Friday, August 2, 2013

5 on Friday!

5 on Friday!  I am linking up again with Natasha at Hello Happiness to bring to you (drum roll please...) my fave things this week!   I think I have more than 5 favorite things this week, but I will do my best to contain my excitement and share with you the best of the best... hopefully, you agree!

1.) Pickle Noodle shop on Etsy.  Check out the AHHHMAZING chalkboard print they made for Ledoux's very first birthday.  For only $32.  Are you serious?  I am obsessed.  What a great way to capture her first year- I think I am going to do these every year, on her birthday.  What great keepsakes!

2.) Blazing Arrow Designs shop on Etsy. Again, a most amazing Etsy shop.  I have been searching high and low for a teepee for Ledoux (mostly because I am obsessed with the idea of her having a teepee), and was having the hardest time finding what I wanted, for a reasonable price. And then, one night, I found Blazing Arrow!  Their prices are super reasonable, and she shipped my teepee the next day! An added bonus... the shop is from Wyoming.  LOVE!

3.) White Faux Taxidermy on Etsy.  Um, wow...seeing a trend here?  I guess by now it is obvious that my name is Rebecca.  And I am addicted to shopping on Etsy.  Serious though- I am OBSESSED with this store.  I mean a deer head with pink antlers? Seri? Amazing.  Deer not your thing? How about an elephant? Or a buffalo?  Or a shark?  Yep. They have it all.  In every color.  In fact if I wasn't going for the deer with hot pink antlers (to hang Ledoux's headbands on, of course...) then I might go with the Moose with the glitter antler/horns.  By the way- what the hell is it called on a Moose?  Antlers? Horns?  Anyone know?  Who cares, its awesome.

4.) Wine. Not just any wine though, my friends. This wine is special.  One: it is cute (I buy based on the way it looks, sue me.)  2.) Its stackable. 3.) Its diet friendly: each one is pre-proportioned.  Not like it matters, I will drink the whole damn stack anyway, but it makes me feel like I am making a better decision by drinking one, perfectly portioned glass at a time. 4.) Its already in a glass.  Perfect for on the go. (I am not advocating to drink this while driving or anything...just saying its convenient for a time when you may not have a wine glass on hand).  Pop one in your purse, just in case.  I got mine at World Market, but they also sell them at Bevmo.

5.) Lil' Pink Goose shop on Etsy.  Yes, I spend more money than I make on Etsy.  Ok, there... I said it.  So part of my vision for Ledoux's first birthday was a hot pink Tutu, but I wanted it to be full and big and fabulous.  I couldn't find anything at the mall or at stores, so I turned to my trusty Etsy.  And that is where I found it.  If you are ever in need of a sweet Tutu, go here.  She is amazing to work with, and even customized Ledoux's tutu to match the colors of her birthday party. 

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