Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Babies, and bows, and onesies...oh my!

Holy Canoli!  I have been knee deep in creating, making, and shipping baby bows and accessories lately!  I just updated my Etsy Shop with some new designs, and have started creating baby onesies in addition to baby bows (and a few baby boy bow ties...more to come soon!)  Sorry, the wine in the picture isn't included in any bow purchases.  However, if you live near Tucson, come on over! :)

As a special little gift for my friends in the blog world, use promo code BLOGGER to get 30% of your purchase in our store!  We also do custom orders, so if you see a bow you love, but wish you could make it another color, change the headband, etc. just let us know!  We will make it to your heart's desire.  Here is the link:

I hope everyone out there is having a great week- Happy hump day, y'all!  It is **almost** Friday!  Wahoo!

Ledoux modeling one of our 4th of July bows!

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