Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wow, I have a toddler + weekend in review.

Already playing with makeup.  I am screwed!

Well, with a super sad face, the weekend has come to an end. *tear* And my baby?  She is no longer a baby.

Right after she told me no and waived her finger at me...

This weekend, I realized I officially have a toddler. I know, I know, she is 14 months and walking, so obviously I should have realized this before.  And I have.  But I mean I REALLY have a toddler.  She has the attitude of 16 year old, totally out of nowhere.  I said to Ledoux "grab your shoes" and what did she do?  She looked at me, looked at her shoes sitting on the floor across from her, looked back at me, and said "No, No, No" while she waived her pointer finger in the air and gave me a huge, devious, naughty little smirk. Say whaaaa? Did my sweet little baby seriously just tell me "no" and wave her little finger at me? Yes, yes she did.  And it was hilarious.  And it pissed me off.  I wanted so hard to laugh out loud.  Or scream. This happened multiple times this weekend.  Pretty much every time I said something, or asked her to do something. 

Then, I learned an important lesson.  No matter how cute babies are butt naked, running around your house, there is a reason they MUST wear a diaper. 

And letting your baby toddler play outside in the dirt with the hose?  The best/worst idea ever. She had rocks in her diaper. She had dirt in her ear and up her nose.  And it was awesome, because she loved it. (And bonus: It kept her busy for atleast 30 minutes which equals hours in mommy time.)

Other highlights?  We went and had drinks with BG and Opa this weekend, which is great because it means we have a DD. Safety first, people.  Ledoux decided she wanted to wear her sunglasses to the restaurant.  Such a diva.

Lastly, we welcomed our friends the Javelinas to our yard, also known as wild pigs.  However, they actually aren't pigs but rodents.  Weird, right?

I hope you all had a great weekend! 

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