Monday, September 24, 2012

6 week updates!

Eating: Ledoux is still a little piggy!  She eats like a champ!  We are still 100% breastfeeding, although I am going to start giving her a  little bit of formula once in a while to start getting her little tummy used to it just in case I do need to use it, once in a blue moon.  Her little belly is getting rounder by the day, and her face is filling out with some little chipmunk cheeks.  So stinking cute!!

Sleeping: **Knock on wood as I type**She sleeps all night!  We go to bed around 9-10 pm, and she falls asllep when I fall asleep and sleeps until 6 am (atleast!)  She  usually wakes up around 1 am or so to eat, but I don't even have to get out of bed to feed her (a plus for breastfeeding!)  When she wakes up in the morning, we change her diaper, feed her, and she usually falls back asleep until 8 or 9 am.  The rest of the day we are pretty lucky if she sleeps- sometimes she will take an afternoon nap, other days she won't sleep at all until bed time.  I guess no naps in the day is the price I have to pay for having a baby that sleeps all night.  I am working on getting this a little more regular though! :)  Also this week, we are going to start the transition from her sleeping with me to learning to sleep by herself.  EEk. I have a feeling my nights of sleep are about to end until she gets used to sleeping in her own crib.

Health: Doing good!  I am eager for her 2 month check up to see what she weighs... Lee thinks around 11 pounds.  I am excited to see!  Her baby acne is mostly cleared up for now, and she is overall doing great!

Likes: Being held, riding in the car, her stroller, and the mobile she has in her crib (she lays there and is mesmorized by the sheep!).  These are her current favorites!  She is also learning to like her paci (thanks BG!)

Ledoux's PBKids Sheep mobile she loves!

Dislikes: She doesn't like to have her arms swaddled in her swaddle... I think it makes her feel too restriced and she is truly an independant spirit!  She also doesn't like sleeping anywhere but her nap nanny and on someone's chest. 

Outings: We are out and about quite a bit these days... I am feeling more and more confident every day with taking her out.  We went to lunch last week with some of my fave people from work, and she was an angel! Awake and well behaved the whole time.  We also made an outing to dinner, and a million other places.  We even went to Costco on a Saturday afternoon (which is a huge acomplishment, even without a newborn!)  Ledoux just slept on Opa's chest the whole time we walked around! :)

Visitors: This weekend my parents were in town- Opa and BG.  Even though she met them when she was born, they had to leave right after her arrival so this was really the first time they have 'met'  They had a great time getting to know Ledoux and play with her, and Lee and I had a great time taking a much needed break!

Ledoux's firsts: We had our first official REAL smiles!!  She loves her daddy, so cute!  She gets huge grins on her face with him.  She also smiled at Opa and BG so many times!  She is starting to connect and look into our eyes... and show her little personality!  It is so nice to finally see her connecting with us, it really makes us so happy to know she is really in there somewhere. 

How are mommy and daddy? Getting better by the day!  We interviewed babysitters from sittercity and, and found a great one!  Now that she is 6 weeks old and can have bottles, we used a babysitter for the first time this weekend!  Ledoux loved her (and smiled at her right when we handed her over!) and we were able to go wine tasting and be away for a good 5 hours!  Wahooo!  It was sooo nice to have a break.  Since my parents were in town, Lee and I also had a date night on Friday!  We booked our babysitter for 2 weeks from now so we have another date night to look forward to!  Lee has also been super busy driving up and back from Riverside for school- he is getting his AP license and between the drive and the studying (and the tests!) he has been tired.  I have turned into quite the housewife- making him dinner everynight. (Thank you pinterest for ahhhsome recipes!)  I am also happy because I have been able to work out (although not as frequently/regular as before) and have lost all my baby weight plus some. 

Best Moment:  Seeing our little baby smile!