Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My baby is 3 Months old!

Well, Ledoux is officially an infant now!  They say once they hit 3 months, they are no longer newborns!  Holy canoli!  I am just shocked at how fast time is flying by... She is officially 3 months!

Feeding: Ledoux was still 100% breast until today- today she will be getting boob and formula, and from now on it will be half and half.  She started childcare today, (more about this later) so we have started weening her off of me.  I have mixed feelings about this... but I am happy that I was able to breast feed exclusivly for 3 months.   

Sleeping: She sleeps like a champ!  She is still sleeping through the night, and still NOT sleeping during the day :)   My little baby loves to be awake and looking around, and doesn't like to miss a beat.  This week, we are going to start teaching her to sleep in her crib and out of our room.  She is getting to big for her nap nanny/bassinet in our room, so the time has come.

Health: Ledoux got her very first cold!  Lee and I tried to keep her from getting sick when we were sick, but she caught a little bit of it.  Thankfully, because she is breast fed, she didn't get too much of a cough and is fine.

Likes: Ledoux loves to be held, facing outward, to see the world.  She just loves to stare at everything and everyone.  Its so funny to watch her fixate on stuff and watch it so intently...She also loves her walker (I know... she is 3 months old) but she loves to stand up.  She loves her play gym, and laying on her back swatting at the toys.  And lastly, she loves her bumbo chair.  We put her in it when we eat at night and she likes to watch us.  She is also a big fan of bath time, daddy's silly songs, and music.

Dislikes: She still hates her pacifier.  With a passion.  She also has recently decided she hates her car seat- she hates being restrained and cries when we put her in it.  She is a very independant little thing, so anything that keeps her from moving/squirming/seeing/exploring she hates. 

Firsts: Our first road trip and our first move! :)  She is also teething right now, so I have a feeling her first tooth will be making an appearance soon!

How are mommy and daddy? We are officially settled into Arizona...well, I use the word settled loosely. It has been a whirlwind week- moving here, starting new jobs, etc. The movers delivered all of our stuff last Wednesday to our new house, but we had no idea that when they said they 'unpacked' for us, it really meant they dumped all of our things out of the boxes and left. No joke, Lee and I walked in and we had piles upon piles upon piles of stuff...everywhere. Sooo overwhelming! We have finished moving into the downstairs part of our house, but we really haven't had time to even start on the upstairs (other than ledoux's room and our bedroom.) To make things even crazier, Lee and I both got super sick with a nasty flu/cold which made the moving process even more challenging. Lee started his new job in the midst of all of this, but he loves it! Lee + Harley Davidson= little kid in a candy store. He gets to talk to people all day about motorcycles...and if you know Lee, this is what he does all day anyway! He used to go to the Harley shop in San Diego and talk to the guys that worked there on his downtime anyway. So now, he just gets paid for it! I started my new job at the University of Arizona, and I really like it! So far, so good! It is a HUGE change from what I used to do and where I used to work, but I feel really lucky that my experience at Bridgepoint will help me in my new job.

Here is a pic of our new house