Monday, September 24, 2012

6 week updates!

Eating: Ledoux is still a little piggy!  She eats like a champ!  We are still 100% breastfeeding, although I am going to start giving her a  little bit of formula once in a while to start getting her little tummy used to it just in case I do need to use it, once in a blue moon.  Her little belly is getting rounder by the day, and her face is filling out with some little chipmunk cheeks.  So stinking cute!!

Sleeping: **Knock on wood as I type**She sleeps all night!  We go to bed around 9-10 pm, and she falls asllep when I fall asleep and sleeps until 6 am (atleast!)  She  usually wakes up around 1 am or so to eat, but I don't even have to get out of bed to feed her (a plus for breastfeeding!)  When she wakes up in the morning, we change her diaper, feed her, and she usually falls back asleep until 8 or 9 am.  The rest of the day we are pretty lucky if she sleeps- sometimes she will take an afternoon nap, other days she won't sleep at all until bed time.  I guess no naps in the day is the price I have to pay for having a baby that sleeps all night.  I am working on getting this a little more regular though! :)  Also this week, we are going to start the transition from her sleeping with me to learning to sleep by herself.  EEk. I have a feeling my nights of sleep are about to end until she gets used to sleeping in her own crib.

Health: Doing good!  I am eager for her 2 month check up to see what she weighs... Lee thinks around 11 pounds.  I am excited to see!  Her baby acne is mostly cleared up for now, and she is overall doing great!

Likes: Being held, riding in the car, her stroller, and the mobile she has in her crib (she lays there and is mesmorized by the sheep!).  These are her current favorites!  She is also learning to like her paci (thanks BG!)

Ledoux's PBKids Sheep mobile she loves!

Dislikes: She doesn't like to have her arms swaddled in her swaddle... I think it makes her feel too restriced and she is truly an independant spirit!  She also doesn't like sleeping anywhere but her nap nanny and on someone's chest. 

Outings: We are out and about quite a bit these days... I am feeling more and more confident every day with taking her out.  We went to lunch last week with some of my fave people from work, and she was an angel! Awake and well behaved the whole time.  We also made an outing to dinner, and a million other places.  We even went to Costco on a Saturday afternoon (which is a huge acomplishment, even without a newborn!)  Ledoux just slept on Opa's chest the whole time we walked around! :)

Visitors: This weekend my parents were in town- Opa and BG.  Even though she met them when she was born, they had to leave right after her arrival so this was really the first time they have 'met'  They had a great time getting to know Ledoux and play with her, and Lee and I had a great time taking a much needed break!

Ledoux's firsts: We had our first official REAL smiles!!  She loves her daddy, so cute!  She gets huge grins on her face with him.  She also smiled at Opa and BG so many times!  She is starting to connect and look into our eyes... and show her little personality!  It is so nice to finally see her connecting with us, it really makes us so happy to know she is really in there somewhere. 

How are mommy and daddy? Getting better by the day!  We interviewed babysitters from sittercity and, and found a great one!  Now that she is 6 weeks old and can have bottles, we used a babysitter for the first time this weekend!  Ledoux loved her (and smiled at her right when we handed her over!) and we were able to go wine tasting and be away for a good 5 hours!  Wahooo!  It was sooo nice to have a break.  Since my parents were in town, Lee and I also had a date night on Friday!  We booked our babysitter for 2 weeks from now so we have another date night to look forward to!  Lee has also been super busy driving up and back from Riverside for school- he is getting his AP license and between the drive and the studying (and the tests!) he has been tired.  I have turned into quite the housewife- making him dinner everynight. (Thank you pinterest for ahhhsome recipes!)  I am also happy because I have been able to work out (although not as frequently/regular as before) and have lost all my baby weight plus some. 

Best Moment:  Seeing our little baby smile!

Baby's Bill of Rights

Baby's Bill of Rights... I just love this!  It really helps me keep everything in perspective when Ledoux is crying, fussy, or just overall driving my nutso! :)

Talk to me

Sing, hum, babble, or even read the funnies to me!

I don't know exactly what you're saying, but I need to hear you.

And I do know what you mean, even if I may not know words.

Like your voice tones mean, "I love you". Or when you yell, I hear, "You're a pest".

Unless you communicate with me, how can I learn? I learn from you.

Hold me

Everything is so big and new to me. I don't understand where I am, or who I am.

And I get scared. But when you hold me, I feel better.

Your warmth warms me. Your breath and heartbeat make me feel I belong.

Belong here. Belong to you.

Answer my cry

I don't cry to upset you, or to get you mad.

I cry because I can't tell you how I feel any other way.

Maybe I'm cold...or wet...or hungry...or scared and lonely.

Answer my cries. You'll soon know what each one means. You won't spoil me.

You'll help me to be a better baby...and to make you happier, too.

Love me

Like me. Love me just as I am.

Don't expect me to do what I can't do. Like be toilet trained.

My muscles aren't ready. I know I'm messy. But I'm growing.

Overlook my baby weakness. You're the most important person in my world.

I can't make it without you. So get to know me.

Have fun with me.

And love me...just as I am!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy 1 month Birthday Doodlebug!

Today is Ledoux's one month birthday!!!  I think I'm more excited that I actually LIVED through month one than anything else!!!  Tonight, I will celebrate with a glass (or two!) of wine! One month down, 17 years, 11 weeks to go!

Eating: This little baby of mine has zero issues with eating!  I am so happy that she has taken to a bottle so well too!  It is so nice to have Lee be able to feed her, and I don't feel like I have to be 100% attatched to her all the time (although I don't mind!)  I was even able to go get my hair did this week, and leave her with Lee for 3 hours!!!  Wahoo!  We still breastfeed her of course, but do give her a couple ounces of formula once in a while to supplement (for those nights where she just cannot get enough food from me!) and we bring some formula with us when we go on outings, just in case. We have only used it a couple times at this point. When this baby decides she is hungry, she wants food NOW and will scream until she gets it.  Patience is not something she has learned just yet, so I am happy that I have formula and expressed milk as options.  It is also nice because I can have a few drinks, and if my alcohol test strips (yes... for breastmilk!) say I have too much in my system, we can give her expressed milk from her bottle.

Sleeping: She is starting to learn night from day (knock on wood!)  Although last night was a little rough, the past week has actually been great (again... knock on wood!)  She is sleeping a good 4-5 hours at a time, and usually only wakes up once for food/diaper change until morning.  Again, it isn't 100% consistent, but getting better.  Once she is 6-8 weeks, I am going to start transitioning her out of our bed and in to her bassinet or crib.  For now though, I actually like her sleeping with me- it makes the night time feedings way easier, and she sleeps so much longer when she is cuddled up with me.


Health: She got a little bit of baby acne this week- which I read is totally normal and due to hormone levels changing in her little body, but of course, it worried me.  She also started spitting up this week (she hasn't spit up until this week) and it took my off guard.  There are some days that it seems she spits up everything she eats, and other days where she harldy spits up at all.  I, of course, researched this and it is also normal as long as she is still dirtying up the normal number of diapers- which she is.  Speaking of diapers, we are officially transitioning from newborn to size 1's!!!!  Which means she is growing!!!  We have also been doing tummy time with her, and she is a VERY strong little lady!

Likes: Riding in the car!  She doesn't love her carseat, but as soon as we put the car in gear and drive, she is so happy!  She just stares (at what, I don't know!) and is quiet.  The minute the car stops though, she starts crying.  LOL.  Whatever works! She is also becoming a fan of her nap nanny, she sleeps in there like a charm (and for quite a while at a time!)  She also likes Jason Aldean music (ok, maybe I like Jason Aldean and I am hoping she likes it too...) and riding around in her stroller.  It puts her right to sleep!

Dislikes: Her pacifier.  She spits it out.  If we try and hold it in her mouth for a moment, she takes her hand and swipes it out!  Little booger. 
I LOVE this picture.  This is her grumpy face.

Outings: The usual stuff- grocery store, target, errands.  Lee and I are feeling MUCH more confident with our parenting abilities outside of the house.

Visitors: Lee's family left on Tuesday, and we haven't had any new visitors this week.  Coming up- we have uncle Pappy coming from Japan and my parents coming from Tucson! Wahoo!

Ledoux's firsts: Ledoux watched her first full football game- goooo Broncos!  And they won!  She also went to the grocercy store for the first time, her first trip to starbucks, and her first trip to the bar.  Ok... well its more of a Engligh pub/grille, but it is Lee and my favorite place to go!  We sat outside on the patio there on Saturday afternoon for an hour and a half  and had lunch and a beer.  Ledoux was so sweet to cooperate!

How are mommy and daddy? Doing good!  Daddy is in school this week and next to get his AP license (aircraft mechanic) so he can work on civilian aircraft so he is busy studying ALOT!  I was able to get birth annoucements sent out (wahoo!) and am finally starting to settle into this whole mom stuff.  We are so excited it is football season in this house, Ledoux has so many football teams she is a fan of!  Cowboys (wyoming and texas!), UT, Broncos, the list goes on.  My goal this week is to get her footbal outfits ready for this weekend (she has to be dressed for them!) and to start getting outside with her more (going on walks).  We are also on the hunt for a good babysitter-so if you know anyone, let us know!!!! We just want to find someone who can watch Ledoux a couple times a month so Lee and I can go on a date!

Best Moment:  Knowing that Lee and I survived month one.  Wahoo!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week 3!!!!


Eating: No problemos! Nursing is still going well, and this week we were FINALLY able to introduce a bottle!  I have been pumping everyday so I have a nice little stock pile of milk in the freezer, and she took her bottle like a pro!  in fact, she took two bottles!  little piggy  :)  Nonipple confusion at all- I have Lee give her the bottles so that she doesn't get confused by me.  She also has replaced her nightly 2+hour nursing sessions with nightime naps... Not sure which is worse.  Now, although she isn't nursing al night, she is awake all night.  LOL... I just can't catch a break!!

Sleeping: As mentioned above, she now takes a nap from about 5:30-8, everynight, like clockwork.  At first, lee and I were thrilled because we were able to eat dinner together and relax...however now we are 4 nights into this new trend, and we are getting less sleep at night than before.  Soooo....I am going to nip this nightime nap business in the bud tonight.  I have a hunch (and a hope!) that this will get her to start sleeping a little longer at night.  I have been getting about 2.5 hours in a row, wake up and feed/diaper change, and another 2 hours or so.  All together I am getting my 6-8 hours, but it is in 2 hour spurts which is leaving me feeling less than energized.  Hopefully this coming week will be better! mama needs some sleep!!!!!

Diapering: No issues here!  Why do I have this category?  Who cares about this? Gross!

Health: She is happy as a clam and healthy!  Growing like a weed (especially her little belly... that is less than little these days!) She is starting to get her baby fat on her arms and legs, which is so stinking cute!!! and some back fat!! Which i think is soooo cute!!!

Likes: She still loves her swaddle clothes and being swaddled all tight, and her bathtime! She also loves to be held, which is fine with me because I love to hold her!!! I hate having to put her down or not have her with me.

Outings: I have been getting brave!! Ledoux and I have been taking morning visits to starbucks after she has her first morning feeding, which happens to be just enough time to get out, and get back before its time to change her diaper and eat again.  We also went to the mall (gasp!) by ourselves this week..and although it was only for 45 minutes, I was pretty proud of myself for attempting it!  It is so hot out, and the mall is outdoors, that I feel bad taking her out longer than that.

Visitors: Lee's parents and brother Jon came in for a visit for the long holiday weekend and brought her lots of new presents!!  She is so spoiled! 

Ledoux's firsts: We went to our first movie...we brought her to the drive in movie (so that I could nurse her and if she cried it was no biggie) but she slept through the whole thing anyway!  We also got her birth annoucements in the mail this week, so excited to get them sent out!

How are mommy and daddy? every week that goes by gets better and better... we are getting to know her likes/dislikes/habits and are generally just getting used to our new life!  I was even able to start working out again this week, which makes me very happy!  I started to couch to 5k program- which is a running program that I can do on my treadmill at home while she naps in the afternoon.  Hooray!  I also have offiially lost the baby weight, plus 3.5 pounds.  Hooray!  We also were able to sneak away for 2 hours for a mini-date last night while Lee's parents watched Doodle-we were able to feed her and then she fell asleep while we were gone.  We also went on a quick motorcycle ride!  Now, if we could get some sleeping in, I would be one happy girl!

I love her new shirt that the Estes family sent her!  Thank you!!! :)
Best Moment:  Everything!!  I am officially enjoying parenthood now that I am less overwhelmed by it all! :)