankets, burp cloths, formula, bottles, etc. etc. etc.) and still has room left over. and its cute.  Win Win.

11.) Lavender baby bath soap: love the smell of this!  And whats better then sleeping next to a baby that smells so good?

12.) My Nespresso machine. Ok, this is more for me to make it through the morning... but its ahhmazing.  And if you love espresso, you will love this.

In other news... my little baby weighed in at 12 pounds, 13 ounces today!! WHOAH!!!!  She grew a pound and a half in the last month!  Here is a recent pic of my little ham!  Will update soon on how life in AZ is going! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My baby is 3 Months old!

Well, Ledoux is officially an infant now!  They say once they hit 3 months, they are no longer newborns!  Holy canoli!  I am just shocked at how fast time is flying by... She is officially 3 months!

Feeding: Ledoux was still 100% breast until today- today she will be getting boob and formula, and from now on it will be half and half.  She started childcare today, (more about this later) so we have started weening her off of me.  I have mixed feelings about this... but I am happy that I was able to breast feed exclusivly for 3 months.   

Sleeping: She sleeps like a champ!  She is still sleeping through the night, and still NOT sleeping during the day :)   My little baby loves to be awake and looking around, and doesn't like to miss a beat.  This week, we are going to start teaching her to sleep in her crib and out of our room.  She is getting to big for her nap nanny/bassinet in our room, so the time has come.

Health: Ledoux got her very first cold!  Lee and I tried to keep her from getting sick when we were sick, but she caught a little bit of it.  Thankfully, because she is breast fed, she didn't get too much of a cough and is fine.

Likes: Ledoux loves to be held, facing outward, to see the world.  She just loves to stare at everything and everyone.  Its so funny to watch her fixate on stuff and watch it so intently...She also loves her walker (I know... she is 3 months old) but she loves to stand up.  She loves her play gym, and laying on her back swatting at the toys.  And lastly, she loves her bumbo chair.  We put her in it when we eat at night and she likes to watch us.  She is also a big fan of bath time, daddy's silly songs, and music.

Dislikes: She still hates her pacifier.  With a passion.  She also has recently decided she hates her car seat- she hates being restrained and cries when we put her in it.  She is a very independant little thing, so anything that keeps her from moving/squirming/seeing/exploring she hates. 

Firsts: Our first road trip and our first move! :)  She is also teething right now, so I have a feeling her first tooth will be making an appearance soon!

How are mommy and daddy? We are officially settled into Arizona...well, I use the word settled loosely. It has been a whirlwind week- moving here, starting new jobs, etc. The movers delivered all of our stuff last Wednesday to our new house, but we had no idea that when they said they 'unpacked' for us, it really meant they dumped all of our things out of the boxes and left. No joke, Lee and I walked in and we had piles upon piles upon piles of stuff...everywhere. Sooo overwhelming! We have finished moving into the downstairs part of our house, but we really haven't had time to even start on the upstairs (other than ledoux's room and our bedroom.) To make things even crazier, Lee and I both got super sick with a nasty flu/cold which made the moving process even more challenging. Lee started his new job in the midst of all of this, but he loves it! Lee + Harley Davidson= little kid in a candy store. He gets to talk to people all day about motorcycles...and if you know Lee, this is what he does all day anyway! He used to go to the Harley shop in San Diego and talk to the guys that worked there on his downtime anyway. So now, he just gets paid for it! I started my new job at the University of Arizona, and I really like it! So far, so good! It is a HUGE change from what I used to do and where I used to work, but I feel really lucky that my experience at Bridgepoint will help me in my new job.

Here is a pic of our new house

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Major changes!!

Well, today is November 1st...which to most of you doesn't mean a whole lot (other than you might have a tumy ache from all the candy you ate yesterday!) but to Lee, Ledoux, and I, its a BIG day.  Today I am sitting in our spare bedroom, surrounded by the necessities we will need for the next week, feeding Ledoux, while I watch movers pack up and move our stuff into a huge 18 wheeler parked outside our house.  Today is also the day that Lee woke up, got dressed, and went to work as a Marine for the last time. It is crazy to think that in the last few weeks, we have officially decided to get out of the Military, move to a new city, I quit a job that I LOVE, Lee turned dirty 30, and start a new chapter of our lives.  Not to mention, we have a sweet little newborn.  Can we fit in anymore major life changes into such a short time? I don't think so! It is safe to say it has been a very stressful couple of weeks, to say the least.  Change like this is risky, and scary, but for us, everything fell into place.  I can't help but think that fate had something to do with encouraging these huge life changes. 

On Saturday, Lee and I will officially be living in Tucson, Arizona.  A place we have always enjoyed visiting, but never thought we would move to. That being said, when Lee officially decided to get out of the Military, we started trying to figure out what our next move would be... would we stay in San Diego? If you know anything about Lee and I, it is that we despise living in San Diego.  Other than the weather, there really isn't much for us to like about it.  So the answer to that question was an easy NO, which left us trying to figure out where we would move.  We threw around every state, and decided it would really come down to where Lee got work.  Enter Arizona.  Arizona, mainly Tucson, is one of the biggest aviation cities in the country.  Multiple companies work, service, and fly C-130s, which happens to be what Lee has done for the past 9+ years. Coupled with the fact that Lee has his civilian AP license, we went to Tucson for a long weekend to explore potential careers.  We arrived on Thursday and Lee was offered a job Saturday morning.  He will be working at Harley Davidson until he gets on with an aviation company, and I will be working for the University of Arizona.  We literally looked at eachother at the end of that long weekend, somewhat dumbfounded, and said "I guess we are moving!"  We found a house to rent for 6 months, scheduled the movers, and a couple weeks later... are moving!

Im excited to blog our new life over the next few months, and of course, keep everyone updated on our sweet little ledoux!  Enjoy some pics (below) from the past couple of weeks!
  Happy Birthday! Ledoux and I made a cake, and got daddy a record player for his Lefty Frizzel records!
Ledoux's first Halloween!  We were farmers, and she was our prize winning piggy!