Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy father's day!

A baby the size of a melon lives in there!

Far Along?  32 Weeks, 6 Days! Almost 33 weeks... about a month and a half until Doodle bug gets here!! Let's hope this time FLYS, because i have officially hit the "I'm bored with being pregnant" stage.  

Total weight gain/loss: Soo i am back down to +9... yep, you heard that right.  +9.  I actually lost 2 pounds from my previous doctor's appointment.  Definitely not complaining about that!  The doctor isn't worried, the baby is good (growing faster and BIGGER than the norm) so it just means that I shouldn't have too much of an issue getting back to pre-baby size in no time!! Wahooo!  Here's hoping I can keep the weight gain to a minimum these next 7-8 weeks.
Maternity clothes? Of course- but no purchases here.  With a month and a half (or less), there isn't much point in purchasing much else.  I might get something cute for when Lee gets back to wear, but other than that, all money is going to savings and to buy the rest of the stuff we need for lil' miss.

Stretch marks? I am going to delete this section of my blog because its depressing! Yes.. i have them.  that's all.  They are still on my lower abdomen though, they aren't very visible unless I show you. which i will not do. :)

Size of Baby (in produce)? - Honeydew melon (but she feels a heck of a lot bigger than that!) at 4.5 pounds this week.  No wonder my belly feels so heavy!

Sleep:  can't get enough sleep!  No problem-os here.  On the weekends, I am getting a good 10-12 hours of sleep, plus naps.  Awwweeesommeee!

Best moment this week:  Had my doctor appointment- all is still good with baby.  I'm such a worry wart, I look forward to my appointments to be reassured.  And she commended me on doing such a great job keeping any excess weight off!  I also started my pre-registration paperwork for the hospital so that when the time comes, all is good and I just show up and don't have to hassle with anything.  Eek!  Can't believe I am actually doing that already!! Pretty excited for my hospital tour in 3 weeks too-  i get to tour the facility... i know it sounds weird, but i am the type of person that needs to know exactly where we are going, what to do when I get there, etc.  The hospital just re-did their labor and delivery wing and every room is private and have their own private bathrooms!!  this makes me beyond happy- you have no idea!

Miss Anything? My answer never changes- I miss my honey.  No wine cravings this week, just Lee. HURRY UP AND GET HOME LEE ABEL!!!!!!!
Movement: So I think Ledoux is just a late bloomer in the activity/movement department- most women say they start feeling kicks and movement non stop around the 25 week mark... which made me crazy because I didn't feel alot at that point.  My doctor was telling me to count her kicks, atleast 10 an hour.. and I had the hardest time getting her to move 10 times an hour.  But....this week she has really kicked it into high gear (no pun intended)- she moves alot, and is getting some serious strength.  It startles me sometimes! She also really enjoys wedging her huge 3 inch feet underneath my right ribcage...  
Food cravings: Milk- i have just started buying full gallons rather than half gallons every other day.  I was at the grocery store last night and had a craving for pancakes, and got all the stuff to make them, and then as I was in line i spied a box of lucky charms cereal- and i had to have it.  so last night's dinner was pancakes and lucky charms lol.  is was amazing, by the way. 

New Additions? Ok, so you are going to think I am totally nuts and have lost it, but I bought my breast pump!!! so stinking excited!!!!  I got one that was pricey, but had the 'breast' reviews (hahaha get it?  Best reviews/breast reviews?)  Lee calls it my milker- i told him I am going to try it on him first so he can understand what I have to go through.  I also got a dark wood, wicker basket to use as her toy basket and put that in her room.
So excited about this!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet:  Oh yes.
Gender: Girl! and she is pretty gosh darn cute too... i mean, i know everyone thinks their kids are cute, but Lee and I did a pretty knock out job.  I think I will buy him a gun and give it to him as a gift when Ledoux is born, he might need it...

Pregnancy related gripes? Damn stretchy marks are all I have to complain about really.  The first trimester exhaustion is back, I just struggle for energy, but that is pretty normal being that I am baking a melon in my belly...and my little melon is growing daily.

Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? In (but boy is it shallow...!)
Wedding rings on or off? On!  Lee keeps asking if I need to take them off (so they don't get stuck) but I refuse to do so until I have to! (Which will probably be too late at that point)
Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody this weekend- i woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday.  And decided that my kitchen needed re-arranging, which turned into me freaking out on lee about having too many beer glasses.  lol.  later i realized i was being crazy, and i am lucky to have a honey who laughs it off.  then last night my treadmill stopped working which is a catastrophic event for me .  luckily i am quite handy and spent 2 hours watching how to videos to fix it.  anddddddd i think it is fixed.
Looking forward to:  counting down the days to see my honey!!!!!!

Other news?  Its time to pick a pediatrician!  My doctor said i dont have to, but it would be a good idea to have one picked out for when doodle comes.  so... I am going to do that in the next week or two.  other than that, nothing crazy.  next week I will have lots of good stuff, I promise!!!