Thursday, March 28, 2013

Date night idea: "OUR" bucket list

Love him...

This week's mommy daddy date night isn't going to be anything egg-stravant (get it... egg?  For Easter?) Ok, that was straight cheesy. With Easter on Sunday, I don't have alot of time to do anything complicated... But I was doing some thinking this week about the future...  I don't mean anything crazy philosophical or anything, but what do I hope to do in the future with my hubby?  Before baby came, we went on vacat2ions all the time, bought impulsivee things, and spared no expense when it came to fun!  But now, obvi, we have to plan and save.  Life's priorities change, but that certainly doesn't mean we cannot still do fun things together!  That being said, this weekend, we are spending our date night with a bottle of wine, some music playing, and putting together a "couple's bucket list".  What are some things he really wants to before he is old and can't do them?  What do I want to experience? What do we want to experience together?  To me, the couple that does things together stays together- and this will be a fun way to plan out our next 50 years!  And of course, some of the items will be for the whole family, sweet babe included. Some will be serious, some will be funny, but all will be creating memories!

Here is a glimpse into mine:
-Take a picture every year, at the same time, so that we can look back in 50 years and see how much we have changed!
-Pick out each other's outfits
-Run a 5k together (and train for it together, too!)
-Take dance lessons
-Visit Ireland
-Write each other a love letter of all the reasons we love being with each other, only to be opened if 1.) things get rough or 2.) when we have been married for 40 years.
-Go on a road trip to nowhere, and see where we end up.  Take a week off from work, and just drive.

So there are a few of mine...what are yours?

My little mudge-pudge, look at that belly!

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