Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Well, I finally found a few extra minutes in the day to do a quick baby bunny photo shoot yesterday!  I couldn't get Ledoux to sit still long enough for some really good shots, nor could I get her to smile- little booger!  I am pretty happy with the pictures I did get though! *Shout out to my husband for being the photographer*  And yes, I couldn't resist two different types of bunny ears- they were both so cute...I am pretty sure the hubs thinks I am cray. The way I see it, it won't be long and I won't be able to dress her up as a little Easter bunny prop, so I will take full advantage of it as long as possible-- thank you very much!

We celebrated Easter yesterday, since my honey works Sundays.  Friday night, I made the most ahhh-mazing breakfast casserole in the crock pot (you put the ingredients in the night before, and wake up the next morning to a crock pot breakfast. ) It was awesome! The even better part?  There is no way you can screw this up...seriously.  Coming from the most un-domestic, non cooking person ever (me), its easy peezy. If you are interested, here is the recipe.

 No-Fail crock pot breakfast:
-A dozen eggs (or eggs whites) mixed with a half cup of skim milk
-Your choice of meat (we like either turkey sausage or ham), but you can use anything
-A container of frozen spinach, thawed (I just thawed it in the microwave)
-Chopped onions and tomatoes (We cheat- we buy the already cut up pico in the produce section)
-frozen peppers (again, thawed in the microwave)
-a frozen bag of hash browns
All you do is layer all the ingredients, except the egg/milk mixture, in the crock pot.  (I did: 1/2 package of hash browns on the bottom, spinach, meat (not cooked), pico, peppers, and the rest of the hash browns on the top).  Then, pour the egg/milk mixture on top of it all.  Put it on low, overnight, and its ready to serve the next morning when you wake up (and the house smells amazing!)  You can change it up however you want, add ingredients, take some away, it will still end up awesome!
On a totally unrelated, but completely awesome note, I feel it necessary to share with you all a huge discovery. While doing grocery shopping yesterday, I found a new grocery store that is amazing.  Why you ask?  Because it has a bar in it, and you can actually drink beer while you shop.  Are you serious?  Like my friend Christi said, it was #lifechanging.  Don't worry honey,  I will be more than happy to grocery shop from now keep the baby.  Mamas going to Happy Hour, the grocery store.

So today,  its just me and the babe...which means our Easter is going to be spent playing, making new baby bows for our Etsy store (here) cleaning the house, and since my beloved Target is closed, I will be shopping the babygap website (40% off today online!) I hope you all have/had a most FAB Easter!

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