Sunday, August 19, 2012

One week old!

Holy canoli! I can hardly believe our little Ledoux is already a week old (actually,a week and 2 days!)  Time flies!  Lee and I were talking in the car, and last week at this time we were bringing her home from the hospital- and I was TERRIFIED!

Eating: Oh boy does she have an appetite!  We got off to a slow start (she lost quite a bit of wait after bringing her home) but she has quickly caught up. She weighed 7 pounds 1.5 ounces last week, and then this week she weighed 7.3 and then most recently 7.7!  Last night, we had a marathon nursing session that lasted 2 hours...not joking. She couldn't stop!  I read online that some babies are what they call 'lazy eaters' and like to comfort suck... pretty sure  Ledoux is both of these things.  She takes her time eating, and likes to stay on extra long because it is comforting to her.  Whatever, as long as she eats thats all that matters!  I cannot wait to start pumping so that Lee and can help and feed her- it will be sooo much easier on me! 

Sleeping: This was rough in the beginning!  We were getting about 2 hours in between feedings and diaper changes.  After 3-4 nights of exhaustion, we finally decided to try something else and let her sleep with us.  That night, she slept 6 hours!!  And has slept consistently in 4+ hour stretches since!  She loves sleeping with us or on us!

Diapering: No issues here! Lee is a pro at diapers!  We have fallen victim this week (multiple times) to what we call projectile poo poo.  I won't go into detail, it's exactly what it sounds like!

Health: So much better!  She had some jaundice and we had 2 doctor appointments this week to check it, but it has cleared up.  Our pediatrician gets worried about jaundice so she was being extra cautious, but doodles billarubin levels are down so no worries! She also has had a consistent weight gain- and the doctor says she is doing "gangbuster"... whatever that means (it is a good thing!)

Likes: Ledoux loves being cuddled!  She also loves to be swaddled really tight- the tighter, the better.  Its so funny, she eats better, sleeps better, everything... if she is swaddled tight.  She also really likes to eat- she is serious about her food and makes the funniest grunting sounds.  She is also a big fan of her carseat and being pushed around in her stroller.  This week, she has also been busy learning how to use her arms and fingers- she she grabs, grips, and flails her arms at everything!  She has some super long fingers!

Outings:  We have been busy!  We went to the mall on her 1 week birthday, which presented a whole new set of challenges for lee and i.  We never stopped to wonder how you get a stroller from level one of the mall to level 2... and after pondering how we would get it on the escalator, we realized all the strollers use the one and only elevator in the mall... note to self: do not go to malls with more than one level.  What a pain!  We also went a barbeque/pool party on Saturday, and to best buy this morning.  Lee and I time our outings with her feedings- we feed her, and then leave which gives us a good 2 hour window to do stuff before she gets fussy or hungry again! 
Visitors: Auntie Katie came to visit from Phoenix!!! and she made Ledoux the CUTEST sign for her room!!!!  Uncle Van also came to visit (twice),although I am pretty sure the visit was more to hang out with Lee :)

Best Moment:  Watching her sleep!  Lee and I laugh out loud watching her facial expressions- they are too much!  She has the biggest stinking dimples and she smiles all the time when she sleeps!