Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Friday!!!!

Addicted to her.
Woooosh!  Well, I am happy to report we all made it through another week.  I don't know about you, but it has been sooooo busy for us.  Between traveling for work, hubby's long hours, and baby who is **this close** to crawling, I have been ridiculously busy!  Somehow, hubs and I both made it to the gym 4 times this week (HELL YES!), I made dinner almost every night, and I still found time for a much needed shopping trip.  All in all, good...yet busy, week.  I am ready for the weekend... (somehow, the 'Beer Money' song by Kip Moore just started blaring in my head!)

Hi from the back of the Harley!

So there are three things in life my hubby and I love... Riding our Harley, Cooking out on the grill at night, and a drink in our hand. Lucky for us, we plan on doing all three of these, starting with the drink part. I have decided to start trying some other drinks- mostly because I live in Tucson and it is getting H-O-T out here, and its time to start finding some good, refreshing drinks to relieve us from the heat.  (My wine just isn't doing the drink... is it possible to have wine burnout?  GASP!)

My drink for this weekend?  Raspberry Beer Cocktails.  So. Excited. Beyond. Words. I actually made this at my baby shower (and no I didn't drink it) and it was a hit.  It makes more than one serving though, so be warned. Aaand its so good, you won't care there is extra, because you will drink it anyway. 

PS: You don't have a redneck wine glass??? Whaaaaa?  You can get them here
So drink up my friends, and have a most FAB weekend!

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