Friday, February 22, 2013

6 months!!

How is it even possible that my sweet little girl is already 6 months old!  It seems like just yesterday she was a newborn...they said time would fly, but I had no idea they were right!

6 Month Update!
Sleeping? My little baby is a champion sleeper.  We still have the same, never changing, bed time routine that works like a charm.  Sometimes she will wake up at night, but she is really good at soothing herself back to sleep.  She is always in bed by 7 pm, on the dot, and wakes up between 645 and 730 am every morning.  Its great!  She still fights sleeping during the day...and we consider it a miracle if she takes a 30 minute nap.  Once.  Ugh!  My only wish is that she would nap more during the day. But....I have a baby who sleeps ALL NIGHT, and that my friends is good enough for me!

Eating? She is still my little piggy :)  She has graduated to 8oz bottles every 3 hours, and eats baby good at night before we go to bed.  Her favorites are peaches, sweet potatoes, prunes (YUCK!)...and she HATES squash.  (See pic below!)
Health?  She is overall good, but getting over a nasty little cold bug.  She has had the same lingering cough for a while now, but the doctor said its just a baby cold... so we turn the humidifier every night.  She is getting better...but its been up and down the last week.  As for stats, Ledoux weighed 16 pounds, 2 ounces at her well baby check up, and is in the 54% for weight, 86% for height (she grew 2 inches since our last dr visit!) and 78% for her dome (she gets that from her daddy!!)
Likes? Ledoux loves to be the center of attention (shocker!)  If she senses people aren't paying attention to her she starts acting out.  She also LOVES to bounce.  OMG.  This kid jumps and bounces all the time... she has a bouncer that we put her in.  But even when she is just on our lap, she will bend her legs and try and bounce on our laps.  It is hillarious!  She loves watching the dogs run up and down the stairs (she cracks up laughing!) and enjoys playing with her daddy (the grins she gets when he walks in a room are to die for!)  She also loves her boyfriend Hunter (see pic below!) They lay next to eachother on the floor and play with eachother's faces (and hold hands!)  Ahhh baby love :)
Dislikes?  She HATES her carseat.  She HATES pacifiers.  She HATES sleeping (no seriously...she fights it with all she has...)
Milestones/Firsts: Ledoux is officially sitting up, all on her own, with no help!  It is so much fun to see her grow and develop... and a little shocking to see my sweet little baby growing so fast!!