Friday, December 28, 2012

Ledoux's First Christmas!

Well, our first Holiday season has come and gone (tear!) but it was a great first Christmas for our little Ledoux!

In true Lee and Becca fashion, we waited until the last minute to go see Santa, so off we went the Saturday before Christmas.  It tooke us forever to get there, and then find a parking spot...but we had to get Ledoux's first picture with Santa! She got to meet Santa Clause for the first time (but really could have cared less!) and here is the proof:

Since I found out I was preggo I have been thinking about what our special family Christmas traditions would be... and our first is matching pajammies!  I am addicted to baby pjs, and I am so excited that we all had matching pjs on Christmas eve/Christmas day.  We wore them for most of the day! (See the first pic on the top!) Ledoux did have a couple of wardrobe changes, as I couldn't decide on just one special Christmas outfit. Should we do dressy? Or casual? Or both?  Gosh, decesions decesions! Luckily, its normal for us to go through 2 or 3 different outfits a day thanks to spit up and poo- so I was able to justify multiple outfits!  Here are some:

Our Christmas was overall very relaxing, we woke up and opened Ledoux's stocking (Santa came!) and the went to my parents to open presents. Ledoux is spoiled by both sides of our families- luckly little lady!  From baby pajammies and clothes to toys and everything in between, this little baby made out!  She (we) also got a Baby Brezza so Lee and I can make her baby food!  We are sooo excited to start cooking up some new baby foods!!  I will let you know how this goes, and what foods she likes, as soon as we get started!  For now, it is still rice cereal though.  Lee and I were most excited about our Christmas present from ledoux- she rolled over for the first time!!!! WAHOO!

Enjoy a couple more pics of our little elf, and I will be back soon to blog about Ledoux's milestones for month 4 (and entering month 5!!!) EEK!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

4 Months!

 Ahh!  How is it possible that my sweet little baby is already a third of a year old!?  Time is going so fast!  Its just a blur!  She changes sooo much everyday! I swear there are mornings when I wake up, and wonder "who is this baby?!"  Her little face just keeps changing and filling out.  It is also pretty fun to watch her learn and discover new things...ahh I just love it!

Sleeping: This last month, we hit a bit of a rough patch here.  My super sleeping baby went to waking up multiple times through out the night- in perfect timing with me going back to work. (thanks Ledoux!) This has resulted in me being in a perma-fog!  Luckily, we started feeding her more before bedtime (6 oz instead of 4) and have established a solid night time routine (bath-pajamas-story time- eat- go to bed!) at 7pm on the dot every night, and its working!  Lee and I didn't set her bed time for her, we just took her cues.  She would get super fussy (I call it flipping the little baby bitch switch) around 6:45 because she was tired, and we just started her bedtime routine at that time.  She is out like a rock everynight by 7:30 pm.  I must note, one of the most AHHHMAZING inventions is the baby noise machine/projector in one.  I turn this little puppy on after putting her down, and she just stares at the ceiling watching the projector and I swear it puts her to sleep. (Her little eyes get heavy from watching in go in circles.) You need one if you have a little bebe.  Ours is the Munchkin Nursery Projector Sound Box- and I got it on Amazon for $25. You can choose it to play lullabies, Mozart, rain/ocean, white noise, etc.  Its great.  This night time routine is great for Lee and I, because we are able to eat dinner, watch a movie, and relax for a few hours minus baby.  She will usually wake up once, around 2 am, and we feed her and put her back down.  We are making progress!  Now if I could just find a way to make this crazy little baby take naps during the day...hmm....

First night in her crib!! Wahoo! Excuse the ugly sleep sack (new ones under the tree for Xmas!) and the mismatched bed sheet!

Eating:  Well, my breast feeding days are near over.  Once I went back to work, these puppies dried up.  I was pretty upset about this for a while (I had a full on crying attack, convinced my baby didnt love me anymore because I couldn't feed her from the boob) and then I realized I was being crazy!  My baby is happy, healthy, and I breastfed as long as I could... now I am providing for her in another way: bringing home the bacon! I am still pumping at work once a day, so she has one bottle of breast milk, and taking fengugreek (I think that is how it is spelled) to try and keep my supply up so I can keep pumping.  Something is better than nothing.  We also got the go ahead from the doctor to start playing with foods!!  I am sooo excited!  It gives me a new thing to start obsessing over: baby bibs!  Add that to my never ending pile of baby pjs and tights, wahhooo! I am on babygap as we speak trying to find baby bibs (they don't have much...) but as soon as I find a cute place that sells super FAB baby bibs, I will share!  Last night, we gave her the first taste of baby oatmeal, and she LOVED IT! She could not get enough of it!  Here are some fun pics!

                                                         Give me MOOOORRREEEE!!!

Health: Ledoux still has a bit of a cold- she hasn't been able to shake it.  The doctor said no worries, its a dry cough.  I just hate it!  She also has a runny nose, but I attribute this to teething rather than a cold.  She is a little baby (and here I thought she was a total piggy!) weighing in at 13 lbs, 14 ozs at her 4 month check up.  This is only the 28 percentile.  Her head is 48%, and height is 54%. Regardless, the doctor said she is doing just fine.  She was also really suprised when she walked in and saw Ledoux rolling around playing with her toes- she said that is usually a 6 month thing.  Its so funny how excited I get when she tells me Ledoux is ahead in something... I am a proud mommy, even if it is only because she plays with her toes!
                                                                 Just chillin' on the couch

Likes: Ledoux has officially started PLAYING!  I know this sounds crazy to you, but I really thought little babies popped out and played from day one.  But newsflash people, they don't! They don't do a thing those first couple months!  Well, that has changed!  Ledoux has her hands in and on everything possible.  She loves her Lamaze Parrot, her Hungry Caterpillar cloth book (that has different textures), her activity gym, and her walker/stander. Most of all though, she LOVES staring at herself in her mirror! (She's soooo vain...!) She loves when we sing to her- it gets HUGE smiles from her everytime, and she loves to go in her Baby Bjorn.  She is so curious, and wants to see everything that is going, all the time.  She also LOVES bath time and taking showers with me, and shopping.  Ok...she is going to like shopping, I am grooming her early.  Lastly, she loves it when we lay her on her back, and talk to her.  Lee swears he can see her little mind going- and she is trying to talk to him but can't quite form the words.  She will sit there for a good 20+ minutes 'talking' to Lee, and he talks back, and they have quite the conversation.  Something tells me next year at this time, she won't STOP talking.  Gggggreat.
Whats up? Just playing in my stander!
She is 'yelling' at her Parrot here
Baby-Beer-Bjorn.  Winning Combo.
And here we are shopping. Shocking.

Dislikes: She hates being in her carseat.  She hates taking naps during the day (this child DOES NOT sleep during the day!) and she doesn't like being restrained in anything. She doesn't like to go more than 30 seconds with a dirty dipey, and will scream bloddy murder at the first onset of hunger.  She will scream and scream and scream until she gets her food.  She hates me getting the boogies  out of her nose, (but I just love digging those darn things out!) and has recently developed a fear of old men... so odd.  This nice old man came to talk to her at the store the other day, and you would have thought she was dying the way she screamed.  Such a drama queen. 

Firsts: She had her first laughs!!! And oh my goodness it was so cute!  It made me laugh and then she laughed again... and on and on.  And she slept in her crib for the first time (and has been sleeping in it since!) She also went for her first bike ride this past weekend, we bought her a baby bike trailer and she cruised along with us! (bicycle...not Harley.  Yet.)  We  had her first thanksgiving, her first christmas tree, and of course- her first bite of baby food!
Oh hey! Just relaxin' in my Santa pajammies

Bike ride with mom and dad!

 How are mommy and daddy? We are doing good!  We have officially started the hunt to buy a house- so excited!  Tucson is a gorgeous city, with the most amazing views, and we are excited to buy a house out in the rural part that has the views of the mountains.  Of course we have our want list... Lee needs a pool and a huge garage, and I want hardwood or tile floors... but I think we are going to find something great! We are def looking outside of the main city so that we can have a dirt road and be without neighbors on all sides.  Ugh! I cannot stand having people being able to look into our yard/house because they are so close.  We are in a townhome right now and its just wayyy to crampped.  Can't wait to FINALLY buy a home!  I have so many ideas for decorating, starting with a chalkboard wall!  Wahoooo!  My Pinterest is filling up with ideas for home decorating! 

We are looking forward to Ledoux's first Christmas and starting traditions with her.  Our first tradition as a family is matching Christmas pajamas- words cannot express my excitement here.  I will share pictures once our pjs get in!  I am trying to talk Lee into wearing our matching Pjs all day on Christmas... 

The culture here in Tucson is sooo different than San Diego: so much more laid back, slow paced... and we really like that. The 0nly thing we don't like are all of the OLD drivers that go 20 mph through town.  Tucson does not use interstates to get around (hardly at all, anyway) so regardless of where you need to go, you pretty much have to drive through town.  It might say Target is only 2 miles away- but don't be fooled...It can take 30 minutes to go those 2 miles.  It is a lesson in patience for us.

 Now that we have been here for a month, we are finally feeling settled. Took long enough!!!  We are enjoying exploring Arizona on the motorcycle- we haven't been able to ride as much as we want, but are looking forward to doing more of it in the future.  In true Lee and Becca style, we have found a couple dive bars we really like in our 'hood, and are on the search for some new friends to hang out with out here!  We really hope to get some visitors SOON! Can't wait to share more pics and stories from ledoux's first Holiday, presents, and life in general--- so stay tuned! :) 
Our riding the Harley! Wahoo! And check out Lee's beard... HOT!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Merry Christmas Pictures!

So after our successful Halloween baby-in-a-pumpkin photo shoot that Lee and I did (well, Lee did it, I drank pumpkin beer...) we decided heck!  We can do this again!  So, here is a sneak peek of our Merry Christmas pictures!  All the ideas (and how to do it) I found on pinterest-- if you go to my pinterest, (  you can see the tutorials under 'baby pictures'  It is so fun to play photographer!  We designed our Christmas cards last keep your eyes peeled for those little gems to arrive in mailboxes soon!  Until then, Merry Christmas Happy HolidaYS (from one of my fave Christmas songs by N Sync!) And yes, I said N Sync.  Don't judge me.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy 5 years babe!

Well, today is our 5th wedding anniversary!  Holy cannoli time flies!  I cannot believe we have been married 5 years!  When we first got married, we always joked that if we could make it 5 years, we could make it forever.  I guess forever it is, and I couldn't ask for a better husband and best friend!  Here are some fun pics-From Japan to San Diego, Costa Rica to Arizona...Here is a toast to another 5 years lifetime together!