Monday, March 18, 2013

Baby Brain Power! am I alone in thinking I am not doing enough to help my baby learn?  I mean, the kid has a million toys (I swear I pick up something new for her in the toy aisles at target every week), but is there more to little babies then the flashy toys? What should I be doing to help her learn, grow, develop...  I started thinking about this, and realized I needed (or wanted, I suppose) to be more intentional in my interactions with my little babe.  Every word I say, every toy I give her...she is pulling and learning from EVERYTHING.  If  that isn't scary, I don't know what is (enter the new cuss jar we are trying to use in our house!)

All jokes aside, I am sure alot of you have heard of cognitive development.  But what in the HELL does that even mean?  At the simplest point, it is baby brain power.  We all want our babies to be little smarty pants, so take a moment to think of the traits 'smart' people have...ability to focus, to plan, to remember.  I want my baby to be able to do those things! (Crap...I want to do those things!)  By the time your baby reaches eight months old, rapid connections to their brain’s frontal lobes (where these functions will be housed) are starting to form.  Ok, so now you probably think I am going to tell you to start reading psych books to your kids... NO.  Some of the most simple of activities can enhance your babies brain power.  Every week, I am going to start posting some awesome things us Mommy's (and daddy's!) can do to start encouraging and growing our own generation of smarties! 

Activity for this week is SIMPLE: Let your baby lead.  Don't teach. Allow (and encourage) your sweet little baby to do what they want (provided it is safe) even if that means going ape shit with a potted plant for a photo shoot (see my St. Patricks day post if you are confused!) If they see a roll of toilet paper and want to reach for it, let them. What is the worst that is going to happen?  They completely unroll the entire roll...and you have a awesome photo for the baby book!  Put different toys in front of them, and let them decide which they want to play with. Let go of any pressure you feel to teach them something and instead help them explore what they are interested are planting seeds for ideas, passion, and follow through that will be crucial in later life.

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