Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week 3!!!!


Eating: No problemos! Nursing is still going well, and this week we were FINALLY able to introduce a bottle!  I have been pumping everyday so I have a nice little stock pile of milk in the freezer, and she took her bottle like a pro!  in fact, she took two bottles!  little piggy  :)  Nonipple confusion at all- I have Lee give her the bottles so that she doesn't get confused by me.  She also has replaced her nightly 2+hour nursing sessions with nightime naps... Not sure which is worse.  Now, although she isn't nursing al night, she is awake all night.  LOL... I just can't catch a break!!

Sleeping: As mentioned above, she now takes a nap from about 5:30-8, everynight, like clockwork.  At first, lee and I were thrilled because we were able to eat dinner together and relax...however now we are 4 nights into this new trend, and we are getting less sleep at night than before.  Soooo....I am going to nip this nightime nap business in the bud tonight.  I have a hunch (and a hope!) that this will get her to start sleeping a little longer at night.  I have been getting about 2.5 hours in a row, wake up and feed/diaper change, and another 2 hours or so.  All together I am getting my 6-8 hours, but it is in 2 hour spurts which is leaving me feeling less than energized.  Hopefully this coming week will be better! mama needs some sleep!!!!!

Diapering: No issues here!  Why do I have this category?  Who cares about this? Gross!

Health: She is happy as a clam and healthy!  Growing like a weed (especially her little belly... that is less than little these days!) She is starting to get her baby fat on her arms and legs, which is so stinking cute!!! and some back fat!! Which i think is soooo cute!!!

Likes: She still loves her swaddle clothes and being swaddled all tight, and her bathtime! She also loves to be held, which is fine with me because I love to hold her!!! I hate having to put her down or not have her with me.

Outings: I have been getting brave!! Ledoux and I have been taking morning visits to starbucks after she has her first morning feeding, which happens to be just enough time to get out, and get back before its time to change her diaper and eat again.  We also went to the mall (gasp!) by ourselves this week..and although it was only for 45 minutes, I was pretty proud of myself for attempting it!  It is so hot out, and the mall is outdoors, that I feel bad taking her out longer than that.

Visitors: Lee's parents and brother Jon came in for a visit for the long holiday weekend and brought her lots of new presents!!  She is so spoiled! 

Ledoux's firsts: We went to our first movie...we brought her to the drive in movie (so that I could nurse her and if she cried it was no biggie) but she slept through the whole thing anyway!  We also got her birth annoucements in the mail this week, so excited to get them sent out!

How are mommy and daddy? every week that goes by gets better and better... we are getting to know her likes/dislikes/habits and are generally just getting used to our new life!  I was even able to start working out again this week, which makes me very happy!  I started to couch to 5k program- which is a running program that I can do on my treadmill at home while she naps in the afternoon.  Hooray!  I also have offiially lost the baby weight, plus 3.5 pounds.  Hooray!  We also were able to sneak away for 2 hours for a mini-date last night while Lee's parents watched Doodle-we were able to feed her and then she fell asleep while we were gone.  We also went on a quick motorcycle ride!  Now, if we could get some sleeping in, I would be one happy girl!

I love her new shirt that the Estes family sent her!  Thank you!!! :)
Best Moment:  Everything!!  I am officially enjoying parenthood now that I am less overwhelmed by it all! :)