Monday, January 14, 2013

5 Months!!

5 Months!


Sleeping: Ledoux sleeps like a champ (usually!)  We can usually count on her to sleep from 7ish pm until 7 am the next morning.  Most nights she doesn't wake up at all!  She still fights taking naps during the day- but we recently took out the swing we bought when she was a newborn (that she hated!) and it has turned into our magical sleeping machine.  When she starts rubbing her eyes during the day (that's our signal its nap time!) we put her in the swing, and she falls asleep.  The only other way to get her to nap is to bundle her into her car seat and drive.  I have come to terms with the fact that Ledoux is just not a napping kind of baby.  *sigh*

Eating: She has her babas (bottles) every couple/few hours (usually 6-8 ounces) and eats rice cereal at night.  We have also tried sweet potatoes, and green beans!  I am loving trying out new baby foods!!  Unfortunately, Ledoux's little tummy isn't a fan of the new foods just yet, so we have put a hold on everything but rice cereal for a bit.

Health:  She is doing good!  She is teething like a mad woman- and has so much slobber!  It is also causing her to have a runny nose- non stop!  Thank god for boogie wipes, I have some that have menthol in them and she actually likes them.  She had her first baby fever last week (100.5) and the poor babe didn't feel well at all.  It broke my heart :( Luckily, with alot of sleep and loves she is back to her usual sassy self.

Likes: She loves playing in her stander and her bouncer.  She also loves her daddy- she gets huge smiles on her face when we walks in the room!  So cute!  Another thing she loves is my parent's dog Annie- who gives her big kisses.  She giggles and laughs at her, and can't get enough.  She loves her rice cereal, being held, and playing on the floor on her activity mat.  She enjoys pulling my hair, playing with daddy and Opa's beard, and touching EVERYTHING.  Nothing is safe from Ledoux's hands and mouth. 

Dislikes: Her car seat (she screams when we put her in it), not being the center of attention, nap time, and socks (she tears them off her feet.)  Another new thing she does lately- throws a temper tantrum and tears the bows off of her head.  Its pretty funny!

Milestones/Firsts: Ledoux rolled over (from back to tummy!) for the first time on Christmas!! And then did it again on New Years day!  We are so exicted! I actually went to get her this morning out of her crib, and she had rolled over onto her tummy!  I know it seems silly, but I live for these little milestones!  She is ****almost**** sitting up on her own too!  She can do it with a little prop behind her, and sits up by herself on my lap-- but still has a little trouble doing it on her own.  I give it another week, and she will be doing it!! so exciting!!!

How are mommy and daddy? Things are great!  We are starting the house shopping (wahooo!) and daddy is working alot at his new job!  We are lucky to be able to spend time together alot (with and without doodle bug) to go on dates!  Our favorite place is the VFW (who would have thought!?! ) We are excited for some upcoming events- next weekend Lee is going to the Barrett Jackson car auction in Scottsdale, and 2 weeks later we are going to the Dwight Yoakam concert, and in April we have the George Strait concert.  Wahooo! We are also really excited because Ledoux is about to get some new babies to play with! There are three new babies coming within 2 weeks of eachother!  Lee's brother Sam and his wife are having a baby in late July, and 2 of my best friends are due on the SAME day in August!!  It is officially baby season!  Lee and I are so happy we are done with the preggo/newborn stage and we can sit back and (somewhat) relax while we offer advice and buy new baby gifts for everyone else.  I DO NOT envy all of them! LOL!  I am not a newborn baby kind of girl- those first 3 months were brutal!  However, I sure do love it now that Doodle is playing and interacting!