Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy *Almost* 4th of July!


Hi!  So first, let me start by apologizing for my inconsistent posting!  Gosh!  With this new j-o-b, I have found myself busier than ever!  Add to that I am getting ready to start teaching a college class in August, and doing training so I can be an online faculty member, life is bananas. Oh, and I have sweet Doo who is **this close** to walking. And my darling husband. Oh, and making my baby bows! Excuses aside, happy almost 4th of July! I feel so behind, I haven’t even decorated for the 4th yet (major FAIL!)  The 4th of July is one of my most favorite holidays, but you wouldn’t know it by walking in my house right now.  Regardless, I plan on making up for that today and tomorrow!

Step 1: Dress the part. Nothing makes me feel more patriotic then rocking the duds.  Not going to lie, Ledoux has been dressed up like a little American Firecracker all year week.  I have a different hair bow made for each patriotic outfit she wears.  I just can’t stop buying red, white, and blue.  I firmly believe it doesn’t have to be the 4th of July to dress like a flag- we rock our patriotic side pretty much year round.  I am making a bee-line for Old Navy when I am off today so that I can find some stuff for Lee and I (ideas below!)… I was thinking matching flag shirts, but he will kill me if I try and get him to match.  Humph.

Step 2: Celebration!  What are y’all doing for the 4th?  We are packing up and heading out of this god-awful, 115 degree heat!  We got a room in the Grand Canyon, and I am super pumped to head up there (I have never been!) and have a little family road trip.  I am going to pack our lunch, and a few beverages (of course!) and we will spend the day sightseeing and the evening sipping cheap wine from our solo cups..classy!  Check out the view from our room in the park:

Whatever you find yourself doing, I hope you have fun!  Please remember to take a quick moment out of your day to reflect on the real meaning of the 4th of July, and then raise a glass (or a can!) and celebrate!

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