Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our weekend in pictures

Whoosh.  What a whirlwind weekend.  This might possibly be one of the only free moments I have to do my blog, so I am taking full advantage!  Moving is no joke... and we have been going NON-STOP since Thursday evening trying to move out one of one house, and in to another... that was still under minor "construction."  As if all that moving entails isn't crazy enough, my sweet baby Ledoux has went gone from a baby who scoots, to a full on speed crawler, and I am totally not prepared!  A post on baby-proofing for dummies (like myself!) is coming soon, but until then... here is our weekend in a series of snapshots!
The first visitors (about 5,000 of them) to our new home. 
African-ized Bees.  Right above our door.  Fabulous.
Apparently Bees are no joke here in Tucson, they are aggressive and kill birds, dogs, etc.
Needless to say, $250 later, they are gone with the wind, fabulous.  Ok, sorry, I had to, and if you aren't a Real Housewives of Atlanta fan, ignore that. It won't make sense.
Silly little baby really likes her new house!
 I learned an important lesson.  Don't try and do one last coat of  black chalkboard paint when a newly crawling baby is in the room.  I am obsessed with the idea of chalkboard walls.  I would have one in every room of my house if my husband would let me.  Buutttttt I settled one two.  One in our guest bath, and one in Ledoux's room.  Which happens to have white carpet.  That should have been my first clue that I should be careful and probably not attempt to speed paint.  But I am going to blame this accident on being a new mom (with no clue my baby can crawl across the room in .5 seconds flat.)  I had no idea that as soon as I opened up the can of paint, my baby (who was on the complete other side of the room, playing with her toys) would make it to the paint can, and pull it over.  All over the carpet.  I wanted to die.  Lee and I cleaned as much as we could (but all we had in the house was hand soap and paper towels...remember, we just moved in...) and now have a black stain in the middle of her room.  Well, its a memory, right?  Or a great excuse to get new flooring.  Potatoe-potato.
Speaking of a newly crawling, standing baby... **when** she naps, she is OUT.  Her little body is always on the move, and she gets more tired than ever lately. Another good snapshot from this weekend? A picture of her dirty little piggies at the end of the day.  The picture doesn't show how dirrrrrty they were, but trust me, they were brown with dirt.  Def a bath night.

We did alot of work outside... if you look close, you can see my pool boy (aka the hubs!)  I think this is one chore he can get used to...any chore that actually requires him to be by or in the pool, in the sun, on a Saturday (and most likely a beer in his hand) is a chore he can handle.  We also got our pool fence installed, so the doggies and baby are safe.
Doodle and I were working really hard too, helping daddy move furniture... "A little to the left, noooo, to the right...."
Ok, that's a lie.  We were enjoying the sunshine.
And finally, our family rules.  My favorite on this list is the "We do loud well."  If you knew us, you would know how true this is. Especially me and my squealing, screaming with glee baby.
There are still a couple hours left in this weekend, so Lee and I are going to take Doo and head out grocery shopping...not because we really need groceries, but we want a beer.  Oh, didn't you know?  Our grocery store serves beer and wine, and you can drink it while you shop.  Ummmm, can someone say genius? WOW.  After this weekend, I think a trip to the grocery store is very well deserved.  (Said no one, ever.  Until now!) I hope you all had a great weekend, and hopefully, one a little more relaxing than ours!

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