Thursday, March 21, 2013

XOXO time!

Wow, marriage is no joke...Especially after a baby comes along.  I thought people were full of it when they told me how quickly, and how much, things will change once baby arrives..  I used to tell them they were crazy, nutty, so wrong...and then Ledoux came. And everything they said was true.  Your patience is close to gone, your tired, you seem to start to find those little annoyances before the baby to be HUGE annoyances...anyone else feel this way?  Ok, I am glad it isn't just me.  That being said, my honey is my best friend, and I have quickly realized that I have to really WORK on marriage to make it not only successful, but just as wonderful as it was before.  With Ledoux in our lives, we have to be alot more intentional about what, and when, we spend time together. 

Enter: Mommy Daddy date nights. No, these don't require money and a baby sitter... rather I have started doing Mommy Daddy date night, at home,after Ledoux goes to bed.  
Here is a glimpse into this weekend's "date"
A note left the morning of...

1.) DIY Pizza.  I will already have the topping purchased (We love Chicken, Turkey Bacon, Tomato, and Avocado, with light ranch drizzled on the top!) but you can do whatever you like... heck even just a plain pepperoni would work. Making pizza together is fun, although I am pretty sure we end of eating the toppings before they even get on the pizza.  Whatevs.  I keep it all a secret until the date starts (aka baby is in bed!)

2.) After dinner, it is all about 'getting to know you'  Ok, you are probably thinking "Um you are married, why are you doing this?"  Think about it, how often do we actually sit down with our significant other and really talk?  I have a list of fab questions we are going to ask each other (over a bottle of wine, of course!) Here is my list of questions (Pretty excited to hear his answers!)

So there you have it, my date night for this weekend...anyone else doing anything fun?  I am always looking for fun new ideas!

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