Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday randomness...

So, how about some randomness for this Tuesday? (Is that even a word?!)

1.)     How is almost September?  Are you serious?  It seems like just yesterday I was moving to Tucson (which happens to be almost a YEAR ago…whhhaaaaa?)  In that year, I really can honestly say  I am still searching for ways to make Tucson feel like home. I have come to the realization that that feeling cannot be forced. My idea of home includes snow, pine trees, mountains, and a small, close knit town for Ledoux to grow up in. That being said, Lee and I made the right decision in moving here to Tucson, without a doubt.  Having family close by to help with Ledoux, while Lee transitioned from the Military to civilian world was critical, and allowed him the opportunity to start building his civilian career. We also  knew this wasn’t going to be our ‘forever’ home.  So where is our forever going to be?  We don’t know.  There are lots of places we have in our heads that we want to end up… Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, even some parts of Texas seem great.  Anyone have any suggestions of great places to raise a family?  I am all ears!  It is days like today that have me day dreaming of our next adventure…and where we will finally settle.


2.)    Taking a total 180, I made a discovery today.  An amazing one. Perhaps I am TOTALLY behind on this, but H&M now has online shopping.  No joke, I have been waiting for this day for 2 years.  Yes. 2 years.  They have the cutest stuff, at the best prices.  Bonus?  They have adorable children’s clothes!  I got Ledoux some cute stuff, and the children’s purchases are all 20% right now.  I am a sucker for a sale!  Just go here and shop to your hearts delight.  PS: How much do you love the rain boots?  And a baby blazer?  I just died. Seriously.  Can you picture a babe splashing in the rain with those?  Hell, we hardly even get rain…but my baby will be rocking those rain boots year round.

I hope everyone’s week is off to a most fabulous start, and don’t forget…3 day weekend this weekend! WAHOOO! (If I can survive til Friday!) :)

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ledoux is 1 year old!

Oh my goodness!  My sweet baby doll is one year old... people always told me that time flies when you have children, and I also rolled my eyes and thought they were so dramatic.  Newsflash: they were right.  Seriously, this has been the fastest moving year of my life.  It seems like just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant, it seems like yesterday we were at the hospital, it seems like yesterday I was giving Ledoux her very first bath.  **tear!**

All that being said, I am having more fun than ever with her!  I wasn't much for the newborn stage, but I sure LOVE her being a toddler.  She is walking everywhere, finding her independence (she didn't have to look far, this baby is a spit fire!) and learning and connecting more each day.  She makes me laugh out loud, she's my favorite shopping buddy, and fills my (and Lee's) life with meaning and joy.

Ok, all the sappiness aside, I wanted to share a couple pictures from her very first birthday bash!  If you follow us in Instagram (rabel1984) then you may have seen a couple of these. Her birthday was so special, her Texas family drove out to celebrate her special day, and it couldn't have been more perfect!

We started with putting pink balloons in her crib when she woke up, to greet her on her special day! (Of course I had to put her crown on her the minute she woke up!)

From there, we had fun playing, spending time with family, taking lots of pictures, and decorating for her birthday party!

Lee's friends drove out from California, and with our Texas family, my family, and all of Ledoux's teachers, it was the perfect party!

Lee and I were going to have a cake made, but opted at the last minute to make it ourselves (below!) For someone like me, who struggles to bake anything, I am pretty happy with how it turned out!  Ledoux wasn't quite sure about it at first, but after a couple hesitant tastes, she dug right it.  The sugar high also prompted my baby to stay up until 2:30 in the morning... needless to say, she hasn't had cake or frosting since!

Here are a couple pictures of the decorations, which I am also pretty happy with!  I had mini instagram prints done and they arrived just in time- so I hung them on twine along the wall so everyone could see all of the pictures of Ledoux in the last year.  I also had a book personalized, and had everyone write in it that came to her party.

And last but not least, some family pictures that were snapped!

Lastly, if you have a little babydoll of your own- all of Ledoux's clothes are for sale on Ebay: beccasands84.  Super cute baby gap, h&M, TOMS, baby ralph lauren, and more! Take a peek! http://myworld.ebay.com/beccasands84
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Friday, August 9, 2013

5 on Friday!

Here we go, another helping 5 on Friday!  I am linking up again with Natasha at Hello Happiness to bring to you (drum roll please...) my fave things this week!   I just love reading everyone's 5 on Friday favorites, and here are mine!

1.) Beer Geeks the TV Show: Because I am on it!  Hollllllaaaaa! So about 6 months ago, Lee and I went back to San Diego to visit, and went to one of our favorite little local breweries, Lost Abbey/Port Brewing.  Little did we know, they were filming a tv show there that night!  The show is called Beer Geeks- a food network type show that travels the country looking for the best, small breweries, and takes an inside look at how they make their beer.  Well, that night everyone who was there got free beer, and in return, shot scenes for the show!  My girlfriends and I got to shoot a bunch of different scenes, and I am so excited that it is finally going to be on TV!  Check out the clip, and keep an eye for the episode to air the first week of September!

2.) Peach Sangria.  Need I say more? In searching for the perfect recipe for Sangria for Ledoux's first birthday tomorrow, I found this recipe and its ahhhh-mazing.  Perfect for these warm AZ days! And it is ridiculously easy to make:
-one bottle white wine
-one cup peach schnapps
-one cup pineapple juice
-one large peach, sliced
-one cup strawberries, sliced

3.) DIY little girl (or boy) tent.  I found this on pinterest, and I couldn't believe I almost paid $200 for the exact same thing at Pottery Barn Kids.  I have loving the idea of putting a little tent/drape in Ledoux's room, but just couldn't get over the price tag.  And then, it hit me... I can DIM (do it myself!)  All it is: a hula hoop ($2), 2 long sheer drapes from Target ($15), and some string to hang it to the wall (I used a 3m sticker hook and hung it to the ceiling).  Easy peezy!  I added some twinkle lights, and it looks awesome in Doo's room.

4.) Teaching!  I am officially an Adjunct professor here at the local community college!  It is so much fun teaching a class.  I am teaching an intro to the Early Childhood profession, and it is so awesome to be able to teach a class of 15 students what QUALITY CARE is!  I really feel like I am making a difference for all of our young children teaching this class- because they all want to take care of children someday (and some already are) so if I can help them make their programs better, what a win! 

5.) Family time.  I am so happy it is the weekend, and we have both our Texas family, and my family, together for Ledoux's birthday.  Wahoo!  We don't get quality family time near enough, so I plan on shutting the computer off, putting the phone down, and taking in the time we have together.

I hope you all have a most fabulous weekend!

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Friday, August 2, 2013

5 on Friday!

5 on Friday!  I am linking up again with Natasha at Hello Happiness to bring to you (drum roll please...) my fave things this week!   I think I have more than 5 favorite things this week, but I will do my best to contain my excitement and share with you the best of the best... hopefully, you agree!

1.) Pickle Noodle shop on Etsy.  Check out the AHHHMAZING chalkboard print they made for Ledoux's very first birthday.  For only $32.  Are you serious?  I am obsessed.  What a great way to capture her first year- I think I am going to do these every year, on her birthday.  What great keepsakes!

2.) Blazing Arrow Designs shop on Etsy. Again, a most amazing Etsy shop.  I have been searching high and low for a teepee for Ledoux (mostly because I am obsessed with the idea of her having a teepee), and was having the hardest time finding what I wanted, for a reasonable price. And then, one night, I found Blazing Arrow!  Their prices are super reasonable, and she shipped my teepee the next day! An added bonus... the shop is from Wyoming.  LOVE!

3.) White Faux Taxidermy on Etsy.  Um, wow...seeing a trend here?  I guess by now it is obvious that my name is Rebecca.  And I am addicted to shopping on Etsy.  Serious though- I am OBSESSED with this store.  I mean a deer head with pink antlers? Seri? Amazing.  Deer not your thing? How about an elephant? Or a buffalo?  Or a shark?  Yep. They have it all.  In every color.  In fact if I wasn't going for the deer with hot pink antlers (to hang Ledoux's headbands on, of course...) then I might go with the Moose with the glitter antler/horns.  By the way- what the hell is it called on a Moose?  Antlers? Horns?  Anyone know?  Who cares, its awesome.

4.) Wine. Not just any wine though, my friends. This wine is special.  One: it is cute (I buy based on the way it looks, sue me.)  2.) Its stackable. 3.) Its diet friendly: each one is pre-proportioned.  Not like it matters, I will drink the whole damn stack anyway, but it makes me feel like I am making a better decision by drinking one, perfectly portioned glass at a time. 4.) Its already in a glass.  Perfect for on the go. (I am not advocating to drink this while driving or anything...just saying its convenient for a time when you may not have a wine glass on hand).  Pop one in your purse, just in case.  I got mine at World Market, but they also sell them at Bevmo.

5.) Lil' Pink Goose shop on Etsy.  Yes, I spend more money than I make on Etsy.  Ok, there... I said it.  So part of my vision for Ledoux's first birthday was a hot pink Tutu, but I wanted it to be full and big and fabulous.  I couldn't find anything at the mall or at stores, so I turned to my trusty Etsy.  And that is where I found it.  If you are ever in need of a sweet Tutu, go here.  She is amazing to work with, and even customized Ledoux's tutu to match the colors of her birthday party. 

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