Sunday, June 24, 2012

Coundown 6 weeks!

Looks like there is a basketball in there!

Far Along?  33 Weeks, 6 Days!  Officially 6 weeks or less until Ledoux arrives.... AHHHH!! Seriously, where has the time gone?!  I am slightly excited, slightly terrified! 

Total weight gain/loss: I don't feel like I gained a lot this week- but I wouldn't be surprised if the doctor says I gained a pound since my last visit.  Since Ledoux is starting to gain about 6oz a week from this point on, that means I am too! However, its all baby- i did my 4 days of working out this week again- not slowing down on that anytime soon!
Maternity clothes? Oh yes- i'm kind of excited, because a good majority of the maternity clothes I have purchased can actually be work as normal clothes too- they aren't your usual 'maternity' looking outfits.  I still have yet to wear a pair of maternity pants! Wahoo!

Stretch marks? You already know the answer to this.  No new ones have made an appearance as of this morning. Thank god.

Size of Baby (in produce)? - Pineapple- 19"-22" long, at/around 5 pounds.

Sleep:  Sleeping good still- let's hope this keeps up for as long as possible!!!

Best moment this week:  Another ridiculously busy week this week at work- which is nice, because before I know it, another week is down!  I didn't have anything crazy happen this week, pretty boring.  I have finished everything I can do in the nursery until Lee gets home, so that is a relief. I got the cutest little chalkboards that hang on baskets from pottery barn kids, so I have labeled everything.  I can honestly say that if Ledoux was to come today, we are ready. Diapers stocked, wipeys out, bassinet ready, bottles cleaned and stored, baby monitor charging... what am I forgetting?  Oh yes- Lee!  Lee needs to get here, and then we are 100% ready (atleast in terms of what we need!)  I even have my diaper bag packed (see the pic below- its the pink Juicy Couture bag on the left!)

Miss Anything? My husband of course, and I am starting to miss being able to eat/drink/take whatever I want... Being pregnant, I am also having to double and triple check I am making good decesions.  I guess that isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I will be happy for the day when I can have lunch meat and wine and pop an excedrin and not think twice about it.
Movement: Oh yes, she's moves all the time.  Its less kicking and punching, and more rolling around in there.  It feels more like little squirms.
Food cravings:My addiction this week- pancakes and lucky charms.  That was my dinner 4 nights in a row, the 5th night i had only lucky charms (because I ran out of pancake batter).  And I am still drinking milk non-stop.

New Additions? I bought a couple things- some different bottles, i read on the mommy blogs that every baby takes to different bottles and nipples different, so I bought a few different kinds to try out. and i got a bottle warmer- something i had never thought of, but after reading mommy blogs, it is a must have (if you can afford it!)  So Lee and I are pretty excited about this!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet:  no doubt.
Gender: Still a lady!

Pregnancy related gripes? That terrible exhaustion is back from the first trimester, I am beyond tired all the time.  and the nasty charlie horses in my legs- i get them every night.  so painful!  I hate it.  Other than that, nothing :)

Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? Still in!
Wedding rings on or off? Still on!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody this week because I am SICK!  I started getting sick on Friday- just really tired, a cough.  I was down all day yesterday and today it is still bad.  I hardly have a voice, and my throat just hurts so bad.  I was up for a few hours in the middle of the night drinking tea and cough drops just so that I could sleep.  I finally emailed my doctor to find out what type of medicine I can take, so hopefully she gets back to me today.  I am so scared to take anything, because I read on one website a medicine is ok, and then another says it isn't... so I am totally confused.  Being pregnant and sick SUCKS!  I can't just go to the store and buy cough medicine and call it a day. so I am in bed, with tea and cough drops and water, just resting hoping to start feeling better.
Looking forward to: Another doctor appointment on Tuesday!

Other news?  My honey may or may not be coming home :)  I can't say much more than that, but I am counting down the days to see him!!
Patiently waiting for dad and our little sister to get here!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More Babyque pics!

Thank you KelliAnn Holley for the pictures! :)

Beer in a bottle chugging contest!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy father's day!

A baby the size of a melon lives in there!

Far Along?  32 Weeks, 6 Days! Almost 33 weeks... about a month and a half until Doodle bug gets here!! Let's hope this time FLYS, because i have officially hit the "I'm bored with being pregnant" stage.  

Total weight gain/loss: Soo i am back down to +9... yep, you heard that right.  +9.  I actually lost 2 pounds from my previous doctor's appointment.  Definitely not complaining about that!  The doctor isn't worried, the baby is good (growing faster and BIGGER than the norm) so it just means that I shouldn't have too much of an issue getting back to pre-baby size in no time!! Wahooo!  Here's hoping I can keep the weight gain to a minimum these next 7-8 weeks.
Maternity clothes? Of course- but no purchases here.  With a month and a half (or less), there isn't much point in purchasing much else.  I might get something cute for when Lee gets back to wear, but other than that, all money is going to savings and to buy the rest of the stuff we need for lil' miss.

Stretch marks? I am going to delete this section of my blog because its depressing! Yes.. i have them.  that's all.  They are still on my lower abdomen though, they aren't very visible unless I show you. which i will not do. :)

Size of Baby (in produce)? - Honeydew melon (but she feels a heck of a lot bigger than that!) at 4.5 pounds this week.  No wonder my belly feels so heavy!

Sleep:  can't get enough sleep!  No problem-os here.  On the weekends, I am getting a good 10-12 hours of sleep, plus naps.  Awwweeesommeee!

Best moment this week:  Had my doctor appointment- all is still good with baby.  I'm such a worry wart, I look forward to my appointments to be reassured.  And she commended me on doing such a great job keeping any excess weight off!  I also started my pre-registration paperwork for the hospital so that when the time comes, all is good and I just show up and don't have to hassle with anything.  Eek!  Can't believe I am actually doing that already!! Pretty excited for my hospital tour in 3 weeks too-  i get to tour the facility... i know it sounds weird, but i am the type of person that needs to know exactly where we are going, what to do when I get there, etc.  The hospital just re-did their labor and delivery wing and every room is private and have their own private bathrooms!!  this makes me beyond happy- you have no idea!

Miss Anything? My answer never changes- I miss my honey.  No wine cravings this week, just Lee. HURRY UP AND GET HOME LEE ABEL!!!!!!!
Movement: So I think Ledoux is just a late bloomer in the activity/movement department- most women say they start feeling kicks and movement non stop around the 25 week mark... which made me crazy because I didn't feel alot at that point.  My doctor was telling me to count her kicks, atleast 10 an hour.. and I had the hardest time getting her to move 10 times an hour.  But....this week she has really kicked it into high gear (no pun intended)- she moves alot, and is getting some serious strength.  It startles me sometimes! She also really enjoys wedging her huge 3 inch feet underneath my right ribcage...  
Food cravings: Milk- i have just started buying full gallons rather than half gallons every other day.  I was at the grocery store last night and had a craving for pancakes, and got all the stuff to make them, and then as I was in line i spied a box of lucky charms cereal- and i had to have it.  so last night's dinner was pancakes and lucky charms lol.  is was amazing, by the way. 

New Additions? Ok, so you are going to think I am totally nuts and have lost it, but I bought my breast pump!!! so stinking excited!!!!  I got one that was pricey, but had the 'breast' reviews (hahaha get it?  Best reviews/breast reviews?)  Lee calls it my milker- i told him I am going to try it on him first so he can understand what I have to go through.  I also got a dark wood, wicker basket to use as her toy basket and put that in her room.
So excited about this!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet:  Oh yes.
Gender: Girl! and she is pretty gosh darn cute too... i mean, i know everyone thinks their kids are cute, but Lee and I did a pretty knock out job.  I think I will buy him a gun and give it to him as a gift when Ledoux is born, he might need it...

Pregnancy related gripes? Damn stretchy marks are all I have to complain about really.  The first trimester exhaustion is back, I just struggle for energy, but that is pretty normal being that I am baking a melon in my belly...and my little melon is growing daily.

Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? In (but boy is it shallow...!)
Wedding rings on or off? On!  Lee keeps asking if I need to take them off (so they don't get stuck) but I refuse to do so until I have to! (Which will probably be too late at that point)
Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody this weekend- i woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday.  And decided that my kitchen needed re-arranging, which turned into me freaking out on lee about having too many beer glasses.  lol.  later i realized i was being crazy, and i am lucky to have a honey who laughs it off.  then last night my treadmill stopped working which is a catastrophic event for me .  luckily i am quite handy and spent 2 hours watching how to videos to fix it.  anddddddd i think it is fixed.
Looking forward to:  counting down the days to see my honey!!!!!!

Other news?  Its time to pick a pediatrician!  My doctor said i dont have to, but it would be a good idea to have one picked out for when doodle comes.  so... I am going to do that in the next week or two.  other than that, nothing crazy.  next week I will have lots of good stuff, I promise!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ledoux's Video Debut!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

what a week! Goodbye 31 weeks, hello 32!

Far Along?  31 Weeks, 6 Days!  8 weeks, 2 days to go!!

Total weight gain/loss:I dont think it has changed much since last week- working out, still eating good- so +11.  I have my doctor appointment Tuesday so we will see if anything has changed.
Maternity clothes? I actually wore a cute pre-Ledoux dress for my baby shower yesterday, i was pretty excited I still had one that looked cute lol!

Stretch marks?  No new ones, thank goodness!!

Size of Baby (in produce)? - Still a head of lettuce, and according to the ultrasound yesterday, she is about to break the 4 pound mark!

Sleep:  no complaints.  I can't tell you how much my belly pillow has helped and saved my life (thanks to an old friend from childhood who recommended it weeks ago! ) :)

Best moment this week:  Gosh where do I start?  3 things: I got a box from Afghanistan from Lee, 4-d ultrasound, and Babyque!!
1.) Lee send Ledoux and I a huge box this week with some things he had found for us.  He got a us matching fur blankets (and yes...they are real fur!!) and they are gorgeous.  He also got a wood camel that I put in Ledoux's nursery, and a thing of Afghan money (a little memento for her to keep!)  So cute!!  He also sent a bunch of his stuff home... which means we are getting closer to a date for him to come home!!!!!!  Olivia didn't know what to think of the box that we got though... lol!  She must have smelled the fur in it!
A box from Dad!
2.) 4-d Ultrasound!!  Yesterday morning, my parents and my friend Heidi and I went to xdi ultrasound (amazing!) and got a 4-d ultrasound done!  It was the same place I got my 12 week one... and it is a mind trip how much has changed in that somewhat short time!  I still am staring at all the pictures, somewhat dumbfounded that this little baby is in my belly.  It is so crazy to actually see her face.  she was swallowing, moving her hands, opening her eyes... and we saw it all on the screens.  I can officially say after that, I am getting pretty excited to see her in the real!!  Some highlights of the ultrasound: she has her mama's nose and HUGE lips... lee and I are still trying to figure that one out.  Her feet are also super long (from her mama!) they measure 3 inches, and her head is measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule (35 weeks, 4 days...)  Whoa baby!  and... she has her daddy's big head (literally, not figuratively of course :) ) And... another thing she got from her mom.. HAIR!  She already has hair!  My dad started to talking to her in the ultrasound yesterday and she smiled!  For comparison, Here is what she looked like at 12 weeks:

and here is what she looks like now:
A little smile!

3.) Babyque! Yesterday was also my babyque!  It was such a success- a total anti baby baby shower!  No dumb games and lame activities... it was a bbq and day drinking.. which are two of my favorite things!  Even though I couldn't drink, it was still a lot of fun!  My friend Heidi flew in from Denver and my parents drove up, and I couldn't have done it without them. Soo much work!  I am exhausted today, but it was worth it.  Ledoux is beyond spoiled, she has more clothes than she will probably be able to wear!!  Some of our favorites include the yellow crocs from her opa and gamma (or whatever my mother wants to be called!), and her onesie from gma and gpa abel that says "I love my daddy's tattoos!"  My friend Laura also hand made Ledoux a blanket that is GORGEOUS! My friend KelliAnn is a little shutterbug and took great pics, but until I get those, these will have to do!  The party started about 3 and went until 11 last night!  Everyone drank out of mason jars, and we had sangria, champagne (with a popsicle in it!), margaritas, and a beer cocktail (made with PBR of course!) We also had mini sodas and water (baby sizes) and made sliders and mini hotdogs for dinner.  SOooo much fun! 
Everyone drank out of mason jars!
I made sure Lee was there is spirit- PBR


Miss Anything?  Lee of course, but it was pretty awesome being able to take the ipad to the ultradound yesterday and skype him in.  He had to get up super early, but it felt so special being able to have him be a part of that.  He didn't say much.. he just stared at the screen lol!  later, we decided we make pretty cute kids!
Movement:  lots of moving and grooving, but she still doesn't move much in the day time.  shes a morning and night baby... great.
Food cravings: the milk cravings haven't subsided.  still drinking it nonstop.  

New Additions? oh gosh, where do i start?  the babyque came with lots of great gifts.  Lee and I still need some stuff, but I think we are well on our way.  We have a great pack and play for Ledoux's gma and gpa abel (thank you!) and a car seat/stroller from my parents.. as well as a million other things.  We want to get a jogger stroller, a nap nanny, and a bumbo... as well as some bottles and other necessities, but for the most part, we are pretty set!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet:  gosh yes.
Gender: Girl! this has been confirmed!  so much for the baby boy dreams haha!  Maybe next time honey! :)

Pregnancy related gripes? Other than getting really tired and achy really easily, i don't have much to complain about.

Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: I haven't had time to even think about this!  between work being crazy busy and this weekend being non-stop, its been all good!
Looking forward to: getting the last necessities, putting the nursery together (I have to find spots for all of her new stuff!!) and 4th of July weekend (its a long weekend which means I get to relax!)  I also want to ask my doctor about Ledoux's big head and if that means her due date may be sooner than later.

Other news?  I don't think I can handle any more news!!! its been a jam packed week!  feeling very lucky today to have great family, an amazing husband, fabulous friends, and an overall good life :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Countdown: 9 weeks, 1 day to D-Day!

Far Along?  30 Weeks, 6 Days!  Officially in single digit weeks... 9 weeks, 1 day until D-Day... but less than that on my countdown since I am counting down to my last day of work before maternity leave.  I figure more list 7 weeks, 1 day!! :)

Total weight gain/loss: Whoa baby... this week at my doctor appointment I gained 5 pounds.  I wanted to DIE. however, i have been off on my overall count- the doctor said that including this visit, I am only +11.  Soooo... that makes me feel better.  But holy canoli... 5 pounds in 4 weeks is a little much.  I better pay better attention to what I am eating. 
Maternity clothes?Yep yep yep.  Dying to wear some cute maxi dresses, but they all make me look huge-like I am wearing a tent (I am having flashbacks to what Jessica Simpson looked like in hers, lol)... so I am going to stick to more form fitting clothes to avoid looking like that!  See picture below.. that is my motivation for working out and eating well while preggo!

Stretch marks?  Ugh.  I have never had one of these in my LIFE until the last couple weeks.  Please please please let them fade after Ledoux comes.  Its either that, or I will get them lasered (another reason I like California... there is a place that does that everywhere.  There is actually one right next to my neighborhood starbucks! Wow.. thats the 2nd reason I have found to like California.)  I doubt I will find any more reasons after this though.

Size of Baby (in produce)? - Head of lettuce, 3.5 lbs+ (at this point, its hard to say how much she weights because every baby is growing different)

Sleep:  still soo good.  all weekend I have slept for 10-11 hours.  and aside from the pee breaks, i am sleeping like a rock.

Best moment this week:  Finished my yard!  Flashback to last week when I said nesting was in full effect... I put the finishing touches on my yard this weekend.  I was a digging, planting, watering machine!  I have completely updated my front and back yard.. and although it may not look like much to you, trust me... its MAJOR progress from where it was 3 weeks ago!  Although, spending 2 hours planting flowers yesterday definitely wasn't as easy as it sounds, the big bump is getting in the way. 

Miss Anything?  Duh.  I just want to have my husband home with me.  Fingers and toes crossed that he is able to get back before the baby gets here... there is NOTHING worse than having to do all of this by myself.  We haven't even been able to enjoy all of this because of the circumstances, and that is one of the worst parts of all.  I hate that he isn't able to be here and be involved.  It's not right, and I will be so upset for him if he has to miss it all.  UGH.
Thank goodness for technology (when it works!)

Movement: She's been pretty active this week- my doctor told me to make sure and count her kicks twice a day... I should get to 10 in an hour.  She has been reaching 10 in 5 minutes lately lol!  And her little feet are starting to make their way under my ribs... not a good feeling.  
Food cravings: Still milk.  its insane.  I cannot get enough of it.  

New Additions? Nothing new.  Excited to see what necessities I get at the baby shower this weekend, and then after that- its time to start shopping for everything else I still need!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet:  No hiding this baby!
Gender: Girl! and we get to see her little face on Saturday before my baby shower!!

Pregnancy related gripes? Other than the ugly little stretch mark and its evil friend, nothing really.  I tried on a bunch of my cute summer dresses last night, and boy oh boy are they tight in the belly! LOL... I guess I won't be wearing one of those for the party this weekend!

Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? In (but boy is it shallow...!)
Wedding rings on or off? On (but they might have to come off in the future weeks, I have been noticing some swelling of fingers and feet lately)
Happy or Moody most of the time: Doing ok... but the closer it gets, the more I start to worry about everything.
Looking forward to:  This Saturday!  4-d ultrasound and baby que!  Wahoo!

Other news?  Its time to pick a pediatrician!  My doctor said i dont have to, but it would be a good idea to have one picked out for when doodle comes.  so... I am going to do that in the next week or two.  other than that, nothing crazy.  next week I will have lots of good stuff, I promise!!!