Sunday, January 27, 2013

Month 4 and 5 favorites!

1.) Our Baby Einstein Jumparoo! Ledoux is currently in this right now- and she LOVES using her legs to jump!  It keeps her occupied for a good 30 minutes, which allows mama to get SOOO much done!  It is ahhmazing what I can acomplish these days in 30 minutes...

2.) Boogie wipes!  I LOVE THESE!  This kid has boogers all the time- sometimes I wonder how on earth so many boogies can come out of such a little body!  Regardless, these are great for their sensitive little baby noses.  The ones I like smell like menthol and have saline in them- perfect for her first little colds when she is all stuffed up.

3.) Overnight dipeys: now that doodle sleeps 12 hours straight, she needs a strong dipey so she wakes up with a dry bum.  These do the trick for us!

4.) Little muchkin mesh feeders: these are SO GREAT!  GET THESE!  Ledoux isn't ready to eat anything we eat (far from it actually...) but with these, I can steam up some veggies, or put some fresh fruit in the mesh and she can teeth on it and suck the juices out.  She likes frozen strawberries/blue berries or fresh melon- so fun!

5.) Nuby teether: its bendable, soft, and is a great little toy for her to play with and teeth on.  She loves it!

6.) Lamaze Parrot: Ledoux has been in love with this toy since the beginning, and it is still our fave!  She recently discovered it has a mirror on one of the wings, and she loves to look at herself.  I hang it from her jumperoo to play with.

7.) Beeba spoons:  I love these!  Some people think a spoon is a spoon, but  not with little babes!  These are super soft, and feel good on their little toothless gums. 

8.) JJ Cole Bundle me: we might live in Tucson, but it has been FREEZING cold in this desert lately!  Ledoux was bundled in clothes, jacket, coat, hat, mittens... you get the picture.  Then I discovered this!  Its a car seat insert that fits pretty much any seat, and keeps the baby nice and toasty!  Its great!  And I don't have to put a million layers on her!!

9.) Cupcake red velvet wine: don't judge honey pie!  I am a better mom thanks to a glass of wine!  This wine seriously feels like butter-- so smooth.  and one glass does the trick (most nights!) :)

10.) Bright Starts swing:  we got this when Ledoux was a newborn and she hated it.  seriously, hated.  Now, it is our magic sleep machine.  It is the ONLY way I can get her to nap during the day- I start her into this baby and like magic- Poof! Sleeping baby.