Friday, October 11, 2013

5 on Friday: Our fave finds this week!

Linking up with Hello Happiness, here are our fave 5!

ONE: Kate Spade sale on Ebay RIGHT NOW!
I love Kate Spade... it is simple, classy, and pretty much timeless.  Unfortunately, it is also expensive.  Really expensive.  In the old days (aka before I had a baby) I had plenty of disposable income.  A $300 purse? Whatevs... I didn't have anything else to spend my money on.  These days, I think "that could buy so many diapers, formula, etc." (Actually, I just lied.  I think to myself "do you know how many baby gap outfits that will buy?!") Regardless, I hardly ever take the time and money for myself.  Through Sunday, Kate Spade has a HUGE sale going on- check it out if you have been wanting to score a designer purse on a budget.  I am buying this one now, 75% off!

TWO: Ugly Christmas Sweaters, family edition.  Oh yes, Tis the season my friends.  Well, not really.  But it is time to start planning the family Christmas card (aka outfit!) Last year, it was all about Ledoux, but this year (and ever year to come) I plan on having a theme.  A good theme.  This year is ugly sweaters (on sale now on Zulily!)  I cannot wait to send out our awkward, ugly Christmas sweater themed cards. Fa la la la la!

(Photo from Pinterest)

THREE:  Ikea LATT Table and Chairs: Kiddo edition.  This table and chair set is EASY to put together (unlike most Ikea items) and its $19.99.  No kidding.  I have wanted a toddler sized table and chairs for Ledoux, and found this at Ikea online.  I ordered it and they shipped it to my door!  Before I assembled it, I painted the table top piece with chalkboard paint and it is now Ledoux's very own art table!  We hand her artwork around it, added a kid sized bucket with chalk and crayons, and let her go to town!  The table and chairs come to you in a plain, pine wood- and it is up to you to color/paint them however you want!

FOUR: Halloween Lights

Think Christmas lights, only for Halloween!  One of my coworkers decorates his house starting in October, with a sound and light show that is synced to hit songs and draws major crowds!  Check out the Blurred Lines light show he did for Halloween this year!

FIVE: Camo Leggings for our littles
I love these.  Enough said.

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