Sunday, May 6, 2012

Here we come 3rd Trimester!

Hanging out in Tucson!
Far Along?  26weeks, 6 days!  So pretty much 27 weeks, which means I am OFFICIALLY  3rd trimester tomorrow... whoa.  Depending on what book/source you read, I was 3rd trimester last week... but for sure tomorrow.  EEK.  Only 12 weeks until 40 weeks, which means only 9 weeks until I am full term (37 weeks)!  That is a little bit scary/nerve wracking/exciting.

Total weight gain/loss: +8 pounds according to my doctor appointment.  And my NP actually congratulated me, and said I am  doing way better than most of the other patients they have.  I have no doubt all 9 of those pounds are baby and baby related stuff, and this makes me VERY happy!

Maternity clothes?  Still no maternity pants, but I love maternity shirts.  My belly is getting bigger, and the problem I am running into is alot of my other clothes aren't log enough, and maternity shirts are.  and leggings are my new bff.

Stretch marks? NO!

Size of Baby (in produce)?  This week she is a cucumber (around 2.5 pounds) and can be as long as 15 inches.  I am still trying to figure out how she is that long in there- she must be rolled up or something. 

Sleep:  No major issues.

Happy Bday Daddy!
Best moment this week:  Getting out of town to Tucson was a MUCH needed break from San Diego this weekend.  Even though I didn't get in until late Friday afternoon and got back early Sunday afternoon, having a day and a half away was nice.  My whole family was in Tucson (and I really don't remember the last time both my brothers and I were in the same place at the same time...) so it was nice to see everyone again.  We didn't do anything too crazy either- which was double nice.  Went to dinner for Cinco De Mayo (and in Tucson, there is no shortage of YUMMY mexican food!), and did one of my favorite things: Casino time!  I lost major and didn't have Lee to pull me away from my favorite machine- the Hangover- so I ended up in the hole...not telling you how much I lost, but it was less than $81.  My mom however ended up +$100 so dinner was on her that night. :)  It was just nice to leave San Diego, which has become a very stressful place for me--because here I am by myself, on my own, working, etc.  In Tucson, I am away from all the worries.
Miss Anything? Tucson was not the same without Lee- everytime we have went, Lee and I have spent all of our time by the pool/in the pool, listening to Zac Brown and drinking Coronas (or PBR for him! )  We have this awesome bar/grill we go to called Sirvezas and we kept driving by it.. just reminded us that Lee wasn't there.  Everyone felt a major void not having him there- not only me, but my parents too.  Just wasn't the same. 

Movement: Of course- Dad got to see one of Ledoux's kicks (or punches) on Saturday which was kind of cool.  He is the first person to actually see her move in person.
Food cravings:  Nothing really, although my dad did make me my favorite thing EVER- a dessert called scotcheroos- just imagine rice krispies, peanut butter, chocolate and butterscotch all put together in a pan.  Its heaven.  I brought some home with me- sooo good.

Pregnancy related gripes? Round ligament pain from all the stretching going on, and my nasty sciatic nerve has been acting up alot.  It hurts so bad when I try to carry something or even bend over- ugh.  This needs to subside, I do not want this continuing the next 12 weeks- I got stuff to do!

New Additions? I got Ledoux's wall letters (see previous post) and got about $100 worth of scrapbooking stuff so I can get started on her baby book.  My parents made a baby book for me that started when I was born, and kept EVERYTHING in it.  I want Ledoux to have that too- only I am starting now, scrapbooking pictures of the house, the doggies and Hulkman, our cars, our favorite things, etc.  and will keep it for her until i don't know when.  Long into her toddler days for sure (probably up til atleast Kindergarten!)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet:  Oh yes.  Although I have heard from people that I don't look as big as they thought I would... such nice people to say that, they must have either read my blog (see the post called "what not to say to a pregnant person" )or they have known someone preggo before and know what to say!
Gender: Girl!

Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? Still in, I don't think its going to pop out.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: another nasty week- and by nasy, I simply mean up and down.  I am confident that as soon as Lee gets home, this will not be the case.  But since there is no sign of him coming home anywhere in the near future, I just need to deal.  There are alot of major life decesions going on right now- and trying to make these while being so far away and limited communication takes its toll on us both.  We are just trying to make the best decesions for Ledoux- but gosh, I feel like Lee and I have the weight of the world on our shoulders right now.  It will all work out in the end- and I am confident that no matter where life takes us in the next 6 months, year, 3 years, we will be fine because we have each other.  (Thank god!) Sometimes it just seems like when it rains, it pours.
Looking forward to: My glucose test this Friday... not :)

Other news? Baby is all good per my doctor appointment this week.  her little heart is beating like crazy (which is always reassuring!)  The doctor gave me my pre-registration stuff for the hospital, and thats when this became REAL!  I even said to her "so I guess this is really gonna happen, hunh?"  (Of course, I was joking...)  My poor doctor doesn't know how to take me I don't think... as she looked a little concerned that this was just now hitting me.  I also asked her if I got have wine in my 3rd trimester, and she said YES!  She said a glass or two a week is no biggie if I want to have some to relax.  Wahoo!  I think I will wait until the 30 week mark to have my first glass, but I am pretty freaking excited about this.
A rare picture of our cat- Hulkman- saying hi to dad!