Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yep, I am totally a mom now!

OK, ok... Obvi I know I am a mommy.  My sweet baby girl, who has decided she likes to wake up bright and early at 5 am to start her day, reminds me of that every morning. (Seriously baby, 5 am?) Ugh.  Anyway, so many things have happened this week that have really put life in perspective, and the choices I make no longer benefit me (or have much to do with me), but rather... are all about her. 

-I know I am mommy now because 6:30 am is sleeping in.  Pre baby, there is no way my butt was out of bed before 8 am... and that was early for me.  Wow, gone are those days!

-I know I am mommy because I had 2 tickets to George Strait's final concert this weekend.  Paid BIG money for them before Ledoux was born, thinking then that by the time she was 8 months old, we would feel comfortable leaving her for a full weekend.  Hell to the no.  After days of it weighing on me, I realized I wasn't ready to leave her for a full weekend.  So I sold my coveted tickets to the highest bidder, and will instead be spending my weekend buying a washer/dryer at Sears. WOW.  If that isn't the sign of life changes, I don't know what is.

-When I go to the mall, I make a bee-line to Baby Gap and Baby H&M.  I really could care less (most of the time) to even look at stuff for myself.  My impulse shopping buys are for her.  I kind of think of her as my favorite little accessory.

-Would I rather go out for a night on the town, or stay home with a glass of wine, making baby bows? Hands down, baby bows.  I take so much pride knowing my baby has the cutest bows to match every. single. outfit. I'm not kidding.  In the mornings, I actually spend 20 minutes making her a matching bow, before we leave the house.  I'm officially obsessed.  And if you saw how many bows my baby had, you would die.  Either because you would love it.  Or think I am crazy.  To each their own.

-My workouts now go something like this: Baby is sleeping.  Run as fast as I can until she wakes up.  30 minutes later, shes awake, and I am done.  No more 90 minute workouts for this girl.  If I can pencil in 30 minutes on the treadmill, its a win!

-I get anxiety if I am away from my baby for more than 6-8 hours.  Being at work is so hard, knowing that I could be at home, playing with my baby. 

-Speaking of work, it used to be my #1 priority, above all else.  I worked in the morning. in the afternoon. at night. on the weekends.  No work life balance.  Now, although important, it is not my main priority.  My baby and hubby are.  Family is forever, jobs? Not so much.  I'd rather die someday knowing I have my family, rather than a job that took me away from them. 

-I look at my dream car (the CLS550) and now think, "How the hell would a stroller fit in that? And my dipey bag? And a car seat?"  Gosh, so much for me driving that car.  It will have to be my mid-life crisis car.  If I ever have millions of dollars.  I never thought I would see the day I choose function over a car.  (Don't get it twisted, other areas of my life are still style all the way!)

-My wine if my lifeline.  Enough said about this.

-I love it when my baby poops.  Ok, let me clarify.  I don't love poop at all.  But I pay close attention to when, and what it looks like, when she does.  If your not a mom yet, you probably think this is disgusting.  Just you wait.  I am no longer afraid of any bodily fluid.  Seriously.

-And finally, I know I am a mommy because although I love to look super cute, if I have a stain on my shirt of spit up on my pants...its not that serious.  I am not going to freak out and change my clothes right away.  Let's face it, its going to happen again, multiple tines, today.  Clean clothes are a thing of the past.

I am sure I could continue this list forever, but I think you get the point.  I am a mommy.  And I love everything that word means.

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