Thursday, July 25, 2013

1st Birthday Inspiration Board

Well, it's the final stretch until Ledoux's very first birthday.  So hard to believe that last year at this time, Lee had just returned from Afghanistan, and we had NO clue how much our lives would be changing.  Whoa!

I am a bit behind in the party planning department (in fact I still have invitations that need to be sent out!) but thanks to my beloved Pinterest, I have crafted my Ledoux's perfect party!  I introduce you to the inspiration behind Ledoux's first birthday: Pink and Gold.  In all its bold, over the top, gaudiness. And I cannot be more excited.  

Her cake smash outfit is all from Etsy! 
Tutu here
Crown here
One onesie here

Garland is from here and here

And who wouldn't love a cotton candy party favor?  Are you serious?  Awesome.  Found here.

Perhaps my most favorite party purchase thus far is this print.  It will not only be in her photos, but also displayed as guests arrive.  What a perfect and awesome keep sake to capture her first year!  I was able to add everything she loves, into one awesome print!

Of course, I have been in present buying mode as well!  These are the gifts Lee and I have decided on:

The book is from here  I plan to have all our guests write a little something in it, and keep it for her for years to come!  I love that it is personalized with her name and birthday throughout the book!
The Teepee is from here.  I admit, the teepee might be a little more of my obsession.  I have been wanting to buy her a teepee for months.
The lunch box is from here.  Now that Ledoux is a big girl, she brings her lunch to school, and naturally needs a pretty lunch box!

I cannot wait to share pictures of the actual day- but since we have 2 weeks left still, its time to keep shopping and planning!  I am thinking of gold spray painting everything.  Too much?

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