Sunday, August 26, 2012

2 weeks!!!

Eating: No issues here- other than she is still a fan of 2 hour nursing sessions.  Lee and I are trying to break her of this habit- every night, like clockwork, she starts eating and keeps going for atleast 2 hours...and no, she isn't eating that whole time.  She just comfort sucks.  And the minute we take her off, she starts crying.  UGH!  We are trying to teach her to use her paci to comfort suck instead of me!   It makes our nights very long and frustrating, because she doesn't want to be with anyone but me, (no one else can comfort her) and it lasts forever!!!  We have started calling her our little pocastamus (the sucker fish!) What a chunk! Ledoux has gained almost a pound since a week ago according to the doctor! Hooray!  I can't tell you how happyit makes me to see her gaining weight- it means she is healthy and I am feeding her enough!  She weighs 8.2 pounds as of Friday!

Sleeping: This has been a struggle these last couple days.  She is good when we first go to bed- and we can count on her sleeping for about 3.5-4 hours in the beginning of the night.  But as soon as she wakes up for her first feeding/diaper change, it is a fight to get her back to sleep.  We are lucky to piece together another hour or two, total.  This means I have been beyond exhausted.  When Ledoux naps, I nap.  I am on her schedule- so again, if you try and text for call might take us a while to get back.  Eat-sleep-diaper change-rotation at this house!  I am ready for a few weeks from now, when I might actually wake up in the morning somewhat awake, and make it through the day without a nap.

Diapering: Totally normal here, and Lee is a diaper pro!  I haven't changed near as many as him!

Health: Jaundice is almost gone (hooray!) and weight gain continues to climb, so we are happy!  Doctor said she is doing great!  Now if we could just teach this baby to SLEEP!

Likes: Ledoux loves sleeping and napping with me- and I love to watch her when she first falls asleep and starts to wake up, the faces she makes are hillarious.  Such a little character!  She also loves her Aiden and Anais swaddle cloths- those things are ahhhhmazing.  We wrap her up like a little burrito and she is happy as a clam.  All the other swaddle cloths/blankies I have don't compare to these.  They are pricey, but so worth it. She is also a huge fan of her arms, earning her the nickname Franken-baby.  She will wake up, out of nowhere, and thrust out her arms like Frankenstein.  Its pretty funny!!

Outings: Nothing crazy this week- I have been beyond exhausted so our outings have been kept to a minimum.  We went on a walk one day in our new jogger stroller, and to the doctor's office, but thats about it (other than a few car rides with daddy!)

Visitors: Our neighbor Linda came by, as well as uncle Brandon (Lee's good friend!)  On Saturday, my friend Kelliann came to do new born pictures, and christi and maya came too! I had planned out the most ahhhmazing new born pictures that I had found on pinterest- but ledoux had other things in mind.  After 3 hours of fussing and 2 feedings, we finally had to stop- because she was not cooperating.  We got some good ones still, so I am excited to see them!! Thank you kelliann times 50000000!!!! Even though Ledoux was a pill :)

Ledoux's firsts:  We had our first bath this week!!  lee and I thought she might scream through it, and i know she had planned to throw a fit, but she was surprised that she actually liked it (I think!)  She started to fuss and then stopped- and I think she really enjoys bath time!! I love the way it makes her smell.  We also had our first walk this week, and our first photoshoot! :)

How are mommy and daddy? Lee is doing great- he gets more sleep than I do at night which must be nice!!! Since we can't bottlefeed yet, I am doodle's only source of food which means every 2 hours I need to be with her to feed her.  I cannot wait to be able to start giving her bottles sometimes so Lee can help feed her (and I can sneak away for an hour or two without rushing back to feed!) The doctor said we can slowly start introducing bottles in a week! I won't lie- I have felt like I have switched into survival mode this week.  The exhaustion is awful, but I keep telling myself this will pass soon.  Just gotta make it through these rough first weeks.  Lee is so awesome, he cleans, cooks, does errands, since he knows I can't do a whole lot.  Thank goodness for him!  He has made everything sooo much better!

Best Moment:  Seeing that she gained almost a pound!!! I get excited whenI know that she is a healthy baby!