Sunday, March 11, 2012

18 Weeks

 Far Along? 18 weeks, and some days.  I say some days because I have been given 3 due dates now- August 12, August 9th, and more recently, August 7th.  So pick the one you like best... I like August 7th, which would make me 18 wks, 6 days.

Total weight gain/loss:  Sad to report I have gained my first official baby pound.  Or it could have been the In and Out burger I chose to eat yesterday... regardless, the pound has been gained. The doctor told me to stop weighing myself,  I will drive myself crazy.  I told her I would stop, but between you and me- I won't! :)  I am keeping a close eye on this...
Maternity clothes? I bought some super cute maternity clothes however I still haven't worn them- no need yet.  Still in my regular clothes (but they are getting snug)

Stretch marks? None

Size of Baby (in produce)? A Mango according to my book, Lee informed me that according to his 'daddy' book, she is the size of a beer can. ( 21 more weeks!)

Sleep: No issues other than the constant pee breaks.

Best moment this week: The 18 week anatomy ultrasound- baby wouldn't sit still.  The poor ultrasound lady had to record the ultrasound and rewind to take the pictures she needed- Ledoux wouldn't stay still log enough for her to click the 'take picture' button.  It looks like she has all of her parts- heart, legs, toes, etc. 
Miss Anything? MY HUSBAND and red wine.  I would kill to have a glass (or 3) of red wine.  (Again.. only 21 more weeks!)

Movement: There is something grooving down there, but there are so many things it could be... no 100% for sure baby moves just yet.
Food cravings: I have discovered Starbucks iced black tea and- no joke, I have been drinking it every day (some days twice a day).  I also have been craving mayonnaise on everything this week- this week in a meeting, I had a salad and put a package of mayo on it... people looked at me like I was crazy. But it was so good.  Mayo is like the new ranch- it goes with everything. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing new, had some chicken last night and it didn't make me want to hurl, so that is good.  Still can't stand the idea of shrimp.
Have you started to show yet: People are starting to notice- there is no longer 'sucking it in' and hiding it.  Since my uterus is the size of a cantaloupe and has risen to my belly button, there is clearly something in there.
Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: This week was rough- I haven't been able to talk to my husband as much as I would like, and that paired with the fact that i'm knocked up and by myself (and throw the hormones into the mix) make me a little sad.  It didn't help that this week was the gender ultrasound, and I felt sad that Lee wasn't able to be here for it.
Looking forward to:my parents coming out- my list of things i need my dads help with is getting longer!  Some of the tasks: buying big bags of dog food (I can't lift them), pressure washing the concrete (I know, weird, but I love pressure washing!), moving the office into the spare bedroom, and making the office into the nursery, getting a new mattress for me, baby shopping, more baby shopping, and lastly, baby shopping.

Other news? I am calling my husband by the nickname Dadzilla- he knows more about baby stuff then I do (thanks to all the reading he has been doing!) The other night, he actually told me I need to start lying on my side because the belly is getting to heavy for laying on my back (and then my doctor said the same thing the next day...)  How does he know this stuff? LOL.  I'm lucky to have a hubby who is so interested and involved in this process- even if he is a million miles away.  (He is more involved then lots of husbands who are actually physically here!) The day after we found out gender, he went online and bought Ledoux all sorts of clothes- I am anxious to get the box in the mail and see what he bought for her!