Friday, March 8, 2013

Ledoux's First Easter

Here it is, the contents of Ledoux's very first Easter basket...although somehow I doubt this will be all of it.  I am just obsessed with the idea of putting fabulous things in it from the 'Easter bunny'... I know, I know, she is only (almost) 7 months and won't have a clue what is going on.  I don't care- I am so excited! 

We are also doing an Easter photoshoot in our house, complete with this adorable bunny hat I found on etsy (

And here is her first Easter basket (so far!)

1.) Swim suit and cap from Baby Gap!  Is there is one thing about Tucson, you gotta find ways to escape the sun (so we are told!) and bonus! Our NEW HOUSE has a gorgeous pool for us to play in.  This of course means Ledoux needs cute suits to choose from. (More info on the new home coming soooooon, once we officially close!)

2.) Peek a boo Peter Rabbit board book: You can get it on amazon, but I found it at Pottery Barn Kids.  Board Books are a must these days, mostly because everything goes in Doodle's mouth.

3.) The actual basket!  I found it, and got her name on it, from Pottery Barn Kids.  I am obsessed with them.

4.) Piggy Paint: I bought mine on  This baby-friendly nailpolish is non toxic and I can FINALLY paint my sweet baby's piggys! (And I will match of course.)

5.) Sassy Soft Swimmers: I bought these on amazon.  I really like Sassy products in general, and we are in desperate need of new bath time toys.  These are perfect!

6.) Soft plush bunny: from pottery barn kids, of course.  Super soft, great size, and cute.  Win!

Of course, I will be back soon to do Ledoux's 7 month update (she is 7 months Sunday!!!) and tell you more about our new house!  Here is a cute picture from our 6 month photos (for some reason it is uploading blurry!):



  1. What a cutie! Love her hair bow :) That bunny hat is sooooooo cute!!!
    xoxo, Tamara

  2. I can't wait to see her in her swimmy suit and hat! Special baby!!!!