Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Doo's first trip to Texas

In case you missed it, Ledoux took her very first airplane trip to visit family in Texas! (See the post about traveling with a baby here) She did so great, and it was fun to be able to introduce our crazy little baby to every on Lee's side of the family!  We promised that we would bring her back before her first birthday, and this weekend happened to be the baby shower for Lee's younger brother and his wifey!.  Here is a photo re-cap of our Texas visit!
So sweet!
First Layover in Denver (and yes, we are in the airport bar and grill having a bloody mary!) Don't judge me, I was traveling with an 8 month old which means I deserve one!
After her first experience with Crawfish and Catfish, she and her cousin Tucker were all...well... Tuckered out :)
Holy Beards! No, this wasn't a picture from a Zac Brown Band concert.  It is Lee and his brother Sam
Doo with her Mimi and Boots.  She had a little anxiety with all of the new people around her, wanting to love on her, but we were happy to get atleast one pic of her and her Mimi without tears!  Boots wasn't quite as lucky...Next time!
Family picture at the baby shower!
And here is the Abel clan! Well, almost everyone!
If you look close, Doo got her first two real 'ouchies' on our way home: a scratch and a bruise.  Being the mobile little thing she is, I have a feeling this is the first of many.  And once we made it home, Ledoux was so tired, she passed out sitting up.
We had so much fun introducing our little babydoll to everyone, and had a great trip! Our only regret was not taking more pictures... I totally failed on the pictures front!  Darnit!  We are looking forward to having the Texas family out for Doo's first birthday, only 3 months away!!!

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