Sunday, August 26, 2012

2 weeks!!!

Eating: No issues here- other than she is still a fan of 2 hour nursing sessions.  Lee and I are trying to break her of this habit- every night, like clockwork, she starts eating and keeps going for atleast 2 hours...and no, she isn't eating that whole time.  She just comfort sucks.  And the minute we take her off, she starts crying.  UGH!  We are trying to teach her to use her paci to comfort suck instead of me!   It makes our nights very long and frustrating, because she doesn't want to be with anyone but me, (no one else can comfort her) and it lasts forever!!!  We have started calling her our little pocastamus (the sucker fish!) What a chunk! Ledoux has gained almost a pound since a week ago according to the doctor! Hooray!  I can't tell you how happyit makes me to see her gaining weight- it means she is healthy and I am feeding her enough!  She weighs 8.2 pounds as of Friday!

Sleeping: This has been a struggle these last couple days.  She is good when we first go to bed- and we can count on her sleeping for about 3.5-4 hours in the beginning of the night.  But as soon as she wakes up for her first feeding/diaper change, it is a fight to get her back to sleep.  We are lucky to piece together another hour or two, total.  This means I have been beyond exhausted.  When Ledoux naps, I nap.  I am on her schedule- so again, if you try and text for call might take us a while to get back.  Eat-sleep-diaper change-rotation at this house!  I am ready for a few weeks from now, when I might actually wake up in the morning somewhat awake, and make it through the day without a nap.

Diapering: Totally normal here, and Lee is a diaper pro!  I haven't changed near as many as him!

Health: Jaundice is almost gone (hooray!) and weight gain continues to climb, so we are happy!  Doctor said she is doing great!  Now if we could just teach this baby to SLEEP!

Likes: Ledoux loves sleeping and napping with me- and I love to watch her when she first falls asleep and starts to wake up, the faces she makes are hillarious.  Such a little character!  She also loves her Aiden and Anais swaddle cloths- those things are ahhhhmazing.  We wrap her up like a little burrito and she is happy as a clam.  All the other swaddle cloths/blankies I have don't compare to these.  They are pricey, but so worth it. She is also a huge fan of her arms, earning her the nickname Franken-baby.  She will wake up, out of nowhere, and thrust out her arms like Frankenstein.  Its pretty funny!!

Outings: Nothing crazy this week- I have been beyond exhausted so our outings have been kept to a minimum.  We went on a walk one day in our new jogger stroller, and to the doctor's office, but thats about it (other than a few car rides with daddy!)

Visitors: Our neighbor Linda came by, as well as uncle Brandon (Lee's good friend!)  On Saturday, my friend Kelliann came to do new born pictures, and christi and maya came too! I had planned out the most ahhhmazing new born pictures that I had found on pinterest- but ledoux had other things in mind.  After 3 hours of fussing and 2 feedings, we finally had to stop- because she was not cooperating.  We got some good ones still, so I am excited to see them!! Thank you kelliann times 50000000!!!! Even though Ledoux was a pill :)

Ledoux's firsts:  We had our first bath this week!!  lee and I thought she might scream through it, and i know she had planned to throw a fit, but she was surprised that she actually liked it (I think!)  She started to fuss and then stopped- and I think she really enjoys bath time!! I love the way it makes her smell.  We also had our first walk this week, and our first photoshoot! :)

How are mommy and daddy? Lee is doing great- he gets more sleep than I do at night which must be nice!!! Since we can't bottlefeed yet, I am doodle's only source of food which means every 2 hours I need to be with her to feed her.  I cannot wait to be able to start giving her bottles sometimes so Lee can help feed her (and I can sneak away for an hour or two without rushing back to feed!) The doctor said we can slowly start introducing bottles in a week! I won't lie- I have felt like I have switched into survival mode this week.  The exhaustion is awful, but I keep telling myself this will pass soon.  Just gotta make it through these rough first weeks.  Lee is so awesome, he cleans, cooks, does errands, since he knows I can't do a whole lot.  Thank goodness for him!  He has made everything sooo much better!

Best Moment:  Seeing that she gained almost a pound!!! I get excited whenI know that she is a healthy baby!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

One week old!

Holy canoli! I can hardly believe our little Ledoux is already a week old (actually,a week and 2 days!)  Time flies!  Lee and I were talking in the car, and last week at this time we were bringing her home from the hospital- and I was TERRIFIED!

Eating: Oh boy does she have an appetite!  We got off to a slow start (she lost quite a bit of wait after bringing her home) but she has quickly caught up. She weighed 7 pounds 1.5 ounces last week, and then this week she weighed 7.3 and then most recently 7.7!  Last night, we had a marathon nursing session that lasted 2 hours...not joking. She couldn't stop!  I read online that some babies are what they call 'lazy eaters' and like to comfort suck... pretty sure  Ledoux is both of these things.  She takes her time eating, and likes to stay on extra long because it is comforting to her.  Whatever, as long as she eats thats all that matters!  I cannot wait to start pumping so that Lee and can help and feed her- it will be sooo much easier on me! 

Sleeping: This was rough in the beginning!  We were getting about 2 hours in between feedings and diaper changes.  After 3-4 nights of exhaustion, we finally decided to try something else and let her sleep with us.  That night, she slept 6 hours!!  And has slept consistently in 4+ hour stretches since!  She loves sleeping with us or on us!

Diapering: No issues here! Lee is a pro at diapers!  We have fallen victim this week (multiple times) to what we call projectile poo poo.  I won't go into detail, it's exactly what it sounds like!

Health: So much better!  She had some jaundice and we had 2 doctor appointments this week to check it, but it has cleared up.  Our pediatrician gets worried about jaundice so she was being extra cautious, but doodles billarubin levels are down so no worries! She also has had a consistent weight gain- and the doctor says she is doing "gangbuster"... whatever that means (it is a good thing!)

Likes: Ledoux loves being cuddled!  She also loves to be swaddled really tight- the tighter, the better.  Its so funny, she eats better, sleeps better, everything... if she is swaddled tight.  She also really likes to eat- she is serious about her food and makes the funniest grunting sounds.  She is also a big fan of her carseat and being pushed around in her stroller.  This week, she has also been busy learning how to use her arms and fingers- she she grabs, grips, and flails her arms at everything!  She has some super long fingers!

Outings:  We have been busy!  We went to the mall on her 1 week birthday, which presented a whole new set of challenges for lee and i.  We never stopped to wonder how you get a stroller from level one of the mall to level 2... and after pondering how we would get it on the escalator, we realized all the strollers use the one and only elevator in the mall... note to self: do not go to malls with more than one level.  What a pain!  We also went a barbeque/pool party on Saturday, and to best buy this morning.  Lee and I time our outings with her feedings- we feed her, and then leave which gives us a good 2 hour window to do stuff before she gets fussy or hungry again! 
Visitors: Auntie Katie came to visit from Phoenix!!! and she made Ledoux the CUTEST sign for her room!!!!  Uncle Van also came to visit (twice),although I am pretty sure the visit was more to hang out with Lee :)

Best Moment:  Watching her sleep!  Lee and I laugh out loud watching her facial expressions- they are too much!  She has the biggest stinking dimples and she smiles all the time when she sleeps!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

She's here!

The details? Ledoux was born on August 10th, 2012 at 6:02 pm!  Weighing in at 8 pounds exactly, she is cute as a button! I was induced the night of the 9th and started having contractions (thanks to a little help from modern medicine) around 6:30 pm.  Doodle was born 24 hours later.  It was a rough start, since they couldn't find my vein- and after 5 attempts, the pain doctor finally got a vain.  These were my arms:

Me in the hospital- let's get this over with!!

Total weight gain/loss: The total weight gain was 19 pounds when I was induced- and I am happy to report that after 4 days, I only have 5 pounds or so left on me from where I started pre-Ledoux.  I anticipate being back down to pre-preggo size by the weekend! (although everything looks a little diffrent!) :)

Size of Baby today? Doodle is 7 pounds, 3 ounces.  They say they actually lose weight after they are born until the milk supply comes in- so we aren't worried about it.  I am ready for her to start gaining and getting chubby!

Sleep:  What the hell is sleep?  This baby stuff is no joke! Lee and I thrilled when we get 4 hours, all together!  We have a little routine down so that we can both get some sleep- which is working well so far. 

Best moment this week:  Gosh- how do I even answer this question anymore?  I have to say, although the experience at the hospital was far from stress and pain free, I feel so lucky to have had such a great team of doctors and nurses helping me!  Everyone knew who Lee and I were when we checked in, and they briefed them all as to our situation (with my rods and lack of pain meds being available...)  They all put there heads together and were able to offer me an ahhhmazing drug I have named 'remi' (remifentanil) that is controlled by a button- and I was able to press it every 6 minutes for immediate pain control.  It is not something used in Labor and Delivery, but when I researched it on the internet, it is something used in Europe often for labor.  I was able to get up, walk around, use the yoga ball and do whatever I needed to do to relieve the pain.  It by no means took the pain away, but it did put me in a fabulous state of euphoria and took the edge off the contractions to make them bearable.  The best part of the drug is that it doesnt pass to the baby, and only lasts in my system for 2-3 minutes (hence the reason I can push it so frequently.)  Lee was my button pusher, and he did amazing! I quickly learned not to fight the contractions, and rather just succumb to them and let it happen- and breath through them.  After Ledoux came, I have never felt so strong!!  I still can't believe that I made it through, but am so happy to say I did it without complete pain meds.  Thanks to my team (my OB, my nurse, and the 3 anestisiologists who worked together (and one even came in on his day off to help me), it was a great experience! I actually wrote all of them thank you cards, and setd lee to buy each of them a really nice bottle of wine that we gave them when we left the hospital on Sunday.

How is the week going? ALOT of learning going on.  The first night Ledoux had a crying fit, I had no clue what to do!  Now, we are getting to know her better and are learning how to recognize her needs.  I don't love the late nights and little sleep, but it is par for the course.  Lee and I nap when Ledoux if any of you call or text and don't hear back, its because our schedule is her schedule and we are probably sleeping!

Love this picture from the girls at work when I was in the hospital, thanks for the encouragement!!!!

Eating habits: Doodle took to feeding from the minute she was placed on my chest- and hasn't stopped!  She has her moments where she doesn't latch or seems un-interested, but I have to remind myself this is only day 4!  I get so worried to easy- thank god i have lee to make me less of a worry wart!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy for sure- and looking at her make all of her random faces makes us laugh!  She has her best ones when she sleeps!  Lee is now called the baby whisperer, when Ledoux starts crying she wants nothing to do with me, but Lee can calm her in 2 seconds.  She loves her daddy!

Looking forward to: our first outing (other than the doctor) this weekend to a work party!  We are going to go (as long as doodle cooperates) to debut her to everyone from work!  We are also excited to see auntie katie on thursday!  She is coming out from arizona to see us!

Other news?  gosh, i am sure!  but i right now, everything is a fog!  I am going to continue blogging each week with ledoux's progress and milestones :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My last official post as a preggo!

Far Along? Too far.  Almost to the END!!!! Her birthday will be this week!!! (whether she likes it or not!)

Total weight gain/loss: These past couple of weeks are killing me- the doctor said Ledoux is probably gaining about a pound a week at this point, which means so am I.  I think my total weight gain will end up around 16-17 pounds total.

Maternity clothes? The same 3 or 4 pieces of clothes are on constant rotation: black yoga capris, and three diffrent tank tops.  that is it!

Stretch marks? Nothing new

Size of Baby (in produce)? a large, heavy watermelon.  Lee and I have a bet on how much she will weigh (as well as height, hair color, etc.) 

Sleep:  Sleeping so good still! no complaints other than the pee breaks, which are now more like every 45 minutues.

Best moment this week:  The doctor said we are making some progress, 2 cm this week...which isnt alot, but since I had zero signs the week before, I will take it.  I have also had some pains and have a feeling we are getting close...

Miss Anything?  lee and i actually went to this little brewhouse by our casa and I had an NA beer... I am sure people thought I was really drinking, and at this point, I could care less what they think! I am in the homestretch.  I also sat in my front lawn all afternoon yesterday, in a chair, soaking up the sun with my little na beer.  Lee and I just sat out there and talked to some friends that came by to visit.  I cannot wait to do that with a real beer! :) 

Movement: Yes- lots of squirms.  Although she has settled down in there alot yesterday and today.  Some people say she is preparing to make her arrival if she starts slowing down...lets hope those people are right. 

Food cravings: I lovs fro-yo, although, i dont think this is a preggo craving, rather it is a craving I am giving into more because i am preggo :) 

New Additions? Lee and i were busy busy busy!  We FINALLY got a crib! (i know, i know, we waited long enough...) we found a gorgeous, rather expensive, high quality crib on craigslist and it is perfect.  Lee and I fell in love with it when we saw it.  Of course, Ledoux must have the best, so lee and i got her the best and cutest bedding at pottery barn.  It looks ahhhhmazing in her room.  Lee really loved the pottery barn chair (below), but we might have to put that $1200 purchase on hold for a while... although i am certain there isnt a more comfortable chair in the world.  Hmm...

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Have you started to show yet:  dumbo question at this point.  No pun intended with the dumbo remark, I don't want to be compared to a big elephant. :)

Gender: Still a lady!

Pregnancy related gripes? Just peeing. and i am officially rocking the preggo waddle.

Labor Signs: pains, a couple yesterday startled me because they really hurt.  not sure what it was, but i can feel things moving and grooving in there that aren't baby.

Belly Button in or out? almost all the way out.

Wedding rings on or off? ON!!

This picture is what i call #PGP: Pregnant girl problems.  Yep, I can officially not bend over far enough to put on my shoes.  I love my husband... :)

Happy or Moody most of the time: you'd think with it being my first week off of work, it would have been relaxing, but not at all.  What an emotional trying week this week- i found out there is a GOOD chance i will not be able to have an epidural or spinal..thanks to my back surgery and rods in my spine... which means my only option for having the bebe is with the use of IV drugs- which aren't all that effective (they just take the edge off) and cannot be given right before you deliver because of effects on the baby... effing fabulous.  No drugs... i cannot tell you how stressed I am about this.  I am NOT going to try and have this baby without pain killers.  I have a doc appointment on Tuesday to do another progress check, and afterwards, Lee and I are going to the hospital to talk with the pain doc about my options.  I am also working to get my medical records from the hospital in Salt Lake to have all the information they will need... but i have a scary feeling i won't be able to get them in time. so scary to think that am being induced thursday and will not have an epidural.  I have seriously been crying everyday this week I am so worried! 

Looking forward to: our doc appointment on tuesday, and meeting with the pain doc after.  I am praying for good news that they good do an epidural.  And of course, on Tuesday, we find out what time we check into the hospital on thursday to have doodle bug--- it will either be in the morning or the evening on Thursday (if she doesnt arrive on her own first!)  Eeeeeek!  Next week at this time, lee and I will have her with us!

Other news?  Lee and Olivia say hello :)  Lee and I have just been busy cleaning preparing for her arrival. I joke with Lee, but he is def. nesting- he is organizing, cleaning, busy putting things away... its cute!