Sunday, March 18, 2012

19 Weeks!

Just a taste of Ledoux's wardrobe (so far!)

Presents from daddy!

Far Along? 19 weeks, 6 days (so pretty much 20 weeks!!!)  Eeek... not 'officially' half way, but pretty darn close!

Total weight gain/loss: I have been so busy this weekend I haven't even looked at that evil scale, however when I weighed myself on Friday, I hadn't gained anything new.
Maternity clothes? I wore my Gap maternity leggings all weekend, but not because I needed them due to baby belly- more so because they are so comfy.  I will wear them even when I am not preggo.

Stretch marks? None

Size of Baby (in produce)?Ugh- still a mango! How has her fruit/veggie not changed this week?  She is up to 10-11 ounces this week though- almost a whole pound! (I will blame her weight on my gaining my one pound)  My sprout app says that although small, she now perfectly resembles a mini human- so crazy!

Sleep: Not really- a little more difficult to get to sleep this week, but that could be for a million reasons that have nothing to do with the mini-me.

Best moment this week:  Gosh- so many!
Love this- thanks mom!


Restoration Hardware Kids blanket and onesie!
Sneak peek of nursery: PB Kids Bassinet-look close- the blanked is monogrammed in pink with Ledoux

  • Having my parents in town-even though it was a quick trip, we got alot done (and my dad made the most amazing corn beef-my mouth is watering right now!)  More than anything, it was just nice to hang out with them. I am lucky to have them close enough (6 hours away) that they are able to drive up and see me once in a while.  My mother came in with what felt like a million gifts- all wrapped.  She got the cutest clothes and accessories for Ledoux (see the pics, alot of them are from her and my dad!)  She also got my a super cute purse with matching shirt and shoes- LOVE.
  • Getting a package from Lee of baby clothes he hand picked out for Ledoux (and he did a very good job!)  He bought her a nightlight yesterday, so I am super excited to get that in the mail too!  Even though he isn't here, he is still able to help and have a 'daddy' touch on everything we are doing. 
  • Shopping in the rain on Saturday- got a killer deal on a Pottery Barn Kids rug- reg. $150, got it for $50ish... 
  • new baby accessories from Craigslist (I got a bassinet, baby bjorn, and a baby papason chair!) I really wanted the Pottery Barn Kids Bassinet, but I am not going to shell out $400+ for it... (especially since its only for the first few months...) so my mom found a nice one, hardly used on craigslist.  We braved the weather yesterday and found ourselves in a gated neighborhood with a lady who was selling pretty much everything from her children.  I got the bassinet I wanted- as well as the other accessories for $300-  we figured it out when we got home, it would have been close to $600 to buy all the stuff I got if I would have bought it at stores. 
 Miss Anything? MY HUSBAND (duh), still missing red wine... pretty sure these two things are going to remain constant for the next 20 weeks.

Movement: I am 99% sure I felt Ledoux move this week- we were watching Smash (a tv show) that has alot of music on it, and i had the music up really loud- and I felt some weird little, soft, thumps/flicks.  Later that night, I was listening to a song that reminds me of Lee on my Ipad and I felt it again.  And the next night, I was watching American Idol and i felt it again.  Pretty sure she is jammin' out grooving in there. I have felt the little thuds every night since-usually after I eat and I am laying down relaxing at night. 
Food cravings: Nothing too crazy this week- they say pregnant people at this stage have a crazy appetite, but I really haven't had that... lucky for me I suppose.  I still dig mayo on salads though- and people are still thinking I am nutso.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing currently (other than those nasty shrimp)
Have you started to show yet:  Yes- my parents said they can tell.  There is a little belly sticking out.  
Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty good this week- mostly because my parents were here :)
Looking forward to: getting the wall letters in the mail that spell Ledoux's name, getting Lee's newest purchase in the mail... nothing too crazy happening this week so that is about it!
Other news? My project this week will be putting together the little baby dresser I got at ikea, and painting my pout bench my dad made me when i was little so I can use it for ledoux.  I also need to put together our office, since we switched rooms around this weekend and the office is in a little state of chaos.