Sunday, July 29, 2012

Well people... we have a baby. still in my belly.

Far Along? 38 Weeks, 6 Days!  Let's get this overrrrrrrrr!!!!

Total weight gain/loss: Well, i have decided to no longer keep track...but if you must know, I think I am about +14-15 with less than a week and a half to go.  With a good 8-9 pound of that pure baby, I am pretty happy.

 Maternity clothes? My wardrobe officially consists of nothing but long tank tops (to go over my belly) and leggings.  and I am fine with that.  Although I cannot wait to go on a post baby shopping spree to buy some cute new stuff!!!  I haven't been to my beloved express in 9 months!!!

Stretch marks? Nothing new

Size of Baby (in produce)? - and.... we still have a watermelon.  Although this is a pretty big melon...and she weighs far more than 7 pounds. 

Sleep:  No issues getting comfortable, its just the constant pee breaks.  I now keep count and update Lee on how many times I got up the night before- last night was only 4, but the night before was 7.  What gets me confused is how this is possible... since i make it a point NOT to drink anything after 7 or 8 pm.  Hmmmmmm....

Best moment this week:  Knowing that this is almost done- doctor said she won't let it go past August 9th!

Miss Anything? Same as last week- my body!!! she has 100% run out of room, and I am starting to run out of patience!  it is time for lil' miss ledoux to make her exit. 

 Movement: Yes- she has gotten quite fond of stinking her bottom out- out of nowhere I just feel a huge, hard spot bulging out of my belly.  I asked the doctor what body part it was and she told me it was her tooshy. She has no room left to move, so she is starting to push outward.   

Food cravings: I really wanted Rolos this week (wtf?! havent had those FOREVER!) and one of the girls from work got me some!  so sweet!  other than that, nothing crazy.  My belly doesnt have much room for food, so my appetite is pretty small and my cravings has decreased with it. 

New Additions? Ledoux got a boy from her uncle sam and auntie whitney this week!  lots of sweet stuff for her.  We also got a jogger stroller!! wahooo!!!!!  Lee and I really wanted one of these so we are pretty excited.  While we were at the store getting that, I also got her some cute pajamas by babygap (love!) and the cutest stinking cardigan!  She will no doubt be the best dressed baby.  We also spent a good part of the weekend looking at cribs (no, we dont have one yet!) but havent found 'the one' yet.  Since we have her pbkids bassinet, we have a little bit of time before we NEED a crib, but we would rather get it before her arrival.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Have you started to show yet:  duh. if I hear one more person tell me i look like im going to pop, im going to pop them!  according to the doctor, we are no where close to having a baby.

Gender: Still a lady!

Pregnancy related gripes? Just peeing all the time.  That's really all i have to complain about.  I am still working out (wahoo!) and staying active so i consider myself pretty lucky that I have had such an easy breezy pregnancy. I can always find something to bitch about, but at the end of the day, compared to most people- i have had it pretty easy.  Now let's hope her arrival stays on that course!!

Labor Signs: still little pains, but nothing like contractions.  ugh.  i cannot wait to feel those awful contractions (weird i know...) because atleast then, I will know the time is almost here.

 Belly Button in or out? haha- i got it to pop yesterday!  well, most of it. And yes, I sat there in my shorts and sports bra pushing my abdomen in and out and using my tummy muscles to make it happen.  I am forcing the timer to pop- she is done cooking.
Wedding rings on or off? ON!!
Happy or Moody most of the time: I dont think i was too bad this week.  I just asked Lee, and he said I was happy, so there is your answer.  Although yesterday I was in a 'poor becca' mood for a while because i couldnt go riding on the harley :(  I really miss saturday afternoon rides with my honey.  lee and i went on date night friday (it might be our last friday!) and spend the weekend just enjoying our time as a family of 2... not much longer!

Looking forward to: Well...not work :(  I am officially on maternity leave starting tomorrow.  I am so crazy, most people would be so excited to be done working, and I was totally bummed.  I cried when I left on Friday.  I just dont know how to NOT work... so i really need ledoux to get here and occupy my time.  I am already bored and feeling anxious and it isn't even Monday!! It also means my work phone is no longer in service, so i have a new phone.   I am also excited for the doctor this week... she is going to work her doctor magic and get some contractions going- not sure what she will do, but I have a feeling it won't feel wonderful.  I dont care- whatever she needs to do to make this happen! (Pic below is of the presents I got from work on my last day!)

Other news?  The doctor did what doctors do this week and we are NOT having a baby soon (according to the 'signs' they look for.)  We are not softened, lowered, opened, or anything else they check.  at all.  She did say that she is worried about the size of the baby (because she is getting large) so they induce the evening of the 9th if she hasn't joined us by then.  Fingers crossed ledoux decides to come on her own, because I am not very excited to be induced.