Monday, March 11, 2013

7 Months!

OMG... my baby is 7 months.  How is it possible that it has been 7 months?  And even more...I can't believe I have made it 7 months and I am still alive! I do have to say, everyday that goes by it gets better.  I remember thinking in the first few weeks (heck, even months!) that this wasn't fun at all!  The long hours, lack of sleep, crying...but now Ledoux is a sassy little ball of energy!  Who knew so much personality could be in such a little body?

                                                      Here we go with our updates!

Sleeping?  She sleeps like a rock- although her 'hours' are changing a bit.  She now goes down about 730 pm, and wakes up at 6 am.  ON.  THE.  DOT.  Obvi I am glad she sleeps all night, but come on baby!  Can't you sleep in once in a while?  Ya right.

Eating? All the time.  She takes down 'tall boys' (that's our word for 8 oz bottles...her daddy made that up in reference to his favorite  Great.  My baby will start talking and tell all the other kids she drinks tall boys.  LOL.

Health?  She's great!  That's all there is on this one!  She is super long- she is taller (by a landslide!) than all the other babies at school.  Lee says she is going to be a volleyball player, and with her new favorite activity of slapping us, I can see her as a spiker. (Seriously, she slaps the shit out of her daddy's face...I think she likes the noise it makes.)

Likes?  Pulling hair, smacking her toys against hard surfaces, us throwing  that doesn't sound good.  But it makes her crack up.  She loves to take her toys, and hit them as hard as she can on something.  And she loves when I throw things on the floor or at the wall.  Whatever makes baby happy.  Happy baby=happy life.  She also loves going to school!  She kicks her legs and gets so excited...when I go pick her up in the afternoons, she is usually busy playing with the other babies and laughing.  She also loves bath time, eating new baby foods, and bouncing up and down.

Dislikes? She still hates her carseat and screams bloody murder when she has to get strapped in.  She has developed a sense of stranger danger- when someone she doesn't know tries to talk to her, she gets a HUGE pout lip and screams.  She also doesn't like being a busy places with lots of people.. I think it just puts her on baby overload.

Milestones: We have 2 teeth!  Wahooooo!  I am mostly excited because this means she isn't a bitchy baby anymore!  Both of her front teeth came in, one day apart.  Poor thing, no wonder she wasn't sleeping and was unhappy!  There is nothing cuter than a baby with little teeth, but those things HURT!  Ledoux was gnawing on my finger at dinner last week, and she chomped down and left a mark in my skin!  Eek!  Neither of us saw that coming. Note to self: Don't let baby chew on me anymore.

How are mommy and daddy?  We are so good!  Busy as always...Lee works 12 hour shifts 4-5 days a week, which is hard on him because he doesn't get to see Ledoux as much as he would like.  But when he is off, they spend the whole day together.  Mommy is busy working too, from home!  It is pretty awesome, but Doodle still goes to school everyday still (so that I can actually get something done!) She actually loves school, so that makes it easier.  Other than that, we are pretty excited to go to New Mexico in a couple of weeks for a George Strait concert!  It will be our first night without Ledoux, so I am excited/nervous!