Sunday, April 29, 2012

25 Weeks!

Still an eggplant- but now she weighs 2 pounds!
Far Along?  25 weeks, 6 days!  So pretty much 26 weeks, which means I am one week and a day away from 3rd trimester... can't believe it has flown by this quickly!  And even harder to believe is that Ledoux will be here in 3 months.. or possibly less!

Total weight gain/loss: Weighed myself this morning, no more weight gain this week.  +6 pounds... and I am almost to 3rd trimester-  I am starting to wonder if I am gaining enough weight?  I suppose my doctor would tell me, and she hasn't said anything... I actually think that since I got pregnant, I have been so healthy and worked out so regularly (4x a week, every week, 2-3 miles a night) that I have lost fat and so the weight I have gained with the baby has evened it all out.  Works for me. And for those of you who don't believe me when I say i have my treadmill firmly planted in my living room, here is the proof!  Best idea ever- maybe not the best decor, but this baby gets used alot.  When I am sitting on the couch, it makes me feel guilty for not being on it.  And i have a little mini calendar posted on the wall so that I can see how many days I have worked out this week, and for how long/distance.  It holds me accountable!

Complete with my starbucks iced tea, lol!

Maternity clothes? I love maternity clothes.  I fought it as long as possible, but these maternity yoga pants, leggings and shirts are so stinking comfy.  I still am not wearing maternity jeans/work pants, my work pants actually still fit from pre-preggo days, probably because they are so low rise and my belly is higher up.  And for my jeans, I just rock the belly band. 

Stretch marks? I checked last night, and nothing to be found!  wahoo!

Size of Baby (in produce)?  She is still an eggplant this week, just a heavier and longer one.  She is 9.2 Inches long and 2 pounds this week.

Sleep:  Doing ok here- my belly hurts (the round ligament pain i have been reading about) which makes it hard to get comfy at first, but im sleeping ok.  I find myself waking up in the middle of the night to pee, and not being able to get back to sleep for an hour or so, but I will live. 

Best moment this week:  I finally caught Ledoux's acrobatics on video!  I was laying in Lee's lazy boy and she started moving all over the place, and I grabbed the flipcam and got about a minute and a half recorded.  The best part was when I said "Ledoux, say hi to your daddy!" and my whole stomach starting moving.  I think Lee liked it :)  I can't wait for him to get home and see it in person, now that she is getting heavier, it is quite the sight to watch! 

Miss Anything? This week, I really missed having someone to sit in the garage and drink wine with, while we ranted about politics.  There were some political issues that came up this week in the news that really got me fired up, and Lee and I used to sit in the garage, drink, and bitch about it together!  LOL- it wasn't the same ranting and raving over the phone, minus the wine.  It's the little things... 

Movement: Non stop.  Trying to pay attention to any patterns- but so far, it seems pretty random.  She is always moving at night though- i can expect to feel her starting at about 9 or 10 pm, and every time i wake up at night, she is moving.
Food cravings:  Lee was able to have a burger one night this week, so I felt that that entitled me to have one too.  I discovered these wonderful mini-ice cream cones at trader joes this week, they are the size of my thumb and only 70 calories, so those are my fave pre bedtime snack to reward myself for working out.  Other than that, I continue my addiction to Starbucks iced tea.

New Additions? I actually didn't do any baby shopping this week. I am waiting to get the carseat/stroller combo until May, and I won't get a glider in the nursery until June when my parents come again.  Other than that, I am pretty set for now so I am just saving money to live on during maternity leave.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet:  Yep.
Gender: Girl!

Pregnancy related gripes? Still getting these freaking charlie horses.  So annoying.  And the round ligament pain under my belly- it feels like I did 500 sit ups and tore a muscle- it is so sore all the time.  It makes it a little painful to get in and out of bed. 
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In, but i checked it this morning, and its quite a bit more shallow than it used to be.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: I was all over the place this week.  (See the previous post I did yesterday for more details on this.)  I just feel like no one really gets how hard it is being here, alone, pregnant with baby #1, while Lee is in Afghanistan.  I put on a pretty brave face at work, but it's starting to get to me- its really hard.  And the bigger i start to get (which also brings more uncomfortable-ness), the more frustrated I get that no one really gets the situation I am in. or even cares for that matter.   It sucks. And it's just not just hard for me, its hard on lee too- which makes me even more sad. I am so lucky to have Lee, who does all he can to support me however he can.  So... to sum it up, this week I have been sad.  I am making the best of a shitty situation, but will be so thankful the day Lee gets off that airplane and is home safe.
Looking forward to: Tucson this weekend to see my fam and celebrate my dad's big 6-0, and my friend Heidi is coming to visit in June!  I also have my doctor appointment this week, which as weird as it sounds, I like!

Other news? We have surpassed the halfway mark for Lee getting home!!  Let's hope these next 3 months (or less) FLY BY!  I need my honey home! And the doggies sure do miss him!