Friday, September 6, 2013

5 on Friday!

Its time for another installment of 5 on Friday!  Here are 5 things I am obsessed with these week!!

1.) Hello Apparel.  Hello! I am obsessed with this company.  They have the cutest clothes EVER for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults.  I bought Ledoux this Hello onesie for her new classroom (I figured who wouldn't want to love my baby when she has a onesie that says HELLO on it?!) Paired with the fact that she nows says "hello" all the time, it was perfect.  And everyone loved it! I bought my self a matching adult one, so I cannot wait to wear it with Ledoux!  And then, I bought these us another matching set.  Mine says "grown up" and hers says "baby."  Yes, I am totally that mom.  You know, the one that matches her baby.  And I couldn't care less! :)

2.) Our new Britax B-Agile stroller.  I really wanted a lighter weight, sturdy, and overall pretty looking stroller for Ledoux, and decided on this one!  Now that she no longer has an infant seat, I no longer have the need for the big, bulky infant seat/stroller combo.  It was a lifesaver her first 9 months, but since, the stroller has just become more of a burden.  It was so big and difficult to fold up that I avoided going anywhere that I would have to use it.  And then I found this! It has great reviews, it super light (less than 16 pounds) and folds up with the press of a button.  Easy breezy! The only downside is the tray and console are sold seperate, but whatever.  Its the price I pay for pretty I guess :)  I chose the teal color, but they have them in a bizillion others.  Except hot pink.  Dangit!

3.) Olde Time Gatherings on Etsy.

I LOVE this shop, and am so excited I randomly found them.  While searching for some cute and unique Halloween inspired throw pillows, I was getting pretty frustrated that everything I found was so darn expensive!  Holy canoli, $40 bucks for a little pillow?  No way, Jose!  So then I found this cute company!  Not only are their little pillows affordable ($6-10 bucks each! No joke!) but they are just spooky enough for Halloween, but not so “Halloween” that they are annoying.  Does that even make sense?  I wanted something Halloween inspired, minus the annoying pumpkin characters and cartoon monsters.  These are primitive, spooky, and totally my style.  Bonus?  They do all sorts of Holidays, not just Halloween!!  Check them out! J

4.) Sorry, I am still on a Halloween kick, but these were just too cute not to mention!  Check out these Halloween inspired spoons.  If you are having a Halloween party, or just want to have a dinner with a fun little kick, you probably need these!   These spoons are also from a shop on Etsy.  The shop has all sorts of fun silverware with words, phrases, themes, etc.  It certainly makes it a bit more fun!


5.) Its football season!  Need I say more?  I used to hate football.  Seriously, hate it.  I couldn't for the life of me understand why someone would want to spend 4 hours watching some silly game.  Fast forward to today, I am obsessed.  I love football.  I still don't get it all- like the penalties, flags, etc., but I sure do love to watch it!!  And how about my Broncos?  Yep, huge donkey fan.  Always have, always will be.  Lee and Ledoux went to the mall yesterday to buy family Bronco gear, and he did pretty good with picking out Ledoux's special outfit. I had to teach class last night, and had to miss the first game of the season, so Lee recorded it, and when I got home, we made wings, drank a beer, and watched the game.  Oh, and they killed it.  Goooooo Broncos!!!!

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy September 2nd (and Labor day!)

Finally!  September!  Today starts my favorite season ever.  Fall! I am so sorry to all of you summer lovers, but I am happy to see it go.  Perhaps it is because I live in Tucson...summer here is ridiculous.  There is nothing nice about it.  100+ degree heat, every day, really makes a girl get sick of the warm weather fast!  Even when I lived in San Diego, I didn't dig summer time (I know, you are all thinking about sand and beaches and now thinking I am totally crazy!)  Even in San Diego, the beaches were crowded in the summer, there were people everywhere for vacation, it just wasn't my scene.  I found myself completely avoiding the ocean in the summer time- mostly because I hate crowds!  I digress...

I took this as a sign that it is time for Halloween.
Our first tarantula came to visit.  Yep, it's time for Halloween!

Today I am putting up all of my fall and Halloween decorations.  I know- Halloween is still 2 months away, but there is something so fun about decorating for it! (and planning for Ledoux's costume!) The thought of fall reminds my of playing in leaf piles, cold weather, sweaters, pumpkin beer... ahhh!  So, although I live in Tucson, I am going to do my best to re-create that fall weather.  Minus the leaves. and the cold weather.  All I have is cactus.  humph.  I have taking all sorts of ideas from pinterest, and am excited to decorate! Rather than go all out, I am opting for more subtle decorations that can be Halloween, but also used for Thanksgiving and fall in general (multi purpose!) Ledoux and I will be making a trip to Homegoods later today to get more awesome decorations, but this is what we have done so far!

And with that, I am off to do some more shopping (Labor day sales!!) and enjoy this day of no working! Happy Labor day, and September 2nd!
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