Sunday, April 15, 2012

23 Weeks!

Far Along?  23 weeks, 6 days!  Another week down!

Total weight gain/loss: +5 pounds total last I checked.  To be honest, I haven't stepped on the scale this week.  I was going to weigh myself this morning before my latest blog- but I decided against it because I ate wayyy too many carbs last night (and I am certain the scale will reflect that this morning!) 
Maternity clothes?  I wore my maternity leggings again all weekend, and have bought a couple maternity tank tops I like to wear because they are longer- my other ones aren't quite long enough now that my belly has started growing.

Stretch marks?  Still nothing!

Size of Baby (in produce)?  Ledoux is the size of an ear of corn this week, at/around 1.5 pounds!

Sleep:  No problemo-s, I am so tired all the time i usually fall asleep pretty quick.  And now that my parents rotated my mattress for me, i am sleeping like a baby!  

Best moment this week:  My parents came again!  I am so thankful that i have them to come see me- because it isn't easy for me to be able to leave san diego (it costs an arm and a leg to find someone to watch a great dane and a grumpy old boxer that takes medicine twice a day ...) My mom's birthday is today (Happy Birthday!) so we went and got her hair done yesterday and did a little shopping.  
The Chandelier is hung!
We (we =my dad ) got the chandelier hung in the nursery, and did some other things around the house to help me while mom and i shopped.  The three of us drove up north a ways and got a really nice changing table/dresser off craigslist.  The lady paid $850 for it, and we got it for $75!  It has a couple little scratches, but for $75, who cares!  The nursery is now 85% complete, the only things left to purchase are a glider and a crib.  The crib will not be purchased until Lee gets home so that he can have a say and help put it together.  I am pretty excited that my nursery has some pretty high end stuff in it, yet I have spent very little to make it happen--all thanks to craigslist and other mom's who went crazy and bought stuff that they can no longer use.  Thanks and thanks!
Changing table- but needs some decor!

New additions this week: In addition to the changing table, Ledoux got a package in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa Abel (and John and Tucker)!  Can we say spoiled little girl!?!?! Her closet is so full already!  I love it- Lee said he is screwed, he is going to be living out of the downstairs coat closet before long (that's what he gets with two girls who LOVE clothes!)
New things from the Abels!

The closet is starting to fill up!
Next on my list of Needs: I am researching car seats- trying to decide between infant and convertible ones, and which brand I want.  I have narrowed it down to Britax, Gracco Snugride, and the Chicco keyfit... so many decisions!  I definitely want one that snaps in/out of the car and stroller.  I am seriously considering buying an infant carseat on craigslist (since they only last up to 30 lbs) and then buying a new one when Ledoux is a bit bigger... but we will see.  I also need to get the changing table topper and a cute pad- I have one picked out at pottery barn I think I am going to buy.  Lastly, I need to get a breast pump, and those little boogers are a pretty penny- I want to get the Medela one, which is $250-$350-- has great reviews and is super easy to use (and I am all about convenience!)  I have decided that I am done buying clothes, since she is has so many already and will continue getting cute stuff as gifts- so I will focus on buying the big ticket items.  I also buy a pack of diapers and wipeys every weekend, so the closet is getting pretty stocked on size 1 and nb diapers.

Miss Anything? I will give a two guesses.  Did you guess Lee and red wine?  Yep, thats what I miss.  In that order.  Can't wait until I can have both, together!

Movement: She is in there for sure- she was pretty quiet for a few days, I didn't feel alot of movement from her, but that could have also been because I was so stinkin' busy at work- it was a week of non-stop meetings and events.  She was probably moving as much as always, but I just didn't notice.

Food cravings:I crave random things at random times.  Until this weekend, I have been really good at NOT giving in to anything.  Since my parents were here and it was my mom's birthday, I let myself cut loose a little bit- we went to Bucca de peppo last night for dinner and then i ordered dessert to go- the most AMAZING things called Fijeroles (or something...)  they are little cream puffs with chocolate.  I thought I had died and went to heaven.  And Ledoux liked them too- she starting moving around after I gulfed them down!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet:  For sure.
Gender: Girl!

Pregnancy related gripes? This week was pretty rough- I really felt pregnant this week.  My back was killing me all week, and between that and just being sooo tired, I haven't been the happiest camper.  Hopefully it doesn't last, I still have a few months to go!  Baby Brain is is full effect- I feel kind of like i live in a constant fog- so weird.

Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: The week was a little rough because I was tired and achy and grumpy, but I was happy this weekend when my parents were here! (Even though I had random, crazy, pregnancy induced moments).  For example: I was making enchiladas for dinner Friday night for my parents, and I totally flipped out (cuss words and all) when my tortilla broke.  After 2 minutes of freak out, I realized I was being crazy and apologized.  Gosh.
Looking forward to: heading to Tucson in 3 weeks.  It is a quick trip- leave Friday pm and come back Sunday am, but my brothers will all be there and I really wanted to be able to see them.  I have a dog sitter coming to stay the night at the house with the dogs, and although I am not excited to have to pay her, it will be nice to be a way for a day (thats about the longest I can afford to go right now!)

Other news?  Looking like my honey will be home before Ledoux comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Fingers crossed, but I am more optimistic than last week.  
Hey dad!  Miss you!
Hey dad! Miss you more!