Friday, August 9, 2013

5 on Friday!

Here we go, another helping 5 on Friday!  I am linking up again with Natasha at Hello Happiness to bring to you (drum roll please...) my fave things this week!   I just love reading everyone's 5 on Friday favorites, and here are mine!

1.) Beer Geeks the TV Show: Because I am on it!  Hollllllaaaaa! So about 6 months ago, Lee and I went back to San Diego to visit, and went to one of our favorite little local breweries, Lost Abbey/Port Brewing.  Little did we know, they were filming a tv show there that night!  The show is called Beer Geeks- a food network type show that travels the country looking for the best, small breweries, and takes an inside look at how they make their beer.  Well, that night everyone who was there got free beer, and in return, shot scenes for the show!  My girlfriends and I got to shoot a bunch of different scenes, and I am so excited that it is finally going to be on TV!  Check out the clip, and keep an eye for the episode to air the first week of September!

2.) Peach Sangria.  Need I say more? In searching for the perfect recipe for Sangria for Ledoux's first birthday tomorrow, I found this recipe and its ahhhh-mazing.  Perfect for these warm AZ days! And it is ridiculously easy to make:
-one bottle white wine
-one cup peach schnapps
-one cup pineapple juice
-one large peach, sliced
-one cup strawberries, sliced

3.) DIY little girl (or boy) tent.  I found this on pinterest, and I couldn't believe I almost paid $200 for the exact same thing at Pottery Barn Kids.  I have loving the idea of putting a little tent/drape in Ledoux's room, but just couldn't get over the price tag.  And then, it hit me... I can DIM (do it myself!)  All it is: a hula hoop ($2), 2 long sheer drapes from Target ($15), and some string to hang it to the wall (I used a 3m sticker hook and hung it to the ceiling).  Easy peezy!  I added some twinkle lights, and it looks awesome in Doo's room.

4.) Teaching!  I am officially an Adjunct professor here at the local community college!  It is so much fun teaching a class.  I am teaching an intro to the Early Childhood profession, and it is so awesome to be able to teach a class of 15 students what QUALITY CARE is!  I really feel like I am making a difference for all of our young children teaching this class- because they all want to take care of children someday (and some already are) so if I can help them make their programs better, what a win! 

5.) Family time.  I am so happy it is the weekend, and we have both our Texas family, and my family, together for Ledoux's birthday.  Wahoo!  We don't get quality family time near enough, so I plan on shutting the computer off, putting the phone down, and taking in the time we have together.

I hope you all have a most fabulous weekend!

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