Tuesday, March 19, 2013


If there is anything I l-o-v-e, it is reading about what other mamas can't live without (and what they can!)  I was doing monthly 'favorites' and quickly realized that by the time I posted that, Ledoux was over all of the things on it.  I don't think I am alone in having a crazy babe whose routine changes weekly (if not daily...)  That being said, my favorite things change as rapidly as her attention span.  So, I think weekly faves would be more appropriate.  So here you have it, the things I just LOVE (this week) for both baby and for ME! (Gosh, how often do we take a minute to think of things we love for ourselves?!) 

1.)  Infantino Activity Triangle.  Ledoux is obsessed with this!  She has one at home, and one at childcare.  She spends a good 30 minutes playing with it, and in mommy time, 30 minutes equals like..FOREVER.  Anything that occupies Ledoux longer than ten minutes is a winner!  The great thing about this is if your babe isn't sitting up yet, they can play with it while laying on their back or doing tummy time.  And it is great for when they are sitting!  You can get it on amazon.com here

2.) Baby Mum Mums.  I just discovered these and LOVE them!  Ledoux is starting to learn to eat (which freaking terrifies me every time she takes a bite of food!) but these I don't get nervous about. It is a rice biscuit-like thing that babies can chew on-- the great part is it dissolves so fast in their mouths that mamas don't need to worry about choking!  Ledoux likes the banana flavored ones.  I got mine at target, but you can buy them in larger quantities here too!

3.) Cupcake Wine.  Really any wine is a winner in my book, I don't think I have met a glass of wine I didn't like. (No, seriously.  I will even drink some Boones Farm if I have it!)  That being said, when I feel like splurging on a fine bottle of vino (and by splurge I mean spending $9.99!) I go straight for the cupcake wines.  My faves?  Red Velvet and Angel food (translation: Cabernet and a Riesling like white wine.)  If you haven't tried these, scoop one up and give it a go.  I doubt you will be disappointed.

4.) Mineral Veil by Bare Escentuals.  I cannot live without this.  I think it is meant to be a finishing powder to dust over your face after you have put your face on for the day, but I use it because it makes me look more awake (and I swear it fills in some of my little wrinkles!)  Its $19 bucks or so, but lasts FOR-EVER.  A little bit goes a looooooong way.  I always buy mine at Sephora.

So there ya have it mamas!  This is what I love!  I really enjoy hearing what makes other mamas and babies happy--- so please share with me what your must haves are!

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