Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My latest obsessions...

Well, I officially am obsessed with some different items for Ledoux!  These are my must haves to make it through the day :)

1.) Nose Frida: Ok, Lee thinks this is the most disgusting thing ever, but I am rather proud to call myself the booger digger.  I cannot stand my baby having big old boogies in her nose.  Recently, Ledoux got her first cold, and had a runny nose and boogies all the time.  The nose bulb/suctioner things just don't do it for me... and this takes booger digging to a whole new level!  It is a must have. Anyone with a baby NEEDS this.

2.) BABY PAJAMAS!  I think my baby has over 12 pairs of baby pjs... and I just cant stop.  I just love putting her in these.  My favorites are from Carters- they are cheap, and have the cute little designs on the butt area.  I also am obsessed with the baby pjs from baby gap, but I usually wait for those to go on sale (they have great 40% sale sections!)

3.) Butt Paste: So I am a little crazy about diaper rash (which by the way Ledoux hasn't had yet!) and I put diaper rash cream on her all the time.  This is my fave! I attribute Ledoux not having any rash from me being so anal (no pun intended) on putting this on her.

4.) Nap Nanny: MUST HAVE.  This made my baby sleep through the night, starting at 3 weeks old.  She still sleeps in it.  I really cannot imagine my life without it.  I am telling you, if there is anything you invest in... get a nap nanny!  Your life will be soo much better for it!  And in the beginning, anything that allows you 4 hours of UN-interupted sleep is sooo worth it.  My baby still wont sleep through the night in her crib, but if she is in this, she is out for a good 10 hours!

5.) Baby activity gym: Ledoux just starting 'playing' and grabbing at things- and this is perfect.  I get a solid 20 minutes of occupied Ledoux time when I lay her down with this.  (and I can get sooo much done with those 20 minutes!)  She coos and smiles at all the toys dangling down.  She didn't take to it until she turned 3 months.. I had no idea babies didn't do a whole heck of a lot until that age.

6.) Dr. Brown's bottles: These work perfect for Ledoux, she took to them the first time we gave them to her (and they come in pink... bonus!)  They also have them in 4 oz sizes, which is perfect for her right now.  She has yet to get colicky, and hardly ever gets gassy- which are two things these bottles really help to prevent.  They are a pain to clean, but I just keep 12 of them on constant rotation so its not so bad.

7.) JJ Cole Diaper Caddy: this is a lifesaver!  It keeps us from having to run upstairs to the nursery to change ledoux's dipey... and from having random diapers and wipeys everywhere.  A nice, compact place to have everything we need. When we first brought Ledoux home, we were running up and down the stairs (newsflash- babies poop and pee a good 10-12 times a day!) and it was exhausting.  So we starting keeping piles of diapers, wipes, cream, etc downstairs, which just made the house cluttered.  This is a must have in my opinion.u

8.) BABY TIGHTS!!! I am obsessed with baby tights from the GAP.  I am obsessed with all things Babygap actually... but these tights just kill me! My collection of baby tights is quickly catching up with my baby pj collection!  They are perfect because they cover her little legs and keep her warm (I get the thick ones) and they cover her little feet so I don't have to worry about putting socks on her.

9.) Baby walker: Ledoux loves to stand (I know...she is only 3 months) but we got her one of these and she LOVES it!  It gives me another 30 minutes of "me" time, and she is totally occupied!  I swear, she is going to be walking sooo early.

10.) JJ Cole Diaper bag: could not live without this.  Any JJ Cole product I love, but this diaper bag is the best.  It holds everything (bottles, clothes, diapers and wipes,blankets, burp cloths, formula, bottles, etc. etc. etc.) and still has room left over. and its cute.  Win Win.

11.) Lavender baby bath soap: love the smell of this!  And whats better then sleeping next to a baby that smells so good?

12.) My Nespresso machine. Ok, this is more for me to make it through the morning... but its ahhmazing.  And if you love espresso, you will love this.

In other news... my little baby weighed in at 12 pounds, 13 ounces today!! WHOAH!!!!  She grew a pound and a half in the last month!  Here is a recent pic of my little ham!  Will update soon on how life in AZ is going!