Friday, December 28, 2012

Ledoux's First Christmas!

Well, our first Holiday season has come and gone (tear!) but it was a great first Christmas for our little Ledoux!

In true Lee and Becca fashion, we waited until the last minute to go see Santa, so off we went the Saturday before Christmas.  It tooke us forever to get there, and then find a parking spot...but we had to get Ledoux's first picture with Santa! She got to meet Santa Clause for the first time (but really could have cared less!) and here is the proof:

Since I found out I was preggo I have been thinking about what our special family Christmas traditions would be... and our first is matching pajammies!  I am addicted to baby pjs, and I am so excited that we all had matching pjs on Christmas eve/Christmas day.  We wore them for most of the day! (See the first pic on the top!) Ledoux did have a couple of wardrobe changes, as I couldn't decide on just one special Christmas outfit. Should we do dressy? Or casual? Or both?  Gosh, decesions decesions! Luckily, its normal for us to go through 2 or 3 different outfits a day thanks to spit up and poo- so I was able to justify multiple outfits!  Here are some:

Our Christmas was overall very relaxing, we woke up and opened Ledoux's stocking (Santa came!) and the went to my parents to open presents. Ledoux is spoiled by both sides of our families- luckly little lady!  From baby pajammies and clothes to toys and everything in between, this little baby made out!  She (we) also got a Baby Brezza so Lee and I can make her baby food!  We are sooo excited to start cooking up some new baby foods!!  I will let you know how this goes, and what foods she likes, as soon as we get started!  For now, it is still rice cereal though.  Lee and I were most excited about our Christmas present from ledoux- she rolled over for the first time!!!! WAHOO!

Enjoy a couple more pics of our little elf, and I will be back soon to blog about Ledoux's milestones for month 4 (and entering month 5!!!) EEK!