Sunday, July 1, 2012

Here we come 35 weeks!!

Far Along?  34 Weeks, 6 Days!  According to my 'What to expect when you are expecting' app, we have 5 weeks, 1 day to go!  EKKKKKKK! 

Total weight gain/loss: No new weight gain according to the doctor's office this week. I am officially stumped at how I have kept it all off this whole time, but not complaining!  My doctor isn't worried, and neither am i!  So the count is still +9.  
Maternity clothes? I wore my first pair of official maternity leggings this week that I got from old navy- my belly has reached the point that having a full panel just feels better.  I love them too- they go all the way up and over my belly for a little extra support.  so comfy!

Stretch marks? nothing new.  on to the next question.

Size of Baby (in produce)? - We have a large cantaloupe this week people!  She is as long as 22" and 5.5 lbs heavy.  And boy do I feel like she weighs 5.5 pounds.. i feel like she weighs twice that much actually!

Ledoux says hi!

Sleep:  Still good, but these pee breaks every 2 hours are starting to hinder my sleep.  only 5 more weeks, thats what I keep telling myself!

Best moment this week:  I had my doctor appointment this week, and all is well! heart beat is strong, baby is growing.  I am really excited because this was my last doctor appointment by myself- and for everyone going forward, my honey will be here!  pretty excited because the next appointment will be an ultrasound and Lee finally gets to be there for one!
Miss Anything? My honey, but not for much longer!!!!!!
Movement: Oh yes, she is rolling around alot.  It feels like she is doing somersaults in there all the time- she must be running out of room :)
Food cravings: oh gosh, still on the lucky charm kick.  had them for dinner AGAIN last night.  I just can't quit eating them.  And all week I have been craving a brownie with cherries- but not just any cherries, the kind that come out of a can (used as pie filling).  I fought the craving all week, and went to the store Friday to get dinner... and when I couldn't find what I went there to buy, the craving hit me again and I bought brownies and cherries.  And guess what I had for dinner?  Yep... brownies and a can of cherries.  amazing.  But I woke up saturday morning in disgust after I saw the aftermath of my 'dinner' the night before.  

New Additions? My friend Chantelle had her baby shower yesterday (she is due 2 weeks after me) and she got my the best present ever (she wasn't able to make it to my shower).  She got my a baby bumbo- which I wanted SOOOOOOO bad, and a pack of Dr. Brown pink bottles (which I also really wanted!!!!!)  so stinking excited.  The dogs and I played in the baby room last night, putting things in their place, re-organizing, and just doing an inventory of what we still need.  Last count, Ledoux has 41 actual outfits hanging in her closet (not counting all the onesies, skirts, jeans, etc. in her dressers), 7 pairs of shoes, 2 purses, and countless pairs of adorable socks, bows, etc.  Can we say SPOILED?  As for what we still need- we want to get a jogging stroller, and a nap nanny, and a couple other small items, but we are pretty set! Come on baby!! (after lee gets here, of course!)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet:  everyone says I am all baby- i look like my normal self, with a basketball in my belly.  I will take it!
Gender: Still a lady!

Pregnancy related gripes? exhausted.  seriously, beyond belief.  I can't even muster up the energy to make dinner (again, Lee- hurry and get home!!)  Yesterday, I woke up at 9am, and took a nap before going to the baby shower at 1, and then took another nap when I got home from it.  This exhaustion is making it so hard to make it through my work days.  I think maternity leave should start when women hit 35 weeks so we can relax and not work these dang 50+ hour weeks!  Good thing I like what i do :)

Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? Still in!
Wedding rings on or off? Still on!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Awful.  This week WAS NOT my week.  I started getting really sick last weekend, and it just got worse.  I ended up being out of work on Monday, and i felt like i was going to DIE.  I couldnt talk, my throat was on fire, my cough was awful, OMG.  it was bad.  and of course, being preggo, there isn't alot you can take to get better.  So i lived on tea, hot water, and tylenol cold meds.  Luckily, it helped, slowly but surely.  I was able to work part of Tuesday, but ended up going home sick because I couldn't make it 2 minutes without coughing and feeling miserable.  Then... Tuesday night, I somehow tripped over myself, and to break my fall (from falling on my belly) I put all the weight on my knee and it popped out of place and back in.  The noise was so disgusting, and I could hardly walk all day Wednesday.  I was a sick, hobbling, knocked up, grumpy preggo.  LOL.  not a good combo.  My knee still hurts when going up/down stairs, but its alot better today.  sooo needless to say, this was not my week! I just gotta keep it together a couple more weeks until Lee gets here!
Cough syrup and a bum knee.. this was me this week!

Looking forward to: my husband coming home is really all I can think about.  I have been planning what outfit to wear, but I just can't decide!  this is my huge decision this week.  that and i don't have alot more time left at work before maternity leave!

Other news?  excited for my little bro who is closing on his first house tomorrow!  i can't wait til Lee and i have a house to close on!!!  
hey guys!