Sunday, June 3, 2012

Countdown: 9 weeks, 1 day to D-Day!

Far Along?  30 Weeks, 6 Days!  Officially in single digit weeks... 9 weeks, 1 day until D-Day... but less than that on my countdown since I am counting down to my last day of work before maternity leave.  I figure more list 7 weeks, 1 day!! :)

Total weight gain/loss: Whoa baby... this week at my doctor appointment I gained 5 pounds.  I wanted to DIE. however, i have been off on my overall count- the doctor said that including this visit, I am only +11.  Soooo... that makes me feel better.  But holy canoli... 5 pounds in 4 weeks is a little much.  I better pay better attention to what I am eating. 
Maternity clothes?Yep yep yep.  Dying to wear some cute maxi dresses, but they all make me look huge-like I am wearing a tent (I am having flashbacks to what Jessica Simpson looked like in hers, lol)... so I am going to stick to more form fitting clothes to avoid looking like that!  See picture below.. that is my motivation for working out and eating well while preggo!

Stretch marks?  Ugh.  I have never had one of these in my LIFE until the last couple weeks.  Please please please let them fade after Ledoux comes.  Its either that, or I will get them lasered (another reason I like California... there is a place that does that everywhere.  There is actually one right next to my neighborhood starbucks! Wow.. thats the 2nd reason I have found to like California.)  I doubt I will find any more reasons after this though.

Size of Baby (in produce)? - Head of lettuce, 3.5 lbs+ (at this point, its hard to say how much she weights because every baby is growing different)

Sleep:  still soo good.  all weekend I have slept for 10-11 hours.  and aside from the pee breaks, i am sleeping like a rock.

Best moment this week:  Finished my yard!  Flashback to last week when I said nesting was in full effect... I put the finishing touches on my yard this weekend.  I was a digging, planting, watering machine!  I have completely updated my front and back yard.. and although it may not look like much to you, trust me... its MAJOR progress from where it was 3 weeks ago!  Although, spending 2 hours planting flowers yesterday definitely wasn't as easy as it sounds, the big bump is getting in the way. 

Miss Anything?  Duh.  I just want to have my husband home with me.  Fingers and toes crossed that he is able to get back before the baby gets here... there is NOTHING worse than having to do all of this by myself.  We haven't even been able to enjoy all of this because of the circumstances, and that is one of the worst parts of all.  I hate that he isn't able to be here and be involved.  It's not right, and I will be so upset for him if he has to miss it all.  UGH.
Thank goodness for technology (when it works!)

Movement: She's been pretty active this week- my doctor told me to make sure and count her kicks twice a day... I should get to 10 in an hour.  She has been reaching 10 in 5 minutes lately lol!  And her little feet are starting to make their way under my ribs... not a good feeling.  
Food cravings: Still milk.  its insane.  I cannot get enough of it.  

New Additions? Nothing new.  Excited to see what necessities I get at the baby shower this weekend, and then after that- its time to start shopping for everything else I still need!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet:  No hiding this baby!
Gender: Girl! and we get to see her little face on Saturday before my baby shower!!

Pregnancy related gripes? Other than the ugly little stretch mark and its evil friend, nothing really.  I tried on a bunch of my cute summer dresses last night, and boy oh boy are they tight in the belly! LOL... I guess I won't be wearing one of those for the party this weekend!

Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? In (but boy is it shallow...!)
Wedding rings on or off? On (but they might have to come off in the future weeks, I have been noticing some swelling of fingers and feet lately)
Happy or Moody most of the time: Doing ok... but the closer it gets, the more I start to worry about everything.
Looking forward to:  This Saturday!  4-d ultrasound and baby que!  Wahoo!

Other news?  Its time to pick a pediatrician!  My doctor said i dont have to, but it would be a good idea to have one picked out for when doodle comes.  so... I am going to do that in the next week or two.  other than that, nothing crazy.  next week I will have lots of good stuff, I promise!!!