Monday, November 26, 2012

Ledoux's First Holiday Season!

Well this is it...Ledoux's first Holiday season!  I am super excited, the Holiday's are so much more fun with a little baby! 
We kicked it off with our first Black Friday Thanksgiving together!  We started the morning with breakfast at our house, with Ledoux's BG and Opa (and mimosas, of course!)  After a yummy breakfast, we relaxed around the house and then walked to my parents house (a nice 2 mile walk before we stuffed our faces!)  Our house is right on the Rillito River Walk, which is a nice little walk along a river (which is dry right now, until monsoon season hits.)  We watched football, relaxed, and ate.  Exactly what Thanksgiving is all about.  Ledoux wasn't in the mood for hanging around, so our evening ended pretty early- right after she got her first taste of turkey.
The next morning, we were up bright and early for what is quite possibly one of my FAVORITE HOLIDAYS of the year.  Yes, I consider Black Friday a Holiday.  What other day can you get anything at Express for 50% off?  And free gifts with purchase at Victoria Secret?  It is like a little letting a little kid loose in a candy store.  Yep, thats me.  And I was so excited to introduce Ledoux to what is sure to be one of her favorite days!
 Here we are at Express (shocker!)  and a little baby who is sleepy after all the shopping!             
After all the shopping excitement, my friend Katie and her boyfriend came to visit for the night and Lee and I went out to a bonfire!  So much fun! The one great thing about Tucson is the people are so friendly and welcoming...such a different culture from San Diego. The rest of our weekend was spent decorating for Christmas, and Christmas shopping.  So much fun!  Our next big thing is going to be Xmas pictures- which I cannot wait to do!  I got some great ideas off of Pinterest, and will be attempting them myself.  Wish me luck and keep your eyes peeled for your Christmas cards this year.
In other news, Lee and I are super excited- he got a full time position at Bombardier working on aircraft- which is one of the main reasons we moved to Tucson (job opps for Lee!)  We are super excited that he has this awesome opportunity---I have no doubt he will kill it at his new job, move up fast, and make lots of money so I can stay home with Ledoux full time :)  Ok... maybe that is wishful thinking, but a girl can dream right?    Until that day comes, I will continue working to pay for all the baby pajamas and baby tights I can afford! 
Our last bit of exiting news? Ledoux is asleep in her crib as I type... this is HUGE for us as she has been co-sleeping since she was born.  My baby is growing up... tear!
Up next- a blog of all the fab things on Ledoux's first Chrismas list!  Until then, here are some fun pics from the last week or so...