Thursday, November 1, 2012

Major changes!!

Well, today is November 1st...which to most of you doesn't mean a whole lot (other than you might have a tumy ache from all the candy you ate yesterday!) but to Lee, Ledoux, and I, its a BIG day.  Today I am sitting in our spare bedroom, surrounded by the necessities we will need for the next week, feeding Ledoux, while I watch movers pack up and move our stuff into a huge 18 wheeler parked outside our house.  Today is also the day that Lee woke up, got dressed, and went to work as a Marine for the last time. It is crazy to think that in the last few weeks, we have officially decided to get out of the Military, move to a new city, I quit a job that I LOVE, Lee turned dirty 30, and start a new chapter of our lives.  Not to mention, we have a sweet little newborn.  Can we fit in anymore major life changes into such a short time? I don't think so! It is safe to say it has been a very stressful couple of weeks, to say the least.  Change like this is risky, and scary, but for us, everything fell into place.  I can't help but think that fate had something to do with encouraging these huge life changes. 

On Saturday, Lee and I will officially be living in Tucson, Arizona.  A place we have always enjoyed visiting, but never thought we would move to. That being said, when Lee officially decided to get out of the Military, we started trying to figure out what our next move would be... would we stay in San Diego? If you know anything about Lee and I, it is that we despise living in San Diego.  Other than the weather, there really isn't much for us to like about it.  So the answer to that question was an easy NO, which left us trying to figure out where we would move.  We threw around every state, and decided it would really come down to where Lee got work.  Enter Arizona.  Arizona, mainly Tucson, is one of the biggest aviation cities in the country.  Multiple companies work, service, and fly C-130s, which happens to be what Lee has done for the past 9+ years. Coupled with the fact that Lee has his civilian AP license, we went to Tucson for a long weekend to explore potential careers.  We arrived on Thursday and Lee was offered a job Saturday morning.  He will be working at Harley Davidson until he gets on with an aviation company, and I will be working for the University of Arizona.  We literally looked at eachother at the end of that long weekend, somewhat dumbfounded, and said "I guess we are moving!"  We found a house to rent for 6 months, scheduled the movers, and a couple weeks later... are moving!

Im excited to blog our new life over the next few months, and of course, keep everyone updated on our sweet little ledoux!  Enjoy some pics (below) from the past couple of weeks!
  Happy Birthday! Ledoux and I made a cake, and got daddy a record player for his Lefty Frizzel records!
Ledoux's first Halloween!  We were farmers, and she was our prize winning piggy!